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What is the Best Pain Reliever for the Job?

In January of 2009 I did an article on Pain Relief. Nearly two years later, this article on pain relief continues to grow in traffic. While this particular web page isn’t getting thousands of visitors a day, its popularity and response has indicated to me that hundreds of thousands of people every day are looking for ways to relieve a variety of different aches and pains. While I am certainly no expert on how to pain relievers, I’ve had enough experience with different types of pains, to know what the best pain reliever is for various maladies.  Some of the bad ones? Foot pain, gout, tooth ache pains, sinus headaches, migraine headaches, ruptured discs in the neck, lower back pain, knee and joint paint, muscle aches, sciatica nerve pain – I’ve had them all. Granted, I’ve not suffered through everything and knock on wood, I sure hope I don’t ever have a Kidney Stone. I’ve heard those are devastating. For me, sinus/migraine headaches and sciatica pain in the legs are the most common. I’ve only had two cases of gout and believe me, it is devastating.
So, based on the response to my previous article, I thought it would be useful to go into some details on specific pains and what pain relievers and treatments work best. I’ve gone into some specifics on a few of the common pains I’ve suffered through and explained what works best for me. Below everything, I’ve included a chart for rating the severity of the pain, which pain medication works best and how much relief that pain medication provides in the form of a percentage. Note, that the rating of pain may not be the same for everybody. Also, the severity of the pain can range dramatically. Because we are all built so differently, choosing the best pain reliever for the job is a very personal matter.

Best Pain Reliever for Sore Leg Muscles

Aleve is what works best for me.
This is not the same as achy legs from flu, viruses or standing too long. Sore leg muscles are generally the result of exercise. Climbing up and down a ladder, for instance, will give you sore leg muscles better than anything. For this kind of pain, Advil (Ibuprofen) gives the quickest relief, though I prefer Aleve because it lasts longer. My favorite in order: Aleve, Advil, Tylenol and Aspirin. Tip: Avoid the temptation to be sedentary when your leg muscles are extremely sore from exercise. You gotta keep moving. Try short walks, relaxed stretching and avoid sitting in one place too long. The Take an Aleve every 8-12 hours. By the third one you’ll feel better. Take two at a time, if you’re desperate, but beware that Aleve can be harmful on the stomach.

Best Pain Reliever for Back

Lower Back pain is one of the trickiest, most time consuming ailments to find relief for. Upon first suffering a lower back strain or injury. Partly, because we’re treating stiff muscles which are sometimes accompanied with sciatic nerve pain. Upon first injuring or straining my back, the pain can be pretty severe and about the only way to get quick relief is to take 3 or 4 Over-the-Counter, 200MG (OTC) Advil or ibuprofen tablets. Reduce dosage to 2 tablets every 4 hours after that to avoid upset stomach. Prescription strength ibuprofen is usually 800-1200MG, so take with your own discretion. Personally, I use Aleve because it is easier on my sensitive stomach and last longer, usually 8-12 hours. The only long-term way to relieve lower back pain is with ice and therapy. Resist the temptation to put heat on a strained back. Within the first 24 hours, use ice only and frequently. After 24 hours, you can alternate the ice with very brief periods of heating pad use. After 2-3 days, continue ice and heat therapy along with lots of good back and leg stretching. There are hundreds of good stretching exercises you can find online for helping with relieving chronic lower back pain.

Sciatic Nerve Treatment

Sciatic nerve pain is often the result of lower back injuries. My own sciatic nerve pain usually flairs up in the front and back of my legs after a lower back strain. Sciatica is usually the result of inflamed discs in our back and neck pressing on our nerves. Some people also complain about Sciatic Knee Pain. Aleve and Advil both help, but one thing that works best for me is, Tylenol. Tylenol seems to work well for me with nerve pains, overall. Once again, avoid the temptation to put heat on your back to treat sciatic pain. Ice is the way to go. You want to deaden the pain, not inflame it.

Sinus Headache Pain Relief

Sinus Headache pain can be severe. Aleve is the one pain relief medication that consistently works on my sinus headaches, which usually start around 2 – 4AM in the morning and can last up to 12-20 hours afterwards. It starts with a dull ache around my skull, then ends up as a high-pressure pain beneath my right eye. The one remedy that nearly always gives me 80-90% relief is to take two things: 1 Aleve and 1 Sudafed. 2 Hours later, I’m nearly 100%. Whether it’s sinus pain or a migraine, Aleve has always been the best pain reliever for me.

Now to Relieve Migraine Headache Pain

Migraine headaches can be confused with Sinus Headaches. Sometimes, I’m not so sure they are inter-related in some way and I often wonder if my own severe sinus headaches are not accompanied by migraines. I want to be careful about recommending the same treatment of 1 Aleve + 1 Sudafed, because some people have told me Sudafed makes them worse. Other migraine sufferers have reported that Sudafed helps relieve the pain. If you regularly suffer debilitating migraines there is prescription medicine out there called Triptan that supposedly knocks them right out. Otherwise, Aleve is what works best for me.

Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain from running, injury or bad shoes is usually best relieved with Anti Inflammatory medications like Aleve or Advil. Use ice if you feel your foot pain is caused by injury or strain. This is different than Gout which is explained below.

