How to get rid of Wasps

how to get rid of wasps
TrapStik for Wasps

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How to get rid of wasps is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The answer depends on the type of wasps, location, and situation. I have had great success removing wasps from the row of hedges along side of our swimming pool late in the summer simply by spraying them with a couple of cans of wasp spray. Other times, I was able to control wasps by hanging up a couple of Wasp Traps with Wasp Attractant around the perimeter of the yard. This summer, we had a different problem: Wasps were gaining entry into the bottom of our porch through an open hole. Dozens were coming in by the hour I tried using wasp spray and tried using wasp attractant, but none of these things seemed to make a dent in the wasp population flying in and out of the porch hole. Finally, I sprayed the hole shut with insulation foam. The wasps appeared to not be able to get anymore, but it didn’t stop them from trying. The area was now a complete mess, swarming with wasps who were bound and determined to get inside the bottom of our backyard porch. Finally, I found something that appears to be working.

TrapStik for Wasps

TrapStik Wasp Trap

While at Walmart, my wife and I discovered a very inexpensive product called, TrapStik for Wasps. Unlike other products, the TrapStik actually serves as a wasp attractant. Unfortunately, the box indicated that this trap is only intended for paper wasps, not the Yellow Jackets that we identified under our porch. Also, you would think how to get rid of wasps in this manner might not be an option if attracting them is not a problem.  Still, it makes sense that if you really want to know how to get rid of wasps, you have to attract them first. Attraction, in our case, was not a problem. They were attracted to the hole in our cement porch like magnets. I decided to try one of the TrapStik devices by placing it right over the area that the wasps are so fondly attracted to. Below are some of the results.

Wasp Trap Results

The TrapStik is a green, cylinder-shaped box made by Rescue.  We placed it on it’s side, partially covering the hole. To the left of the TrapStik, you will notice the foam that was sprayed to cover the hole.

Wasp Trap Time Lapse Photos

Wasp Trap after 5 Minutes
Wasp Trap after 5 Minutes




Wasp Trap after 30 minutes
Wasp Trap after 30 minutes
Wasp Trap After 24 Hours
Wasp Trap after 24 Hours

Conclusions on Trapstik for Wasps

As you can see by the two images above, TrapStik does trap wasps with ease. If you count carefully, you will notice that at least 42 wasps have been trapped in the bottom image. As this is written, the death toll of these Yellow Jacket continues to mount. Only time will tell if it will completely solve the problem. I will report back here soon.

Video Demonstration

How to get rid of Wasps

Warning: Wasp Trap can Harm Birds

The TrapStik wasp trap is meant to be hung from a tree, deck, or some other surface. Many users have complained that it has captured some birds who are unable to get away from the sticky material. This could be the reason why this wasp trap was on clearance at my local Walmart store. In my case, I wasn’t too concerned because birds never come down as low as the patio by my walk-out basement. So far, I have not had a problem.

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