Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

Spicy Salsa-flavored Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips have unexpectedly become one of my favorite snacks. I realize the front lines of Walmart are chalk full of bargain-priced, junk-food snacks and I am usually hesitant to try any of them. But, for some reason, the image on the bag of rolled, spicy salsa corn chips caught my eye on this particular Sunday and I threw them into our shopping cart as an impulsive, after-thought to our week’s worth of groceries.  I don’t like to make a habit of snacks that are full of seasoning and preservatives, but for some reason, my instincts told me that these might taste pretty darn good. As it turns out, my premonition was spot-on. 

Just before cocktail hour, I was feeling hungry and so I ripped open the bag of the Great Value Rolled Corn Chips and immediately loved them. These crispy treats have an amazing crunch and texture. They are pretty well seasoned and salty, but not so much that you’ll want to stop eating them after one or two. The corn texture is very thick, crunchy and firm. In fact, they are nearly as crunchy as Corn Nuts. The robust, firm texture in Great Value rolled corn tortilla chips is what sets them apart from other, lesser snacks in my opinion. Is there anything more important than texture when it comes to enjoying a snack?

Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips


Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips IngredientsAre they healthy? Who cares. But if you’re concerned, read the ingredients on the package. To get the full view of each ingredient, simply click on the package ingredient label on the left-hand side. Not everyone agrees on what is healthy these days, so I ‘ll let you make that determination, yourself, I will say that there is nothing in there that is really too bad. I don’t see any MSG or transfats. I’m not crazy about vegetable oil, but the first ingredient is corn and they do have some other, healthier oils as well. Palm oil is my favorite and I wish all of these junk-food snacks would use it. Check my review on Inka Corn.  I think we’d have to give the inka corn the edge over the Great Value when it comes to health, but that’s not really the point of a junk-food snack is it? Most snacks that taste this good are never considered ‘healthy’. Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips are as good as it gets when it comes to that junk-food snack fix that we all crave every now and then.

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