Gout Pain Relief

Almost nothing in your medicine cupboard will bring Gout Pain Relief. I’ve had Gout only twice in my life, but the pain is both excruciating and debilitating. Gout is a form of arthritis and the result of high uric acid which form into painful crystals that settle in your joints; usually your foot and toe, but some people can get it in the their knee and finger joints as well. For me, Gout begins as a slight toe ache. Over the course of a few hours it develops into a swelling, excruciating pain. It’s nearly impossible to walk and the surface of the swollen, surrounding skin becomes so sore, even putting a sock on will bring tears to your eyes. The only thing that has really ever worked for me is a prescription NSAID called, Indomethacin. Usually, by the 2nd or 3rd dose, the pain is much better. But like Advil or Aleve, Indomethacin can really hurt your stomach over time. My doctor recommends taking them with Zantac to avoid stomach upset. If you can’t get to a doctor, you’ll need high dosages of Advil or Aleve to bring slight Gout pain relief. Neither ice, nor heat does any good at all and could even make it worse. It’s doubtful, you’ll even try those remedies because Gout pain is so severe that you wouldn’t think of touching in it.

Stomach Ache Remedies

If you’re suffering from a stomach ache due to a virus or something you ate, the last thing you would probably want to do is take Asprin, Aleve, Advil or other brands of Anti Inflammatory pain killers. If you really want something for the pain, try Tylenol. Sometimes stomach cramps can be caused by too little acid or too much acid in the system. For too little acid, try some vinegar or pickle juice. Too much acid, use antacids. Dehyrdation can also cause stomach pain. Viruses usually just have to run their course. In most cases, stomach ache remedies don’t involve pain killers.

Relieve Hip Pain

I use to have chronic hip pain from running and jogging every day. Like all muscle related pains, the best pain relief was either Advil or Aleve.

Neck Disc Injury Pain Relief

This was the mother of all pains for me. The most severe or excruciating pain is the one that you never get even a moment’s relief from. The only thing that worked for my neck disc injury was a prescription Codine/Tylenol along with the Aleve. That stuff is addictive so my doctor wouldn’t refill it after just 2 weeks use. Overall, however, Aleve was probably the best pain reliever to take the edge off the inflammation.

Aching Knees

Tylenol works great on aching knees. When your knees ache from over-use or stress, an NSAID like Advil or Aleve is probably more effective. However, for general aching knees caused from fatigue, chills or sickness, Tylenol really helps.

Relief for Joint Pain

For me, aching joints from cold weather, sickness or fatigue are best treated with a couple of Tylenol. If your joints ache from working them too hard, then NSAID medications like Aleve or Advil will be more effective. Tylenol seems to work best for general nerve pain and aches, chills, restlessness and pains caused from flu, virus or fatigue. When I am interested in relieving joint pain or nerve pain, I reach for the Tylenol. The only disadvantage? It only lasts 4-5 hours.

Natural Pain Relief

I’ve never found natural pain killer to effectively help with severe pain. Aloe Vera is soothing, but it’s not going to help with an excruciating neck, back disc injury. Ice is best natural remedy there is for numbing and reducing pain.

Best Pain Reliever by Type of Pain

Pain Pain Rating Pain Reliever Pain Relief
Lower Back Pain Mild-to-Severe Advil or Aleve 50%
Sore Leg Muscles Mild-to-Severe Advil or Aleve 50%
Foot Pain Mild-to-Severe Advil or Aleve 50%
Gout Moderate-to-Excruciating Advil or Aleve 30%
Sinus Headache Moderate-to-Severe Aleve + Sudafed 80%
Migraine Headache Moderate-to-Severe Aleve (Sudafed) 70%
Aching Knees Moderate Tylenol 80%
Chills, Aches, Fever Moderate-to-Severe Tylenol 70%
Neck Injury Moderate-to-Excruciating Advil or Aleve 50%
Hip Pain Mild-to-Severe Advil or Aleve 60%
Nerve Pain Mild-to-Excruciating Tylenol 75%
Tooth Ache Mild-to-Severe Tylenol 70%
Sciatic Nerve Pain Mild-to-Severe Aleve or Tylenol 60%
Kidney Stone Pain Moderate-to-Excruciating Advil or Aleve 50%
Ruptured Disk Pain Severe-to-Excruciating Advil and Tylenol 50%


Mens Electric Shavers

Mens Electric Shavers
Mens Electric Shavers

I’ve been using inexpensive Mens Electric Shavers for years. Yet, in my 30-plus years of shaving, I’m only on my third one. So, I think we can safely dispel any concerns one might have about reliability of cheap mens razors. My first Electric Razor was given to me as a gift when I was about 17 years old. It was a Norelco brand, corded shaver with three rotating heads. If it wasn’t for the fact that the thing never once gave me a close shave and cut and nicked me in the process, it would have been an okay shaver. Whether or not it was reliable I’ll never know, because it ended up in my trash after about two weeks. I never tried another electric shaver until about 10 years later. My wife bought me a Braun Cordless Mens Electric Shaver when I was in my late 20’s. It served me well for about 18 years. As Mens Electric Shavers go, it was fine, but the battery would simply no longer hold a charge. I replaced it with another Braun Electric Shaver for $29.95 and that is the one I’m still using today.

The Secret to a Close, Smooth Shave

Despite the obvious need for a quality shaver, even the best mens electric shavers won’t do the job if you are not using it right. After 32 years of shaving, I read an article telling me that I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. The key is to barely use any pressure at all on your face. Simply, let the blades graze your whiskers and gently cut them from your face. This definitely made things easier for me and put a great deal less stress on my face, but there was one problem: missed patches of whiskers. I came to the conclusion that a more expensive Mens Electric Shaver, using a very light-touch technique would be the way to a better, closer shave. Some research on 5 of the most popular men’s razor has led me to the conclusion that the more expensive ones provide better performance and a higher level of satisfaction from users. Before you go spending an arm & leg on a smoother face, however, there is something you should know. There is a whole lot of mediocrity between $25 and $89. Unless, you want to pay for the very best, you might want to consider some of the economy shavers from Braun, Norelco and Panasonic. So, without further ado, let’s look at some shavers and find the best.

