Patanase Nasal Spray

What is Patanase?

Patanase Nasal Spray
Does Patanase Really Work?

Patanase Nasal Spray is a prescription used to treat seasonal allergies. In medical terms, Patanase is described as an H1 Receptor Antagonist. Basically, this means that Patanase is an antihistamine that blocks allergy symptoms. Patanase is unlike Nasonex, Flonase and Rhinocort which are steroidal nasal sprays. These older prescription, steroidal allergy medications have have been on the market for quite a number of years, and I have a little bit of experience with all of them. Patanase was approved for market by the FDA in April of 2008, making it the newest prescription, nasal allergy spray on the market. What all of the other steroidal prescription nasal, allergy sprays have in common is that they need to be used for a few days or more before they become effective at reducing seasonal allergy symptoms. Unlike an over-the-counter antihistamine which goes to work on your allergy symptoms within an hour, these prescription steroidal nasal sprays require regular use for 1-2 weeks before they become effective at blocking your allergies. Steroidal sprays, seemed well suited for people like me whose allergies persist through every season. They are used to prevent allergy symptoms over long periods of time. One of their advantages is is that they do not cause the drowsiness associated with over-the-counter antihistamines. Patanase, on the other hand, will go to work right away on your stuffy or sneezy nose, without the risk associated with long-term side effects of nasal steroids. The other over-the-counter choice for nasal allergies

Allergy Nasal Spray
Decongestant Nasal Spray

are Decongestant Nasal Sprays which have short-term side effects that are even worse than antihistamines. Prolonged use of these decongestant nasal sprays will almost always result in an addictive, chronic stuffy nose. Once you’ve started using a decongestant nasal spray, it is extremely hard to break the habit. Over-the-counter antihistamines are a choice that should never be used if you plan on being active or need to stay awake. Most of us just can’t function during the day when using these non-prescription types of antihistamines. I frequently suffer from sinus congestion regardless of the season or time of year. When I first heard about Patanase I was curious as to how it compared to these other prescription nasal sprays. How effective is Patanase at relieving allergy symptoms and what kinds of side effects or long term risks are associated with using this new, allergy drug?

Patanase vs Nasonex

Nasonex vs Patanase
Nasonex vs Patanase

I have shamelessly used Nasonex regularly for several years to help keep my nose clear enough to sleep at night. Knowing that it is never a good idea to use any drug for a prolonged period of time, I finally weened myself of Nasonex about a month ago. I made the decision when my doctor finally refused to refill my prescription without a check-up. Having been off of Nasonex for a few weeks now, I’ve realized that there are many night when I can breathe well enough without the help of any drugs at all, thanks mostly to the alkalol sinus rinse, described here: Alkalol Sinus Remedy. I often wondered if there was something else I could take on a short-term, as needed basis, that wouldn’t be addictive or have long term side effects. That’s when I discovered Patanase. Patanase is advertised as a fast-acting, long-last, non-steroidal allergy reducer for adults 12-years of age and older. Like any drug, there are some described side effects such as bloody nose, dizziness, sleepiness, etc. However, unlike steroidal nasal sprays, Patanase does not have to be used regularly to be effective. In fact, Patanase can be used as needed just like any over-the-counter spray or antihistamine pill. The recommended dosage for Patanase is two sprays per day in each nostril twice a day as opposed to two sprays per nostril once a day for Nasonex. The makers of Patanase indicate that two sprays in each nostril should provide prompt relief of allergy symptoms within 30 minutes. If that is truly the case, then the big advantage Patanase has over Nasonex is that you don’t have to continue taking it everyday to prevent allergy symptoms. Instead, you can use Patanase only when your allergy symptoms act up and your nasal passages require some relief.

Patanase Side Effects

I can say with absolute certainty that any and all drugs have side effects that are understated by doctors and drug companies. Prolonged use of Nasonex, for example, was causing my nose to bleed and even making me feel slightly edgy. Antihistmines like Claritin and Alavert make me feel a little drowsy and depressed. When I asked my doctor about these side effects a few years ago, he referred to a chart which indicated that an insignificantly small number of people experience these symptoms (less than 1%). I have a hard time believing this because many people I know describe the same side effects. If there is one big minus for Patanase, it’s that it has a rather daunting side effect list. While none of the side effects seem serious, a significantly large number of users sampled (12%) reported bitter taste in the mouth. I imagine that this particular side effect is one that would bother me. If they say 12%, my guess is at least half of the people are noticing this. Other, less frequent side effects include headaches, bloody nose, sores in the nose, and the most serious; a hole in the nasal septum. Because this is not a drug that you take all the time, I am willing to put up with a few of the side effect risks associated with Patanase.

