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Amish Heaters vs EdenPURE Heaters

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Comparison Review on EdenPure Heaters and Amish Heaters

We’ve all heard about EdenPure Heaters, but there is some strong competition out there. In the colder climates, the Space Heater market is a busy one as we all try to stay warm in these cold fall and winter months. The new, Infrared Quartz technology has made portable room heaters a serious option as a way for lowering your heating bill, in addition to providing zones of warmth, even the most heat-efficient furnaces are not very good at keeping warmth in the rooms of your house where and when you need it. When I bought my 65”, Rear Projection Mitsubishi Television this past summer, the cool basement seemed like the perfect place for it. It was easy looking forward to going downstairs to Watch movies and play video games in the cool, big, rec room. Unfortunately, summers don’t last very long in Colorado and the basement is no longer the preferred room in the house to watch television. Even the upstairs Den, where my much smaller television is located, seems drafty and cold all of the time. When guests come into town, I’ll often turn my thermostat up to 71 to make the den more comfortable. Unfortunately, the rest of the home becomes too warm, especially the smaller bedrooms; and the vacant 65” Rear Projection Television in the basement sits in cold, isolation. In the past couple of years, my Sunday morning newspaper has been inundated with advertises and claims about EdenPure Heaters, Amish Heaters and the new, inexpensive Dr Heater. If these Portable Room Heaters are so great, should we all be using them? Recently, the infamous BobVilla was promoting EdenPure Heaters on an infomercial. While I realize there is an obvious bias behind the products being sold, the information on this particular TV segment got me to thinking about the problems behind heating our homes. I’ve heard so much about EdenPure Heaters, so…  Read the rest of this entry