Philips Norelco 6940 Reflex Action Men’s Shaving System

(4 Stars)
A low price will get you an above average shave with the 3-Floating Head, Phillips Norelco 6940. 114 Users can’t be all wrong and they rated this particular model 4 stars out of 5. This Mens Shaver is not cordless, which is what some men liked about it – no worries of batteries running out. As Electric Shavers go, the majority of men rated the performance and reliability well above average.

Braun Free Control 1775 Men’s Shaver

4 Stars
Priced in the $50 – $55 range, the Braun Free Control 1775 is a solid men’s shaver. Over 400 users ranked the Braun 1775 very highly for convenience, comfort and a close shave. Numerous reviewers echoed my own experience with braun electric shavers: The Darn things last forever. Using the secret shaving technique above, the Braun 1775 might not give you as close as shave as the electric mens razors costing $119.00 or more, but for the mid-price range, you will not find a better, more reliable shaver on the market.

Braun Series 7- 760cc Mens Electric Shaver

4 Stars
The Braun Series 7 – 760cc Shaver rated only 4 stars among 149 users. A B-Rating for a Mens electric razor would be respectable if it didn’t cost $219.00. Why does an electric razor cost so much? For one thing, the 760cc has a self-cleaning and charging station. Many users report that it shaves faster than any mens electric razor they’ve ever owned. On the other hand, too many users were disappointed with the closeness of the shave for a mens electric shaver in this price range. There were plenty of men who rated this razor 5-stars and absolutely love it. One thing to keep in mind, paying a great deal of money for a mens electric shaver is unlikely to mean it will last any longer. In fact, the more expensive ones like the Braun Series-7 tend to require more expensive maintenance and replacement parts.

Panasonic ES3833S Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Travel Mens Electric Shaver

The ES3833S is a Travel Electric Wet/Dry Mens Shaver by Panasonic. The razor gets good reviews from men for closeness while using it as a wet shaver – not so good for the dry shaves. Still, it has a perfect place in your shaving arsenal. Whether you want to keep one in your car, office or in your travel bag, or all three; at a price of around $24.00, it’s battery powered operation provides a convenient way to a smoother face throughout the day.

Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

4.5 Stars
The Panasonic ES8243A ranks as my top electric razor. Why? Because nearly 300 users have given it a near perfect score; not only for the way it shaves but for some of it’s very convenient technological innovations such as the LED Displayed Battery Charge indicator. The ES8243A isn’t cheap. Expect to pay around $120.00 for a super smooth, fast shave. Actually, there are superior shavers that are even more expensive than the ES8243A, but more money doesn’t get you a higher rated Mens Electric Razor. The Panasonic ES8243A is the best electric razor for men that you can buy, dollar for dollar.

Womens Shaver

womens shaver
Electric Razor For Women

What are the most common objections women have to using electric razors as opposed to traditional razor blades in the bath or shower?

  • Electric Razors Hurt and Pull hair
  • Electric Razors don’t shave as closely and smoothly
  • Electric Razors are too expensive

The reason so many women are still shaving their legs with a traditional razor blade in the shower or bath is that they’ve had a difficult time finding a Womens Electric Shaver that does as good a job, is not painful to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. On the other hand, using a traditional razor blade is not nearly as convenient. Over the course of a year, replacing the blades will probably be just as expensive as finding an effective, good quality womens shaver. There are several advantages to finding a good electric razor that women like: For one thing, an Electric Razor certainly saves on water; no need to spend extra time in the bath or shower to get nice, smooth legs. The other reason is that it saves time and money on replacing blades and shaving cream. The third reason is longer lasting smoothness of skin and slower hair growth.

There has to be a product out their for ladies that will do the job of a traditional razor blade quicker and easier and won’t cause pain. I decided to do some research and locate such a product. I believe I found a couple of models that won’t disappoint:

  • Okay, you’re a demanding woman. You’ve tried an economy razor, but still want something better. The ultimate way to remove your hair smoothly and keep it from growing back quickly is through epilation. Epilation removes the hair from the follicle (root level) and provides ladies with the smoothest skin possible. The Braun 5270 Silk-épil X’elle Body System Epilator provides something better: If you want to remove hair so it grows back more slowly, it will epilate. If your hairs are too short to epilate, the unit still works just fine as a shaver . The best endorsement of the Braun 5270 is that over 1,000 women have rated it 4.5 stars. That is one of the best product endorsements from Amazon I’ve ever seen! The price is quite a bit steeper than the Panasonic, but the results speak for themselves!
  • The Braun SE7280 Silk-Epil Xpressive Epilator Body System is similar to the Braun 5270 but with a Swiveling Head and thinner, lighter body style. Over 60 women have also rated the Braun SE7280 4.5 stars. It seems that with this newer, more expensive SE7280 model, more women complained it was painful at first, but later really appreciated the results which they say is every bit as good as waxing!

Over 50 women have used and rated the Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver on Amazon and have given it a very respectable 4.5 stars. They like this razor for it’s close, smooth shaves, relatively, pain-free operation, but most of all – for it’s extremely cheap price. While women admit the Panasonic ES2207P doesn’t shave as close as a blade, it gets close enough to remove visible hair and make your legs smooth. Users say that this product is a very sturdy woman’s shaver for the price. For under $30, the Panasonic ES2207P makes a compelling case for women wanting to try the convenience of an electric razor for the first time.

Rechargeable Epilator by Braun

The previous two models get excellent scores, but if you want something rechargeable you’ll have to pay a little bit more.

