OCZ Modxstream Pro 600W Power Supply Review

OCZ Modxstream Pro 600w
Modular Power Supply

If an OCZ Modxstream Pro 600W power supply doesn’t get you excited, then you probably haven’t upgraded your computer system in a while. Last weekend, I assembled a fairly high-end,  gaming computer system with my son’s graduation money. Don’t worry, it was his choice. I decided to do a component-by-component review of the entire system, beginning with the Asus VE247H reviewed and posted yesterday. The OCZ Modxstream 600 is a fairly significant part of what makes my son’s Core i7 performance system special.
Why buy the Modular Power Supply?

OCZ Pro 600W Reviewed

The term modular means that the power supply isn’t hard-wired to a bunch of power cables. The OCZ Modxstream comes neatly packaged with only the cables required to plug into the motherboard. The remaining 4-Pin and SATA Power cables are packaged separately so you only use the cables you need. More than enough cables are included with the Modxstream Pro 600W. The result is a much cleaner system, without all of the clutter and extraneous wires running all over your motherboard. Of course, being tidy is one thing, but what does the OCZ 600 Watt power provide for a high performance system? Power.

Power Specifications

High performance graphics cards are the main reason gamers, Cad designers and other computer rendering users require bigger and better power supplies. Beware of the wattage ratings on power supplies. Graphics cards power supply requirements are often more specific than the overall wattage of a power supply. The Nvidia GTS-450 Graphics card, for example, called for a 500 Watt power supply with at least 22amps on one of its 12-volt rails. The OCZ 600 has that…and if you’re worried that 600W is not enough, OCZ makes these babies in 700W, up to 1200 Watts.  Look into these OCZ Modular Power Supplies when you build your next quality system. I couldn’t be happier about the overall quiet performance and design of OZC high-performance power supplies.

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Asus VH242H Review

asus vh242h review

While this is certainly not the first Asus VH242H review it is very likely to be the last. It’s been nearly two years since the first ASUS VH242H review was posted, yet people are still asking about the product and looking for ratings. Let’s clear up some confusion: First of all, computer monitor models are changing nearly as quickly as we change our socks in the morning. Even the slightest revision results in a model # change. There is a very good reason people are still looking for an Asus VH242H review. It is a very highly rated 23.6″ monitor and one of the first of its kind and size to be sold for under $250. There is another reason for the change: TheVH242H is an LCD Monitor, not an LED. Most LCD technology is leaning towards the flatter, brighter displays of the new LED screens and the Asus VH242H review is no exception. That’s not to say the ol’ Asus VH242H is a dog. Even by today’s standard, most computer users would be very happy to have this well-made, bright looking display on their desktops. Don’t be saddened by its demise. The end of the VH242H era means a new rainbow is on the horizon.

There is a new kid in town and it’s the direct, LED replacement for the Asus VH242H. I have some very positive, first-hand experience to report on this new LED Replacement for an old standby. First off, let’s go over the basics: The VE247H is a 23.6″ LED monitor with 2MS Refresh Rate, HDMI, DVI and VGA Connections, .272 Dot Pitch, an impressive 300 cd/m2 brightness rating and 2 Speakers. All very updated specs, but how does the Asus VE247H Perform:

Asus VE247H vs VH242H Review

asus ve247h reviewI pulled the VE247H out of the box and easily connected the mounting stand in less than 2 minutes, then connected it to my desktop’s DVI-D Display. After booting into windows the first time, the brightness of the VE247H is noticeably superior to the display of the VH24H. For some reason, the size of the screen on the VE247H isn’t as flat as many of the other 22 to 24″ LED Displays I’ve tested. This is not an issue: The unit still weighs less than other LCD Displays and will not take up any more noticeable space on your desktop than the ultra thin LED’s. The crispness and details of the text and graphics on this display are far superior to what we’ve seen in this review. One other great benefit of the Asus VE247H LED Monitor: You actually get adequate, adjustable stereo sound from the monitor’s built-in speakers!. For a price around $200.00, you will gladly say good-bye to the old one you were looking for. Look for great deals on the Asus VE247H LED Monitor, though you may still see some Vh242h selling for around the same cost.

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Equus Computer Systems and Nobilis Computers

Equus Computer Systems
Nobilis Desktops

If you’re searching the web for reviews on Equus Computer Systems or Nobilis Computers, you’ve obviously been told the good news: There are more Technology Choices out there than just Dell, IBM and HP. So, who is Equus and why haven’t more people heard about Nobilis Computers?

