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Svedka Vodka Review

Is Svedka Vodka among the Best?

If you believe that the Wine Enthusiast knows anything about Best Vodkas, then you would certainly have to consider Svedka one of the best. You might be wondering why a cheap-martini-drinking guy who once tried to sell you on a $7.99, 1.75-liter of Taaka Vodka would even be asking a question about, best vodkas. After a few of the negative comments from readers and several headaches later, I’m now convinced that I had greatly over-rated Taaka.  Not that I ever said Taaka was necessarily a good Vodka, I just didn’t think it was bad enough to spoil a mixed drink. I also felt that I could disguise any of it’s impure tastes by shaking it well with ice and mixing with olive juice.  I still think if you drink vodka and cranberry juice you’re crazy to buy anything else. However, if you’re a martini drinker like me, you will eventually come to dislike Taaka Vodka for it’s pungent aroma and rough bite.  So, a few weeks ago I went to the liquor store to find an upgraded Vodka that wouldn’t break the bank account. I found a really good vodka at a really good price.  Here’s how it all went down…
Burnett’s Vodka is almost twice the price of Taaka, but for the price I thought it represented a cheap upgrade. So, I grabbed a 1.75 Liter bottle of Burnett’s Vodka and was about to head to the cash register with it, when the advertisement caught my eye: Svedka Vodka (best value: $20.99) Actually, the Burnett’s Vodka was only$13.99, but the Svedka Vodka came with a little tag listing the Best Vodkas as rated by the Wine Enthusiast:

Svedka Vodka Rated Among The Best Vodkas

Best Vodkas Rating by Wine Enthusiast
  1. GREY GOOSE: 94
  2. SVEDKA: 93
  3. KETEL ONE: 93
  5. Absolut: 90
  6. SKYY: 89

The price of the Svedka is considerably less than the number one, Grey Goose and the Ketel One which it tied for second. I figured $21.00 for a vodka that ranked right up their with the best was a bargain. I decided to give it a try, believing that it would probably not taste so good that it would replace Burnett’s Vodka or another less expensive brand for my everyday martin-making vodka. Boy, was I wrong. Maybe, it’s just the hard-core training I had with the Taaka, but I never appreciated a martini more than the first one made with Svedka Vodka. Since my first purchase, I’ve bought Svedka Vodka two more times and I don’t think I will ever bother to downgrade vodka again. I really look forward to martinis made with Svedka Vodka almost as much as I do a good quality gin. During my Taaka days, I was wondering why I was getting headaches the next day after drinking just two martinis. If it wasn’t for the fact the Svedka Vodka is so smooth and clean tasting that it tempts me to drink three martinis instead of two, I am pretty certain the headaches would be fewer with this vodka, too.

I am not sure what other ‘experts’ have said about Svedka Vodka, but in my opinion, neither Grey Goose nor Ketel One Vodka is worth a penny more. Even better news is that I have found Svedka on sale for even less money than the $21.00 that I paid the first time. I’ve seen Svedka Vodka in the 1.75 liter for as low as $17.99. That is indeed a bargain which a vodka martini drinker cannot afford to pass up with his olives. Svedka Vodka deserves to be mentioned among the best vodkas.

Highly Recommended:  Svedka Vodka


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