Rotadent Toothbrush

Rotadent Toothbrush
The Review

Rotadent Tooth Brush

A while back I decided it was time to starting shopping for a good, electric toothbrush. In the past, I have tried Braun Electric Toothbrushes, which last a long time, but never seemed to overwhelm me with their teeth cleaning power. Why can’t I have a toothbrush that is as good and powerful as the one the dentist uses to polish my teeth?  Of course, the one popular brand name that kept popping up in my head was the OralB Toothbrush. It just so happens Braun makes the Oral-B Toothbrush.  My research took me to a couple of popular names on the internet such as the Oral-B 7000 and The Oral-B Triumph 9900 Toothbrush with Smart Guide.

OralB Triumph

The Triumph 9900 got my attention, first.  This unique toothbrush provides digital technology never seen before in a toothbrush. The Oral-B Triumph 9900 will actually grade you on how well you are brushing your teeth with the use of a wireless display that provides feedback on the amount of time you are brushing and pressure you are using.  While the wireless smart guide display seems like a cool gimmick, I am more interested in how powerful the toothbrush is and how well it actually cleans my teeth. Oral-B claims that the Triumph 9900 uses a floss action brush head with MicroPulse bristles which will penetrate deep between your teeth and gums. Obviously, this kind of deep teeth cleaning is good for your gums, but how much is too much? The Triumph 9900 also has a red light appears when you use too much pressure. Hmmm, maybe a great tooth brush for a kid, but I think I know what’s good for my own teeth.  Furthermore, the steep price tag of $165.00 for the Triumph 9900 convinced me that I don’t need gimmicks and digital technology in an electric toothbrush. I just want something that does a good; no – a great job. I will say this: The positive reviews on the Oral-B Triumph 9900 toothbrush are quite impressive. Over 150 Amazon customer reviews rate the Triumph-9900 4.5 out of 5 Stars.  The lofty user ratings were still not enough to make me spend that kind of money, so, next, I looked at the Oral-B 7000 series. The 7000-series model I looked at is the Oral-B 7400 which appears to be exactly what I wanted: A no-frills, durable, rugged-looking electric toothbrush. The Oral-B 7400 has a neat feature; a pressure sensor pulse which senses when you’re using too much pressure and stops you before you hurt yourself or bleed to death. It also has a nice ergonomic grip. You can use the

Oral B 7000 vs Rotadent Toothbrush

Oral-B 7000 Toothbrush for 11 brushings before needing to recharge it. That’s pretty good. I remember how the electronic charging system seemed to be the weak spot on my old Braun Electric Toothbrushes. The best part of all of the Oral-B 7000 series toothbrush is it’s $69.00 price tag and average user rating of a perfect 5 stars out of 9 users. So far, so good. Put the Oral-B 7400 on my wish list. But first, I wanted to see what else is out there besides Braun Electric Toothbrushes (oral-b).

While browsing and searching for the keywords, ‘best electric toothbrushes’, I stumbled and tripped over a brand called Rotadent. The Rotadent Toothbrush seems to be the brand most dentists recommend. That is, those dentists who are not paid by Braun to promote Oral-B toothbrushes. But all kidding aside, the Rotadent Toothbrush does have the looks and appearance of a high powered tool your dentist would use to torture you. Just looking at the picture of one the first time, gave me the heeby jeebies.  The brand name alone, tells me that the Rotadent is a serious machine. It is not the type of dentistry tool you will find in mainstream circles. My search for Rotadent Toothbrush on Amazon yielded only the Rotadent Brush heads which sell for a lofty $25.00. The price of the brush heads alone, made me think that this particular product is a serious teeth cleaning tool. Like the OralB Triumph, the Rota-Dent also claims to reach underneath your gum line and teeth and is clinically proven to remove harmful bacterial plaque and clean inside Periodontal pockets. The brush heads that come with the Rota-Dent are hollow and circular, giving them the appearance of a dentist’s teeth polishing tool. Rota-Dent says that these brushes provide your teeth with 90,000 filament sweeps per second.  The manufacturer’s claim is that using a Rotadent Toothbrush is as effective as both brushing and flossing. As an ardent flosser, I will gladly put that claim to the test if I choose to buy one of these. The Rotadent Toothbrush sells for around $119.00. Unfortunately, the Rotadent is not nearly as well known, advertised and reviewed as Braun (oral-b) Electric Toothbrushes. One cool thing – Rotadent Toothbrushes come in different colors: White, Pink, Blue and Black. I can imagine the black one gets pretty dirty after you’ve dribbled your used toothpaste all over it.

Verdict on the Rotadent Toothbrush

Even without much in the way of reviews, I am leaning towards the Rotadent. I was able to find a useful you-tube video which serves the purpose of showing you how the this amazing machine works, looks, and performs.

Oral-B Triumph 9900 Demonstration

Give us your rating on the Rotadent Toothbrush

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Mehaz Toenail Clippers

Mehaz Toenail ClippersMehaz toenail clippers are specifically designed to cut through thick toenails. If your toe nails are so thick and hard that they could be used to cut diamonds you might want to look into a set of Mehaz Clippers? I’ll cover diamond cutting in an upcoming review titled, “Things at Home you can use to Cut Diamonds” Meanwhile, what do you use for toe nail clippers if your toe nails really do happen to be thicker and harder than diamonds? Those of you with wimpy, thin toe nails don’t laugh. Some of us do happen to have a thick toenail that is so hard that even the most robust pair of toe nail cutters will fail to get the job done. Stop giggling – this is a big, freaking problem!