Does Patanase Nasal Spray Really Work?

Patanase is recommended for seasonal allergies. My allergies are random, unpredictable and seem to persist throughout all four seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter. I believe, however, that my symptoms are still the result of the same kinds of things that irritate seasonal allergy sufferers. Because Patanase is an antihistamine, it should be able to prevent the symptoms associated with my year long allergies that stuff up my nose and make it hard to sleep at night. Patanase is something I could spray in my nose to get fast relief from the stuffiness, associated with these seasonal allergies that bother me at night. Sudafed is very effective at clearing up my nose, but it also keeps me awake at night. In the past, I’ve used antihistamines before I go to bed to stop them from occurring, and that seems to be a pretty effective way to keep allergies at bay. However, there were two problems with the antihistamine tablets: One, I don’t want to be taking them everyday. Two, they aren’t really effective at reducing my most prominent symptom which is a stuffy nose. My big question about Patanase is whether or not it is a good short-term solution for clearing a stuffy nose in the middle of the night. According to the drug company’s website, a stuffy nose and sinus pressure are among the symptoms that Patanase does address. I have no doubt that Patanase is very effective at treating the seasonal allergies most people suffer, but how will it do with my chronic problem with night time nasal congestion? I will be making a trip to the doctor this week to ask for a Patanase Prescription and find out. I will use Patanase for a couple of weeks before I present you with my verdict on how well it works. Please check back soon. Meanwhile, those of you who have used or are using Patanase, please leave us some feedback in the comment section.

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47 thoughts on “Patanase Nasal Spray”

  1. i went to doctor thinking I was really sick with a cold. He prescribed me patanase. I thought he was crazy but the nose spray is wonderful. It makes me very sleepy and I feel the rush of the medicine working right away. Its wonderful. I will give this an A+.

    • Wow, Kelly. You say the Patanase Nasal Spray makes you sleepy. This would be bad news for people who need to clear their nasal passages up during the day while they are at work or driving their car or some other form of dangerous machinery. As for me, Patanase Nasal Spray sounds perfect. My nose is only stuffed up at night and I often have trouble sleeping. LOL. I think I need to go see my doctor about a Patanase Prescription. Thanks for your feedback, Kelly.

  2. I just used Patanase for the first time yesterday and I was overjoyed at how well it cleared up my sinuses. I suffer from sometimes severe sinus pressure and headaches due to allergies and this is the first product that has made a noticable difference. I’ve been reluctantly using flonase for years. it seemed like flonase was the only choice i had from what all the doctors told me. I was also prescribed Astepro (another antihistamine nasal spray) which i don’t think had much effect on my symptoms. I just gave myself another dose of Patanase today because I felt that headache coming on this morning. I hope this continues to work without any serious side effects. I was expecting to feel drousy, because the label listed drousiness as a side effect, but i actually felt more energetic (probably because my headache went away)

    • Wow, Celia! Thanks, this is exactly the type of information I was looking for. Your sinus severe sinus pressure sounds so similar to what I experience. I was a chronic Flonase user too, and I didn’t like using a drug so regularly for so long, so as my article mentioned, I finally stopped taking it. It sounds as though you can take Patanase as needed and it gives you instant relief.

      Those allergy-related sinus headaches are just so irritating and sometimes nothing I do works, including the aleve and sudafed combo. I have been holding off because I dread doctors visits. You’ve just talked me into making an appointment for Patanase.

  3. 4 months later and I finally went to see my doctor about Patanase. I am clogged up in the head and haven’t had a decent night sleep in 3 days. To my surprise, my doctor never heard of Patanase. She wrongfully told me it was simply another steroidal nasal spray. When I insisted that the Flonase was doing me no good, she blindly called in a prescription for the Patanase. When I went to the Pharmacist I learned my insurance carrier wouldn’t pay for it. They wanted $140.00!… When I got home I remembered, I had just switched to a new insurance plan with my wife’s company, Kaiser.. They will pay for over half of it, but it will still cost me $62.00 for the little bottle of Patanase. I will go back this evening and fork over the $62.00 because it’s worth it if it helps me sleep. I’ll report back later.

