Healthiest Potato Chips Brands

Healthiest Potato Chips Brands
– A Review on the Top-5 Healthiest Chips

What Makes a Healthy Potato Chip?

Healthiest Potato Chips BrandsThere are as many if not more opinions on what makes snacks healthy or unhealthy as there are number of potato chips brands. Some on a paleo diet might even argue whether potatoes are healthy at all. Let’s assume that potatoes are okay for most of us who are not following a strict paleo or FodMap diet. With that said, no other snack is as crunchy, tasty, and as satisfying as a potato chip. Sweet potato chips are a great, paleo-friendly snack, but they simply don’t satisfy the craving of a chip lover like myself. The sweetness cuts into the enjoyment of the salt. I gotta have that potato, salty crunch with my lunch or I’m left feeling hungry and betrayed. So what is a healthy potato chip? If we’re not on a paleo diet and we’re okay with potatoes, the only thing that can possibly make the chip unhealthy are things like MSG, preservatives, and commercial, seed oils. The one thing I will avoid at all costs is canola oil. Canola does not come from food, it comes from the rapeseed plant which is not a food.  The next couple of oils I would avoid are safflower and sunflower oils. Unfortunately, these seed oils are exactly what you will find in 90% of our potato chips brands. If you can agree with me that potatoes and salt are okay, but commercial oils are bad, then we can agree that potato chips really only need 3 ingredients: Potatoes, healthy oil, and Salt (Preferably Sea Salt). The age-old theory on unhealthy Fats and Oils has been crumbling faster than a house of cards these past 10 years.  Saturated fats from avocados and coconut are considered good. If you’re among those who still think saturated fat and cholesterol are health villains, then you can freely ignore this article and continue eating your canola-laced Lays chips. Otherwise, if you’re not among this group,  you will be glad to know that there are five potato chips brands that are actually made with healthy oils, salt and nothing else. Here are my ratings on the Top-5 Healthiest Potato Chip Brands, based on healthiness, crunch, taste, and price.

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