I dread cutting my toenails. They are so thick and hard that it feels like an ordinary pair of toenail clippers will break trying to cut them. It requires both hands and arms to clamp down and put enough weight on the clippers to eventually cut through my extremely thick toe nail. Not only is it a difficult task trying to clip them, but when the dull clipper blades finally bust through the thick toe nail, it hurts! One day I decided there must be a better tool for the job. The old pair of toenail clippers I got as a Christmas gift from Italy have served their purpose long enough. I had suffered with the pain and difficult task of toenail clipping long enough, so I decided to seek a better product for the job.

If you suffer from Thick Toenail syndrome like me, a set of Mehaz toenail clippers is the best $11.00 you will ever spend. 23 out of 23 Amazon Reviewers of the Mehaz Wide Jaw Toenail clipper gave it a perfect score of 5 Stars. What’s so great about Mehaz? For one thing, it has an extremely wide jaw so you’re not chopping off bits, pieces and fragment of your toenail. There are times when my toenails have become sharp, deadly daggers after I’ve cut them, because the clippers simply don’t cut at wide enough angle. With the Mehaz Toenail Clippers, you can get the job done in half the time. The other advantage to these toenail clippers is the long clipper handle which gives you plenty of leverage. Last, but most important, the blades on these Mehaz Clippers are extremely sharp. They get the job done without the pressure, pain, time and exertion of other clippers. Trust me, nobody wants to waste so many minutes of their precious life putting so much work into cutting his/her toenails. Spend less time grunting and groaning and more time enjoying, smoothly cut toenails that won’t put a hole through your sofa.

If there are any questions about the Mehaz Toenail Clipper, it’s how long will the blades stay sharp and how long will they last?
Obviously, only time can answer that question, but for the low price of $11.00, I’d be willing to buy another pair every 2 or 3 months.

Mehaz Clipper Rating

    • Performance: 95
    • Value: 90
    • Durability: 85
  • Overall: 90

Car Reliability Ratings

Car Reliability Ratings2009 Car Reliability Ratings

Car Reliability Ratings are out for 2009. Every year, JD Powers rates the reliability of new automobiles based on 3-year poll results of original car owners. Car Reliability Ratings are based on or around 200 or so mechanical criteria, then grouped in 5 different categories:



  1. Overall Reliability
  2. Powertrain
  3. Body and Interior
  4. Features and Accessories

We should remember that Used Car Ratings might look completely different than New Car Ratings. The New Cars judged in these reliability ratings are three years old, meaning that none of them go beyond the age of a 2006 model. There is a tremendous amount of data to gather in order to derive a useful used car reliability ratings chart. It would be interesting to see the 20-year ratings on cars and which of them rank the best for longevity and lowest-maintenance life span.

While I certainly appreciate the tremendous effort and research JD Powers does in getting these useful new car reliability ratings together, I wish they would go into a bit more detail. I am sure they have enough data to break these rankings down into even more meaningful specifics as it pertains to new car reliability. As for the auto rating system, wouldn’t it be much more interesting to see 100-point spans over the vague 5-Star ratings they use? I am sure they have the data on these new cars – it’s just a matter of sharing it in their charts. Since I like numbers and 100-point ratings systems, PRR has decided to extrapolate the numbers and come up with a rough average, using the 100-point average scale. The result is the PRR Rating shown in the table below. Hopefully, this gives us a more detailed picture of the 2009 Car Reliability Ratings.

Car Reliability Ratings of New Cars

New Car Reliability Ratings

Make Overall Powertrain Body & Int. Features & Acc. PRR Rating
1 Buick 100 100 80 100 93.33
Toyota 100 100 80 100 93.33
2 Jaguar 100 100 100 60 86.67
Lexus 100 100 100 60 86.67
Mercury 100 80 80 100 86.67
3 Infiniti 80 100 80 60 80.00
Cadillac 80 60 80 100 80.00
Honda 80 80 60 100 80.00
4 Acura 80 100 60 60 73.33
Lincoln 80 80 80 60 73.33
Porche 80 80 80 60 73.33
5 Audi 60 60 80 60 66.67
Ford 60 60 60 80 66.67
Hyundai 60 80 60 60 66.67
Subaru 60 80 60 60 66.67
Chrysler 60 60 80 60 66.67
BMW 60 80 60 60 66.67
6 GMC 60 60 60 60 60.00
Mercedes Benz 60 60 80 40 60.00
Chevrolet 60 60 60 60 60.00
7 Mitsubishi 60 40 60 60 53.33
Volvo 60 60 60 40 53.33
Nissan 40 40 60 60 53.33
Dodge 40 40 60 60 53.33
Mini 40 40 60 60 53.33
Saab 40 60 40 60 53.33
8 Saturn 40 60 40 40 46.67
Jeep 40 40 60 40 46.67
Pontiac 40 40 40 60 46.67
Scion 40 60 40 40 46.67
Mazda 40 40 60 40 46.67
Land Rover 40 40 40 60 46.67
Volkswagen 40 60 40 40 46.67
9 Kia 40 40 40 40 40.00
Hummer 40 40 40 40 40.00
Isuzu 40 40 40 40 40.00
Suzuki 40 40 40 40 40.00
Very Good


Holiday Drinks New Years 2009

Cheers. Let’s celebrate that we’ve all made it through a very difficult year. What better way than to try the top-5 New Years Mixed Drinks for 2009 – all of them? So, with the bitter taste of 2008 behind us, let’s sweeten our spirits with the very warm ones used in the tastiest holiday drinks for the New Year!