    • 24 hours after taking Patanase the first time and here are the results:

      The next morning (8 hours later), the painful pressure behind my right eye was completely gone.
      My nasal passages were clear while I slept. There was some slight stuffiness in my right side, but much better than the night before.
      All throughout the following day, my head felt lighter and easier to carry around.

      The Patanase did seem to give me a feeling as though my sinus passages had this extra breathing cavity that I didn’t even know existed before. My pulse returned back to normal after the severe sinus pressure that had raised it previously. I felt more relaxed as if I was finally getting the oxygen I need and deserve.

      The described side effect of bitterness of taste was only temporary (from the medicine draining back from my nose into my throat and it was not even noticeable while I slept.

      I noticed no other side effects. I am anxious to see how things go after a couple of nights using the Patanase. Perhaps, my right nasal passage will continue to improve when I sleep on the right side. I’ll report back later. So far, the results using Patanase for just 24 hours are very encouraging.

  4. At $60 a pop (And that’s after insurance), I probably won’t be renewing my Patanase prescription. Does it help my allergies? Some, but it still doesn’t completely clear the right side of my nose. I’m probably one of those candidates for a deviated septum procedure. The Patanase, just like the flonase did, keeps things cleared up enough to help me sleep, but it’s not the perfect cure. My doctor recommended a couple of other types of anthistimine sprays that are more affordable through insurance carriers: Astelin and Asterpro. I may give one of those a try.
    As for side effects, other than the bitter after-taste which goes away after a while, the Patanase didn’t bother me. Nor, did it cause the sleepiness that some people complained about, but maybe that’s because I was taking it at night. Come to think of it, I have been sleeping pretty good. 🙂

  5. I used the two samples given to me by my doctor. The product works great and fast.

    I then went to CVS to fill the prescription and found that the product is not covered and my cost per spray dispenser was $137.00. The pharmacist then recommended NASONEX.

    • That is the exact same thing that happened to me. My insurance company didn’t cover Patanase, but luckily I had just switched to my wife’s Kaiser plan which paid half of it. It still cost me $62.00.
      Nasonex is what I had been using for a few years prior and I felt I needed to try something new. Unlike Patanase, Nasonex is a steroidal nose spray not an antihistamine. To tell you the truth, the Patanase didn’t really address my problem of right-side stuffiness. I am going back to steroidal nasal sprays. IN fact, just yesterday got a prescription for Flonase (essentially the same thing as Nasonex). I’ll be doing a follow up review on Flonase vs. Nasonex, soon.
      Thanks for your comments.


  6. If the doctor you saw (who hadn’t heard of Patanase) was an allergist or ENT, I’d get a new doctor. It would be unexcusable that either of those professions would not be up to date on a medication that has been out for more than 2 years at that time. If it was just your primary care physician, then it’s understandable, but you should probably be seeing a specialist for this type of reoccuring problem.

    My ENT prescribed it to me and I have really enjoyed it. My ENT also gave me a coupon for it (to reduce the cost). My excellent insurance does cover it, so with the coupon and insurance I know I didn’t pay more than $25-$30 for my prescription. HOWEVER, my ENT also gave me to sample bottles of Patanase and those lasted me a while before I even went and got the prescription filled.

    Patanase for me:
    I really like that I don’t have to take a steroid nasal spray every day! It is really fast acting. Agree, bitter taste in mouth is very temporary, right after using it and only it some of it drains into your throat. Drinking water at that time eliminates the bitter taste. If I’m outside for a while and go back in and shortly start to feel that aggravation in my nose from that exposure to pollen or whatever, it’s Patanase to the rescue! And boy does it rescue me…quickly. Without it I’d be in the docs office a few days later with a full blown sinus infection or ear infection. With Patanase…none of that. I’ve used it for about 6 months or so, now and I’m loving it.

    Doesn’t make me sleepy.

    PS-if you want your right ear to clear and drain, sleep on your LEFT ear.

    • Heather,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Patanase. Patanase really does work for allergy symptoms, but doesn’t seem to do too much for my chronic congestion problem on the left side. It was a doctor, not an ENT, who didn’t know anything about Patanase. She thought it was similar to Flonase or Nasonex; a steroidal nasal spray. There is really no excuse for any doctor not knowing a common allergy nasal spray.