Equus Computer Systems Sells Nobilis Computers

Equus Computer Systems is a white box computer manufacturer and Nobilis Computers is its product brand. So, you ask, “What is a white box computer?” White box brand computers are made for distribution by a variety of computer consultants, resellers and VARs. Unlike Dell, HP or IBM, the White Box brand is not sold directly to the consumer. You will not find Nobilis Computers at your local discount store like Best Buy or from an online catalog or electronics merchants like New Egg or Tiger Direct.   Equus Computer Systems has been in business for 22 years selling high-quality, certified Nobilis Computers to a valued network of resellers whose main business purpose is providing technology solutions and services to business clients. When you buy Nobilis computers you become a valued client of the Equus high-service, dealer network. Service is one thing, but how does the quality of Nobilis computers compare with the tier-1 name-brand competition?

Nobilis Computer Systems Build Quality

Nobilis ComputersThe Equus Computer Systems successful business model is based on providing quality hardware and superior service to its expansive U.S dealer network. Intel-based Nobilis computer systems use genuine Intel components, including the motherboard; the heart and soul of any computer system.  Since Equus dealers rely on consistency for servicing their customers, Nobilis components cannot change from one day to the next. Despite popular opinion, the Dells, HP’s and IBM’s rarely use genuine Intel motherboards in their Intel-based configurations and the specifications can sometimes change on a weekly basis, regardless of motherboard manufacturer. The key to a successful white box product line is quality and consistency; two categories where the tier-1 providers fall short every time. Equus Computer Systems stays on the leading edge, providing a wide variety of computers including desktops, workstations, servers, storage products, notebooks, netbooks, slates and components. You don’t have to belong to a business to buy Nobilis Computers. The Equus Computer Systems dealer network spans the nation with capable consultants willing to provide you with the same benefits of Nobilis Computers enjoyed by many small, medium and large businesses in the U.S.

Where to Buy Nobilis Computers by Equus Computer Systems

Rocky Mountains City State Telephone
PC Assist Lakewood CO 303-274-5410
Rocky Mountain Computer Systems Greeley CO 970-395-0720
DCNC, Inc Denver CO 303-920-9472
Mr Wizard Computers Billings MT 406-656-9609
Nibbles & Bytes Rawlins  WY 307-324-5050
Mid West      
Bi-State Solutions Rockford IL 815-395-1234
Prairie Wind PC Cook NE 308-345-6322
Computer Support Group Phoenix AZ 602-266-1121
LeeShanok Tucson AZ 520-888-9122
On-Site Technical Services Phoenix AZ 623-203-9329
Computer Consultants Demming NM 505-546-7210
Future POS Cutting Edge  Butler PA 724-285-3636
PSI Andover ME 207-392-3211
South / Southeast      
NetDirective Rockledge FL 321-205-1830
Hoffman Associates Broken Arrow OK 918-682-8174

If you don’t see a computer dealer in your area, visit Equus Computer Systems

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iPad 2 Specs

How do the iPad 2 Specs compare to a Windows 7 Slate?

iPad 2 Specs
iPad 2 Tablet

Are you looking for a personal tablet and wondering how the newest Windows 7 Slate compares to the iPad 2 Specs, feature for feature? Let’s face it: When it comes to hand held consumer devices like cell phones, MP3 Players and computer tablets, Apple has consistently beat the competition with the coolest, innovative and most highly desired products.  Besides the slick, attractive interface of Apple products, there is that great feeling of liberation when you feel when you realize that you are no longer tied down a windows operating system. You can become amazing productive with an iPhone or iPad for doing just about anything you need to do including emailing, facebooking, facetime, twittering, surfing, photography, tasking, organizing, gaming, etc, etc. – you name it, and it can probably be done on the latest iPad model. The latest iPad 2 Specs and features have made Apple’s latest tablet so strong that one wonders if a Windows will ever be necessary again. Yet, the business world is not quite ready to get away from Windows. Now, that the new Windows 7 Slate products have arrived, how do they compare to the Apple iPad 2. Before we can answer that question, let’s compare the specs of both products.