Grasshopper Cocktail
Grasshopper Cocktail

1. The Grasshopper

You don’t have to suck the brains out of an insect to enjoy a grasshopper.  It’s actually an amazingly refreshing drink. The Grasshopper brings special holiday memories to me.  A relative used to make these for the adults during large family gatherings on Thanksgiving. He would always let us kids taste them and they were delicious back then, just as they are now. The key to making the perfect Grasshopper is to use a blender rather than a shaker. Use 1 ounce Vodka, 1 ounce Creme De Menthe, One Ounce White Cream De Cacao and one ounce pure cream. Now, just pulverize them all in the blender with lots of ice. The result is a creamy, beautiful-looking, smooth, refreshing New Years delight. Serve in a Cocktail or gimlet glass. The Grasshopper is the Number one New Years drink for 2009.

2. White Russian

Russian in a name is merely an excuse to drink Vodka. (as if we need one). Mix one ounce each of pure cream, vodka and Kahlua. Again, this type of drink is served best crushed with ice in a blender. Another way to make this drink is to pour the Kahlua alone at the bottom of the glass and pour the rest of the blended ingredients on top of it. Either way, serve in a short cocktail glass.

3. Peppermint Martini

Peppermint Martini
Peppermint Martini

Don’t be fooled by the cute, little candy cane. This one is not for sissies. Combine 3 ounces of Vodka, 1 ounces of White Cream De Menthe and 1/2 ounce of Peppermint Schnapps in a stainless steel shaker. Add four ice cubes and shake vigorously until the stainless steel shaker gets so cold it hurts. Next, have someone peel your skin off the frozen stainless steel shaker while joining you in an accappella rendition of Auld Langsyne. Pour into a martini glass with your functional hand. Add one of those cute, mini candy-canes and serve to anyone who is naive enough to think that a drink made of mostly vodka is for sissies.

4. Hot-Buttered Rum

You know how there always seems to be some guy at the ski-lodge with a cast on his leg propped up by the fireplace sipping something steamy out of a big clay mug? Yes, no doubt it’s a flat lander but did you ever wonder what it is that he’s drinking? Do you ever wish you could be drinking it too, but don’t want to break your leg or blow out a knee to ask for one? Good news. 2008 has given us all a good excuse to act like a sedentary, injured oaf.  Making hot buttered rum is much easier than it sounds. Place a slice of butter, 1-tsp brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract in the bottom of a coffee mug. Add 2 ounces of rum and fill the rest of the mug with boiling water. Toast the New Year!

5. The Harvey Wallbanger

In a Tom Collins glass full of ice cubes, add 2 ounces of Vodka, 3 ounces of Orange juice and 1/2 ounce of Galliano Liqueur.  Serve unstirred to anyone in the room who is still standing.

Zicam Cold Remedy

zicam cold remedy
zicam cold remedy

Zicam is a homeopathic common cold remedy which claims to prevent and reduce the duration and severity of common cold symptoms.  Does Zicam Really Work? What Zicam doesn’t claim to do is to completely cure you of a cold that you already have. The key is to catch the cold before it catches you. The key is also that it’s a common cold, not some other nasty virus , which we’ll explain later. Zicam claims to be most effective when it is used at the very first, noticeable symptoms of a common cold. So, the very instant you notice a tickly nose, scratchy throat, sneezing, sniffling or any other cold symptoms that are familiar to you, is the time to begin using the Zicam Cold Remedy.  The makers of Zicam site clinical research that suggests the duration of colds can be reduced by up to 75%. Also, they claim that the severity of symptoms is greatly reduced, though there is no research cited on this. The average cold lasts 3-7 days, so if you don’t begin using Zicam until your 2nd or 4rd day into a cold, it may have little or no benefit. The makers of Zicam make other products designed to treat the symptoms, as well, which can be purchased at the bottom of this article. The emphasis of this review is to describe what Zicam is, how Zicam works, and make a case for whether or not Zicam is effective against the common cold.

What is Zicam?

Zicam is a nasal gel formula, consisting of the active ingredient, Zincum Gluconicum. Clinical research studies have revealed that certain forms of zinc might be effective in treating and preventing colds. According to Zicam makers, the Zincum Gluconicum is the most effective. It is sold in two forms: Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs and Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel. The Gel Swabs Cold Remedy includes 20 swabs. The Nasal Gel Cold Remedy comes in a .5 fluid ounce bottle with trigger applicator.

How do I use Zicam?

The instant you think you’re catching a cold, open up one of the prepackaged Zicam Gel Nasal Swabs and apply the gel just inside both of your nostrils. For the .5 fluid ounce Zicam Nasal Gel, insert the applicator about 1/8″ of the way inside your nostril, point the applicator slightly outward and push down on the trigger applicator. Do not sniff the gel up your nose; gently massage the outside of your nostrils to rub it in. Reapply every four hours, and continue to do so up to 48 hours after the symptoms of your cold have disappeared.

Does Zicam really work?

The answer is yes and no. This is not a very scientific answer, but at least it is consistent with my own research which I will reveal in this non-scientific research article. In the past three years, I have had a total of 11 colds. Here are the results of the Zicam treatment of these colds through three years of use:

  • Year-1
    I either had no colds at all, or the Zicam made it seem that way. On four different occasions, when I experienced cold symptoms early-on, I began using Zicam Nasal Gel in the first two days. In each case, the cold symptoms either completely vanished by 2nd day, or were so insignificant they were forgotten.
  • Year-2
    I experienced what I would consider a ‘common cold’ two times, but neither of them lasted longer than 5 days. I used Zicam throughout, and it seemed to keep the colds in check. The Zicam didn’t completely relieve all of the symptoms, but it did seem to keep the nasal congestion at a tolerable level, and the lingering affects of the cold vanished much more quickly than I expected. Two other times, I felt colds coming on as I did in year-1. After using Zicam, they either vanished, or were never actually colds at all.  I should also mention, that I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. The symptoms were nothing like a cold, and as would be expected, the Zicam was of no benefit.
  • Year 3
    This was my sickliest year in over a decade. In the early fall, I had another one of those almost-maybe-kind-of-sort of colds. As usual, the Zicam seemed to stop it in its tracks. The fun started in December. My symptoms began with body aches, fever and a tickly nose. I began using Zicam, but things got worse from there. I ended up being sick for 10 days with terrible head congestion that later turned into a lingering cough. The Zicam was of no use. It wasn’t until 2 weeks later that I was completely well. As if this wasn’t enough, I got hit again in late February. The symptoms began with a fever that lasted for three days. Again, the Zicam was of no use. I was coughing and sick for 3-4 week with what may have been the honest-to-goodness flu, not a common cold. Then, just for kicks I decided to get sick with another cold in June! This one was your proto-typical common cold. There was no fever, but lots of nasal congestion, even though I was taking Zicam! The cold did seem to stop 4-days later, just as abruptly as it came, so how much good the Zicam did is a mystery.


Side Effects of Zicam: Loss of Taste and Smell

The only side effect I’ve ever noticed with Zicam is that my wallet is $11 or $12 lighter every time I purchase it at the local grocery or drug store. As of this writing there were no known side effects to using this product, according to the Zicam makers. New information on Anosmia (loss of taste and smell) is below. For more information, visit their website:

Conclusion on Zicam Cold Remedy Effectiveness

As you can see, there is lots of uncertainty involved in reaching a conclusion about the effectiveness of Zincum Gluconicum-based Zicam Cold Remedies. The common-cold is a bit of a misnomer in that all colds seem to come with their own unique set of symptoms, severity and durations. In using Zicam in the past 3 years; I’ve had 6 possible colds that were nearly non-existent, 3 certain colds  that seemed to end much quicker than usual, and  2 sicknesses that were probably something much worse than a cold. The one conclusion I can make with confidence is that Zicam was of no benefit to the flu-type bug or other severe viruses that began with a fever and coughing. I did seem to be better off against those common, ordinary cold bugs that normally pester and annoy me with a stuffy nose for several days. For this reason, I’ll continue to use Zicam rather than face the risks of lengthier common colds. But, does Zicam really work? To answer the question, a second time: Yes and no. While using Zicam, some colds seemed like they were never colds to begin with, some colds seemed not to last as long as I expected, and some colds ended up not being colds at all, but something much worse. So, yes, the perception is that Zicam really does work. The reality is that there is no way to be sure using my own unscientific research. What’s more important is that sometimes, perception is just as valuable as reality.  Therefore, My rating is based on the perception of how well Zicam worked for me.

Loss of Taste and Smell

Zicam Nasal gel products have been taken off the market, due to a reported side effect from users known as, anosmia. (Loss of Smell)
In my many years of using the product, I have never experienced a loss of smell and/or taste. Apparently, several people have experienced these side effects and several law suits later, Zicam took their nasal gel Cold Remedy products off the market. I have been using the alternative Zicam products like the mouth spray. I will report on its effectiveness in an updated review on Zicam Cold Remedy Products.

Zicam Ratings

  • Effectiveness: 80
  • Ease of Use: 80
  • Symptoms: 80
  • Cost: 70
  • Final Rating: 77

Online Eyeglasses

Have you thought about buying Online Eye Glasses? If you’re looking for Cheap Eye Glasses, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Online Glasses Frames
online eye glasses

Have you recently gotten an updated eyeglass prescription, only to pop a blood vein in your eyeballs when you learned what those new eye glasses were going to cost? A good pair of eye glasses with progressive lenses, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating,  and contemporary eye glass frames can run you $400 or more at some of the various retailers! If this isn’t shocking enough, wait until you see what these same pair of glasses are going to cost with  Designer Eye Glass Frames!

How to Buy Expensive Prescription Eye Glasses

Just a decent pair of eyeglass frames alone is over $100! Would if you could buy your prescription eye glasses online just  like everything else nowadays and save a bundle of money?  Well, you can. Your first concern is probably wondering how you can get the right size, fit and prescription?  No Problem.

How to Buy Cheap Eye Glasses

There are three very simple things you will need to have in order to fulfill an online eye glasses order:

  • Your eye glasses Prescription (You can buy Non Prescription Eye Glasses Too!)
(If you’ve just had an eye optometrist appointment, you should have this.)

  • Your Pupil Distance Measurement
Using a metric ruler, simply measure the distance in millimeters between the center of both pupils. The number is usually around 58 – 70mm.

  • Your old eye glasses for size measurement comparison.
Your old pair of eyeglasses should serve as a rule of thumb for knowing the approximate size of frame that fits well with your face.

Armed with the information above, you will be able to order a nice pair of stylish eye glasses for as low as $13.00!. I paid $64.00 for mine due to the frame style and progressive lenses.
I actually ordered from a couple of different retailers,  but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a few of them. Here they are:

  • Zenni Optical
  • Goggles 4U
  • $39.00 Glasses Online
  • Frames Direct

Frames Direct actually has an excellent try-on tool which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and try the glasses on. I found this to be a very useful way to determine your basic size and fit: They have very nice Eyeglasses Frames, too!

Who Is the Best Online Eye Glasses Retailer?