      Thanks again,


  7. Hello, I just started taking Patanase because I am having severe congestion. It worked immediately. Didn’t relieve all of my symptoms, but they improved greatly. I still have to see the ENT Dr. to see what more is wrong. I do experience bad taste in my throat for a few minutes and a headache on the first two mornings after I took the Patanase. My Dr. prescribed for me to take 2 sprays in each nostril at bedtime. I wait 1 to 2 minutes between each spray in each nostril. I will keeep you all updated on how long I have to take this medication. Hopefully not forever. Take Care of yourselves. Thank you.

    • Monica,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with Patanase. Glad the Patanase is working for you. Have you noticed any additional side effects besides the head ache and bitter taste? Please stop by again and keep us up to date on Patanase.

      Kind regards,


  8. Rob, it sounds to me you have what is called Vasomotor Rhinitis, this is a non-allergenic rhinitis and is what I have been diagnosed to have. I have suffered with this for almost ten years now. I have had two surgeries which have helped my daytime condition but made my sleeping much worse. I recently went to my fourth ENT and he prescribed my two drugs one is Patanase and the other is Singulair. Singulair is not a nasal spray, but is a tablet. I haven’t got either one yet, but intend to. I have, however, found the pricing, Singulair is fairly inexpensive, but my insurance wants $370.40 for a three month prescription. I have found a Canadian company that would give it to be for about $300 for 3 months. That’s the best I could find so far. I wish I could have gotten some samples, but no luck.

    • Carl,

      Thanks for the informative post on non-alergenic rhinitis. That probably is exactly what I have. I will mention one observation I’ve had among all those who have surgeries for sinuses and these types of things: I’ve yet to meet one person who said the surgery was a complete success. I will not go that route – especially if the risk is that it could make the night-time condition worse. The $37.04 for Singulair for 3 months seems very reasonable. I will keep that in mind. So far, though, I’ve been using something that really works, is cheaper than anything, has no side effects and doesn’t require a prescription. A couple of sniffs of this in each nostril twice a night keeps me breathing reasonably well. I definitely recommend giving this a try: Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray

      Please check back and let me know how well either the Patanase or Singulair works. I was really not that impressed with the Patanase. It worked only slightly.

  9. Opps, I mentioned that my insurance company wants $370.40, but this was for Patanase not Singulair, For Singulair it only wants $37.04 for three months. Sorry for the error, I should proof read better.

  10. Always feeling like im on the verg of a sinus infection, my nose burns, runs, gets really stuffy and itchy, my throat is sore and scratchy, dye eyes, shortness of breath and mild chest congestion not to mention headaches. I was given patanase today by my doctor so I have used my two sprays to each nostril about 30 minutes ago for the 1st time. I will report back how i feel tomorrow. I thought I needed antibiotics and my doctor said no try this 1st……………

    • Tami,

      Your symptoms sound very much like what I go through when I’m fighting sinus infections. I was on Patanase for a while. It eased the symptoms a bit, but I really don’t think the Patanase helped cure the source of the problem. I do a couple of natural remedies that I think would really help you.

      First off, do you do a sinus rinse? I strongly recommend doing the Neilmed Sinus rinse twice a day: I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and it’s done a world of good:
      Sinus Rinse Remedy

      Finally, the last thing that I most recently discovered has been amazing. For years, I’ve been unable to sleep at night due to congestion in my right nostril. This all-natural product called, Sinus Buster has practically cured my stuffy nose at night and made all of my day-time sinus problems nearly vanish. It took about 3-4 weeks of using the Sinus Buster to get the full benefits.
      Sinus Buster

      Continue to use your Patanase while you add these natural remedies to your daily routine. Let us know how it works and good luck!

  11. Well I’m reporting back about my use of Patanase.

    It only seems to help with congestion during the day which is most likely the cause of the overuse of Afrin which is the only thing that lets me sleep. I tried Sinus Buster, it helped with the congestion also, but neither Patanase or Sinus Buster helps with the sagging turbinates which is the result of having a non-allergenic Rhinitis (Vasomotor Rhinitis).

    From my 10 years of research about this, there doesn’t seem to be a cure. I even had two surgeries which made my night time condition worse, but my day time condition better. Go figure! The doctors really are very ignorant about Vasomotor Rhinitis unless they suffer with it also. They treat it as an allergenic issues even though they know better.

    Afrin is a vasomotor constrictor which shrinks the blood vessels in the turbinates. Normally the turbinates alternate from side to side–they slightly dilate–which is part of the process of cleaning the air we breath, but with a person with Vasomotor Rhinitis the turbinates will dilate with gravity as we lay on one side or the other. As the turbinate drop down the blood rushes in behind it keeping it out causing congestion making it hard to breath. However, Afrin WILL rebound in only a few days making your day time condition worse.

