Lismore Single Malt Scotch

Lismore Scotch Whisky
Lismore Scotch Whisky

Who Can Afford Single Malt Scotch?

Have you acquired a taste for single malt scotch, but don’t feel like plunking down $40 or $50 bucks a bottle every time you visit the liquor store for the best scotch? (The very best brands of single malt scotch can cost 5 or 6 times more than that!)  Take heart, you CAN afford to drink single malt scotch. If you’re like me, you save your single malt scotch purchases for special occasions once or twice a year. I have always looked forward to buying good scotch whisky for the Holidays or sometimes will ask for my favorite brand of single malt for a birthday present. For most of us, drinking a good single malt scotch everyday would leave little room for groceries; that is, until you’ve discovered Lismore.

Speyside Single Malt Scotch

Lismore single malt is a Speyside scotch that can be had for around $15 – $17 a bottle. It is a rather light tasting single malt scotch with very subtle flavors of vanilla, honey, buttery almond, toffee and some cherry. Due to its rather light, subtle flavors, Lismore single malt scotch is not likely to be the favorite of scotch connoisseurs with deep pockets, wanting something more distinguished like the deep, smoky flavors of Lagavilin or Laphroaig. On the other hand, it’s light, smooth, rather ordinary scotch flavor is what makes this such an attractive scotch for your everyday or beginning scotch drinkers. As a single malt scotch, it is also tasty enough, that a true scotch whisky snob won’t object to it either.

Your Everyday Drinking Scotch Whisky

Lismore is not a difficult liquor for even experienced scotch drinkers to enjoy. It is smooth enough that it doesn’t have that initial bite of alcohol you might notice from a cheaper malt whisky.  Lismore single malt scotch makes a great every day drinking whisky, and it won’t set you back an arm-and-a-leg to enjoy regularly.

Lismore Single Malt Scotch

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