But before we do, let’s keep one thing in mind: Looking at a web page or sheet of paper listing the specs of the iPad is not likely to get a whole lot of people too excited about the product. Apple products are something you have to see, hold in your hands and play with, before you can truly appreciate their power, simplicity and productive capabilities. The iPad 2 is no exception. Though they are nothing to be ashamed of, they are not what sets the product apart from competitive netbooks, slates and windows 7 slate and/or PC tablet products. With that said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Here is what is on the inside and outside of an Apple iPad 2:

Apple iPad 2 Specs

    • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) and 3G
    • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
    • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
    • 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
    • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
    • Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously
    • 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 Low Power Chip
    • 16/32/64 GB SSD Drive Options
    • Camera and HD Video of up to 720P with 30 FPS
    • Built-in Speaker, Mic Connector and Dock
    • Weighs only 1.3 lbs and is just over 1/3rd of an Inch Thick
    • 9.7 Inch Screen with 1024 x 768 Resolution
    • Up to 10 hours Battery Life
    • Thee-Axis Gyro, Digital Compass and Ambient Light Sensors


Impressive – so, how does a Windows 7 Slate compare?

Windows 7 Slate Specs

(Brand X Specsof one of the Best Windows 7 Slate Products Available)

    • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)11.6″ LCD Touchscreen1366 x 768 ResolutionAtom N450 1.6
    • Processor
    • 2GB Memory
    • 32GB SSD Drive
    • 1.3MP Camera
    • Weighs 2.2lbs and is a little more than 1/2″ thick
    • Up to 4 Hours Battery Life
    • SDHC Port
    • 2 USB Ports / Docking Station Option
    • G-sensor built-in for automatic display orientation (3-axis sensing)
    • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Technology
    • Windows 7 Premium, Pro or Ultimate Operating System
    • Built-in Speaker (1.5W) x2 , Mic x1

Less is More than the Windows 7 Slate?

Windows 7 Slate
11.6″ Slate

From a hardware and processing standpoint, the iPad 2 Specs might not seem overly impressive. In fact, the Apple iPad 2 has a slower processor, lower memory, lower screen resolution and is incapable of running windows applications. One of the big complaints from Windows users about Apple mobile devices is that they are incapable of playing flash player videos. On the other hand, the iPad 2 doesn’t need to be as fast as a Windows-7 Slate. Why? Well, because it doesn’t run windows. Windows has gotten bigger and bloatier with every new release, requiring more horsepower from the computers, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and slates people use to run them on these days. A windows-based computer device that has to be small, portable, light and energy efficient is at a disadvantage by virtue of the fact it has to run a very memory and processor intensive operating system. On the other hand, if all of your applications and needs are on windows-based desktops and laptops, the latest Windows 7 Slate will likely serve more useful to you than the latest iPad 2 specs and features.

iPad Apps vs Windows Apps

If you don’t need Windows, the iPad 2 will save you a fortune on apps. And who can deny that there are some incredible, fun and useful iPhone and iPad applications. While no one can doubt, the iPad 2 tops the list of all slates for it’s ultra-thin, high-tech sleek design, this latest Windows 7 Slate, is no slouch when it comes to the cool-factor. The iPad 2 specs go beyond what’s required of your typical windows user, but lacks Windows. The Windows 7 slate not only runs windows, but is plenty powerful enough to run all of the applications that go with it; Office 2010, Adobe Illustrator, PDF Writer, Flashplayer, etc.  If all you need is a book reader, internet surf, play games, banking, utilities, etc., you’ll be happy with the iPad 2 Specs. If you need to the productivity of Windows Applications, then the new Windows 7 Slate is for you. If you’re an iPhone 4 user and you want something thinner, lighter in an Apple Tablet for roughly the same price or less than an Android, then the specs of the iPad 2 are virtually meaningless.

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MotionX GPS

motionx gps
Best iPhone GPS?

The MotionX GPS Drive Version is a full-featured GPS Driving Navigation Application for your iphone/ipad and car. How does MotionX stack up against stand-alone GPS Units? How does it stack up against other GPS Navigation Driving Apps for the iPhone? Let’s start with iPhone GPS Apps.

Is MotionX the Best iPhone GPS?