    • Carl,

      Thanks for reporting back on the Patanase. Your experience with it sounds very much like mine and so does your ailment. I’ve been suffering a right-side, blocked up stuffy nose during my sleep at night for about 8-10 years, myself. I think it does sound very much like the Vasomotor Rhinitis. However, in my case, the Sinus Buster has done wonders. Now, I’m not going to tell you that it keeps my nasal passages completely, 100% clear at night, but it has made the problem significantly better. One important thing, however: The Sinus Buster had an accumulative benefit for me. I didn’t experience the full benefits of Sinus Buster overnight, or even after 1 to 2 weeks. After 6-8 weeks, however, I was beginning to notice fewer and fewer disrupted nights of sleep – and even able to sleep for 2-3 hours on my right side which I normally could never do. The Sinus Buster is not perfect, but it has made sleeping for me possible again. I don’t know if the Sinus Buster actually shrinks those turbinates over time or maybe by keeping the congestion clear makes it more bearable? If you haven’t stuck with it for 6-8 weeks, give it another try. Use it in the morning and use it at night before bed. And if you wake up stuffed-up, use it again.. Like you, I know the Afrin works, but the rebound effect after 2-3 days is a horrible experience. One time, I was completely stuffed up in both nasal passages for 2 days getting over the afrin addiction.

      PS: What you said about doctors ignorance on this condition is right on the money. Maybe I’m not as bad off as you because I never tried surgery or demanded something else, but time after time, the only thing doctors do is prescribe nasal steroid sprays: Nasonex, Flonase, etc.. And they will tell you that stuff doesn’t have side effects, but they are wrong. I’ve been using those drugs long enough to know that they cause anxiety and irritable stomach problems.. I try to stay away from prolonged use of prescription drugs.

      If you decide to give sinus buster another try or find anything else that works, let me know!



  12. Our pediatrician gave Patanase for our then 5 yr old suffering MAJOR seasonal allergies. He suffered to the point where he had b.b.-looking knots under his eyes, swollen, red eyes, runny nose, etc. Sneezing constantly. He was pitiful and I was willing to try whatever for him. The Patanase worked IMMEDIATELY. It costs us $90 with insurance (we have a high deductible) and I have noticed it expires quickly, but we’ve used 2 bottles (last fall, past spring…now using our 3rd). Pretty often the dr. has rebate coupons which are GREAT. Also, we use Pataday eye drops (same company) and they also work wonders on his eyes. He looks like he has pink eye if we do not use them during allergy season. Hoping he outgrows most of this (although my husband really has not), because it bothers me giving him so many meds during allergy season (fall is the worst).

  13. Lisa,
    Thanks for your feedback on Patanase. Sorry your kid is having such allergy problems. I don’t like taking too many drugs either but you gotta do what you gotta do and it sounds like the Patanase is really effective for him. One thing Patanase users all seem to like about the drug is that it works fairly immediately. The $90.00 cost is about what I paid for mine with insurance. That’s an outrageous price, but Patanase does work.

  14. I’m one who delayed for decades having the deviated septum surgery. Had it done this year and it truly is the answer for people like Rob sounds….chronic issues on one side. Go to a specialist in sinus surgery, go online & see a video on what they’s NOT like the old days, blood & gore! I wish I’d done it yrs. ago! Allergies remain, but Patanase does the trick for occasional rhinitis that used to lay me low regularly because the bent septum & structural swelling wouldn’t allow good sinus drainage. Enough with the chronic suffering I say to anyone who’ll listen! The surgery works & life can be good! Truly! Don’t fear the surgery as I did so long. Check it out with a GOOD ENT. Blessings! Jean

    • Jean,

      Thanks for your comments. I’ve heard both good and bad things about the deviated septum surgery. Some people have complained it was very uncomfortable. Some have told me that it helped for a little while then things got worse again. You’re the first to tell me it was a huge success. Great to hear!


  15. Same advise as Jean. The septum repair isn’t a magic bullet, but it certainly has been a big improvement. A deviated septum and allergies is a one two punch that makes life miserable. I had a turbinate reduction as well, but allergies still get me stuffed up. My ENT predicted this, and wanted me to start the allergy injections.. but I don’t have the ability/desire to commit to that right now.