I have actually purchased from a couple of the retailers above: Zenni and Goggles 4U. Honestly, I cannot recommend one over the other. The service was excellent, and quality every bit as good as what I am accustomed getting from the local prescription eye glasses retailers.  Each of them have their own unique advantages, and Frame Styles,  so some may be better suited for you depending on your preferences and needs.  For frequent eye glasses wearers, I recommend buying two pairs; one as sunglasses to keep in the car, and one for everyday use.  Chances are,  you will have paid half of what you paid for just one pair from your local eyeglasses retailer.  Because I do not have experience buying from each of the online eyeglasses retailers above, I cannot recommend one over the other.  What I can do, however, is recommend any of them over paying the exorbitant amounts of money at your local eyeglasses retailer.

Ratings for Online Eye Glasses

Ease of Use: 85
Selection: 88
Quality: 84
Service: 88
Value: 98
Overall: 88.6

Does Nioxin Really Work

Does Nioxin Really Work?
A review on Nioxin Hair Growth Scalp Med

Nioxin Scalp Treatment For Hair Growth

Nioxin reviews aren’t the same for everyone. The System 1 Nioxin Scalp Treatment is a hair conditioning shampoo, conditioner and treatment designed to bring back the fullness of your hair. What do Nioxin Reviews show about its effectiveness? Read this full review of the Nioxin Scalp Treatment System 1 Hair Treatment product.  Make sure you read this until the very end! The Nioxin reviews have changed.  You’ll be surprised at the updated results, 6 months later on System 1 Nioxin Scalp Treatment Shampoo.

Does Nioxin Really Work?
Does Nioxin Work?

Does Nioxin Really Work?

At the recommendation of my hair stylist during an appointment in February of 2008, I decided to give the Nioxin scalp treatment shampoo, hair-treatment system a try. As a 47-year old male, I am fortunate in that I still do have most of my hair. However, as I’ve gotten older, it has become increasingly more difficult to wear the same hair style I did in my younger years, without showing a great deal more of bare scalp along the top sides of my forehead.  As I pointed this out to my hair stylist, she quickly asked me. What kind of Shampoo do you use? I said, Crew.  She asked, have you tried, Nioxin?  Many of my customers have had great luck with Nioxin Shampoo. I said, “what the heck, For $30, it’s worth a one-time shot.”  For $29.95 I got what’s known as the Nioxin System 1 Starter Kit, consisting of 3 different Nioxin scalp treatment: Nioxin Hair Cleanser (Shampoo),  Nioxin Scalp Therapy (Conditioner) and Nioxin Scalp Treatment(Styling Foam)

I started out with a fairly short hair-cut: Number-3 Clippers on the sides, and about 1-Inch of bangs on top. I was warned by my stylist that the application of the Nioxin therapy and treatment would make my scalp tingle, but it did no such thing, despite the fact I applied generous amounts and rubbed it into my scalp quite thoroughly. I will say that it made my hair feel very clean and silky, but no tingling sensation. (I really did get this tingling sensation when I began using the mint-scented Crew Conditioner – and I even believe that it helped restore some thickness to my hair) Later that day, my wife discovered the first drawback of this product with her nose. The scalp treatment styling foam, she claims, makes my hair smell very musty. She did not like the odor at all. This is surprising, because I’m usually the one with the sensitive nose, but I never noticed a musty odor. In fact, most of what I read on this product described it as having a very pleasant aroma.  Strange. I think it smells like a scalp med.

What Do Nioxin Reviews Say?

I continued to use the Nioxin Scalp Treatment consistently for the next 8 weeks, musty odor and all. Okay, I cheated a few times, and didn’t always use the bad-smelling, Nioxin styling foam, just so I could remain in the same house with my wife. At any rate, we both agreed that though my hair looked nice and clean, there was no noticeable difference in fullness or thickness. If I remember right, the box gives some user satisfaction ratings which suggest that 87% of all Nioxin Reviews reported some noticeable benefits in hair thickness or fullness. I guess I am among the small percentage that did not. I should point out, that the makers of Nioxin do not claim their products actually grow new hair as do medicinal treatments and scalp meds such as Minoxidil. Instead, they boast that it makes a healthier scalp which in turn can produce healthier hair which may appear fuller or thicker. I noticed these benefits when I tried Crew Shampoo for the first time a few years back.

Does Nioxin Scalp Treatment Really Work?

The Nioxin scalp treatment System 1 Starter Kit seems to be a very good shampoo, and conditioner, but did not give my wife or myself the impression that my hair was any thicker. If not for the musty smell, I really did like the Nioxin styling foam. I will probably look for a foam with similar texture and aroma my wife can tolerate. Unlike other products, this one cannot be rated with numbers. It either works or it doesn’t.  In my case, it didn’t. There are other good shampoos and conditioners on the market like American Crew for Men, that are 50% cheaper. I will stick with Crew, save money, and be thankful for what hair I have.  I do have a theory on why so many people believe this product promotes some sort of visible improvement in their hair growth: It has to do when the product is purchased. I would estimate that most frequently, this product is purchased by the recommendation of a hair stylist during a visit to the hair stylist. Naturally, this is when one’s hair is shortest and thinnest, which coincides with when the product is first used. While the user begins using the Nioxin System 1, their hair begins to naturally grow longer and appear thicker as it normally would. The user says, ‘ really works’, but in reality his hair just grew like it normally does on its own. After a few more haircuts, and dollars spent on Nioxin Shampoo, my guess is that most users would gradually learn that the product is not really doing what they thought it did in the first place…or maybe not? …

Nioxin Reviews Epilogue6 months later
Well, heh heh.. Months later, and I’m really thinking this Nioxin shampoo may have done some good, after all. Even my wife has been saying, my hair looks thicker and fuller. For $30.00, it’s worth buying Nioxin Shampoo at least once. As of this update there are eight different products considered in the Nioxin Reviews.

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