Apr 152012

Best Hot Dog Brand

Are Nathans the best Supermarket Hot Dog you can buy?

I’ll be honest, I like a good hot dog once every so often and I don’t particularly worry about how they are made or what’s inside of them. What does matter to me is how they taste. That said, it does seem as though the better quality hot dogs always cost 2 or 3 times as much as I want to pay at the grocery store. If you really do believe hot dogs are meant to be fast, junk food then $6.00 for a 6-pack of that junk seems a little expensive. So, the best hot dog brand at the supermarket is usually not the cheapest. Since I don’t eat hot dogs every day or even more than once a week, why not pay a little more and get the best whether it’s considered ‘healthy’ or not? So, what are the best supermarket hot dogs you can buy? Well, I actually have three favorite hot dog brands from the supermarket:


Best Hot Dog Brand at your Supermarket

  1. Nathans Hot Dogs
  2. Hebrew
  3. Ball Park Deli

Of the three, Nathan’s is the plumpest, tastiest and best supermarket hot dog, hands-down. I enjoyed the Hebrew brand for a while. Hebrew is the same, supermarket brand that you can buy at the Costco Deli with a Coke for $1.50. My only beef with Hebrew Beef Franks is that they get a little too rich. I can only eat one dog without feeling a little nauseous afterwards. The Ball Park Deli dogs are the runner-up here; not overly rich, but still tasty; made from all beef and don’t give upset gut. Nathan’s is the best of both worlds. Rich, plump, delicious and I can eat two of them without feeling sick afterwards. What more can you possibly want?


What’s Inside the Best Hot Dog Brand?

All beef hot dogs not only sound better, but taste quite a bit better than the ones made with by-products, chicken parts and gosh-knows-what-else. Turkey franks? Forget about it. I like the hot dogs that are made from all-beef. I know they’re expensive, but next time you’re at your supermarket, pick up a package of the best hot dog brand your money can buy: Nathan’s. Give them a try.

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