After a recent trip to Texas with the MotionX, I am convinced that the the best iPhone GPS is not necessarily the one that costs the most. I still have a hard time believing that I paid only 99 cents for the MotionX from the iTunes store. Granted, it costs $2.99 a month or $20.00 per year to get the voice, turn-by-turn navigation, but the MotionX GPS is still a bargain when you compare it to other iPhone GPS apps which can cost $79.00 or more, with or without turn-by-turn, voice navigation; google maps, road maps, waypoints, etc…MotionX Drive has been greatly enhanced, upgraded and improved since I first downloaded it over a year ago. You will be hard-pressed to find more features on any other iPhone GPS. The MotionX is loaded with features – and many of them just recently added. Let’s look at a few of the features that impressed me during my recent trip:

    • True Turn-by-Turn Voice Guidance

As I mentioned above, for $2.99 a month or $19.99 per year, you get true, turn-by-turn voice guidance. Even better, you now have a choice of voices:

    • Two Voice Choices: Both Natural Voice and HD Synthesized Voice

MotionX gives you two options for voice navigation. Previously, only a natural voice was included which was great for pronouncing maneuvers but did not provide you with the actual street names. The new HD Synthesized Voice pronounces the actual street names for you and does it very well. The street names sound exactly like you would expect them to.

    • Graphics and Display

MotionX has a beautiful, graphical interface with very accurate street names and road depictions. It works in either Portrait or Landscape mode and takes full advantage of the high-res retna display of the iPhone 4.

    • Multi-Stop Routing

Multiple route selection was a feature that was missing in previous versions. This was a welcome upgrade which brings it up to par with other, pricier stand alone GPS units.

    • Free Live Traffic Maps

MotionX provides both live traffic and predictive traffic information. That is something even my $200 Magellan GPS doesn’t do.

    • Wilkipedia Integration

Look up information, articles, guides and tours as you travel. That’s a pretty slick idea!

    • Other Cool Features of the MotionX Drive App

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the features and capabilities of the App. Here are a few more notable features: You can mark your parking place and locate your car by tapping on the screen; mark your places on Facebook; browse for restaurants, shopping, entertainment and services and pull up addresses from your iPhone Contacts List .

How does the MotionX App Compare to the real thing?

So, the MotionX GPS has most of the features and functions of a stand-alone GPS. It has turn-by-turn voice guidance, real-time maps, beautiful graphics, interface and the list goes on. But, none of these features, bells and whistles mean a hoot, if the app doesn’t provide you with instructions that are at least as accurate as a pricey, but tried and proven stand-alone GPS.

MotionX vs. Stand Alone GPS

On my recent trip, I brought my trust, 3-year old Magellan 3225 GPS and so I was able to compare the MotionX against the real thing. The Magellan 3225 might be old, outdated and not have the pretty graphics of the best iPhone GPS but I knew I could rely on it to find my brother’s house out in the country road boondocks of College Station, TX. As expected, the Magellan 3225 took me there without incident. I let the MotionX take me out of the boondocks and guide me to Austin, TX. How did it do? Well, it must not have done too bad, or I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this review: The MotionX GPS Solution got me out of the woods, onto the highways and into Austin, TX. I was also able to find my Hotel, Sight Seeing spots, Restaurant and airport the next morning. It was not without a hitch. There were a couple of times when the MotionX GPS Signal didn’t seem to keep up with my exact location. For instance, on one occasion, my entrance to a highway ramp was not announced by the turn-by-turn voice guidance until a couple of hundred feet after passing it. On these rare occasions, I had to rely on my visual instincts to get me on and off the road at the right time. I think there is a good explanation for this:  I do not own a mounting arm for the MotionX GPS, so it may not always be in clear sight of the sky as all GPS instructions recommend. My Magellan sits securely on a mounting arm which is attached to the windshield and is always in clear site of the open sky which quite possibly explains why I have had fewer hiccups with inaccurate directions over the three years I have been using it. Knowing this, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend $20 – $30 for a good mounting arm for the MotionX GPS. I would also not hesitate to use the MotionX GPS again on my very next trip. For the price, the MotionX is the best iPhone GPS, if not the best GPS, period.
MotionX GPS Users: Leave Your Comments

MotionX Drive Update: 08/16/12

Finally, they’ve given me something I always wanted: MotionX Drive Version 14.0 now has a speed limit indicator on the map screen while your driving. Have you ever been driving along and wishing there was a speed limit sign? MotionX Drive gives you a very clear icon on the right hand side of your driving map which not only tells you the speed limit, but your current speed as well. One minor complaint: I noticed that on slower residential streets, with speed limits below say, 30mph, the MotionX Drive App was not displaying a speed limit. Perhaps it only works at 35MPH or above? At any rate, this is the best and cheapest driving GPS application on the market. I honestly have no use for my old, outdated Magellan any more.

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