    I thought the Patanase wasn’t working, but I was only doing one spray per nostril each morning. That’s only a quarter of what is recommended..oops. I think I mixed it up with the steroid dosages!

  16. Sinus buster did NOTHING for me, I really think that people who are pushing this product are affiliated with Sinus Buster. Many many people I know have the same results, Nothing but a horrible sting. The best spray I’ve found so far is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. This PATANASE has me excited and I will go to the Doctor and see if he can give me a script.

    • Bill,

      Honestly, I have no affiliation at all with Sinus Buster. The product is not a fool-proof cure for clearing up my nose, but it helps. The burning sensation is followed by partial and temporary clearing of the nasal passages when I get stuffed up at night. It makes it possible to sleep at night. The Patanase is not perfect either, so don’t get too excited about it. I would like to hear more about your hydrogen peroxide solution. How much do you use? What is the ratio of peroxide per water?

  17. Patanase seems to help a lot of people. It clears your nasal congestion and allergies without making you addicted and doesn’t have to be taken regularly to work. On the other hand, Nasonex, is only partially effective; has to be taken every day for two weeks to work and leaves a bad odor in your nose after continued use. My Kaiser Permanente insurance plan doesn’t cover Patanase. My doctor will not even prescribe it. If I went to an urgent care center I could get a prescription for it, but would have to pay $150 for one small bottle that lasts 3 weeks. There is something very wrong with this picture. Why is Nasonex so popular? My wife went into the doctor because she was having allergy problems in her eyes and I’ll be darned if they didn’t prescribe Nasonex! They seem to prescribe nasonex fro everything, yet it takes a very special doctor, insurance company and miracle to get the one thing that afford-ably works: Patanase.

  18. I too have very bad allergies all year round. My ENT prescribed Patanase to me for use when I have congestion problems. With insurance I used to pay $85 it went up, and now I pay $110. It’s worth it to feel better. I do not get it monthly so it makes it better. I also use Mucinex for congestion and sinus rinse 2 times a day. I just finished Flonase and my doctor won’t give me another prescription until I see him. Since I cannot make it there soon, I’m going to try sinus buster too. I’m so sick of being on meds all the time. I also use Zyrtec when not using Patanase. Thank you for your posts!

  19. Hi,

    Firstly grat site, I love to read the feedback from other people who are in the same positon like me. I just got a script for patanase last week. It cost me ~$100 WITH insurance. I am not sure if it is worth it yet. I am on abx for a sinus infection & I also got some Nasonex. I used Patanase once and I had a bloody nose the next day so I have not used it again, but I think it may have been due to my sinus infection. I will try the patanase again but I wish I would have finished the sample before getting the rx from the pharmacy. Anyway the ENT said one side of my nose is blocked up so bad he could not even stick the camera up there, so he wants to do a CT of my sinuses to see if I have any polyps (yeah) & said I was a candidate for septoplasty bc I have a deviated septum and he recommended turbinate reduction. I am not really eager to have any surgery and I have never had any surgery done but if they find some polyps up there I guess I should maybe but I have had chronic allergy problems since I was a kid aand they found nasal polyps back in the 90s but I declined surgery. I live in atlanta and I have had horrible allergies the last 2 years right around April when pollen seems to descend on everything outside like dust from the sahara. I am inside sneezing my head off for the entire month & this is my 2nd sinus infection in the last few months but I don’t like knifes unless I am the one holding it. Have you ever heard of a balloon procedure to open up the sinuses? One of my teachers mentioned this but I guess its new or something I need to ask the ENT about. I am still holding off bc my wonderful insurance I have a $400 deductible + $150 copay so I am looking at $550 for the CT scan and another $150 for the septoplasty/turbinate reduction. $700 is just money compared to a $100 Rx that I have not even opened but I will update y’all & would love to hear from anyone who has had the septo plasty procedure done.


    • Wow.. Keep us updated on your progress, Vent. I feel for you and wish you the best. Hey.. I have no idea if this will help, but it’s worth a shot: Have you tried Sinus Buster?
      Sinus Buster Allergy Spray

      I use Sinus Buster for temporary relief when I wake up with a stuffed nose at night. It always helps me breath better – at least enough so I can get back to sleep.
      Let us know how things go. Best of luck with your sinus problem.

  20. Not sure what happened to my previous post but whatever. I did the treatment again today and it idd not give me a bloody nose (hoorah) so I will keep trying to use it.

  21. Oh hey my apologies there Rob. When I went to the site I did not see my post or my reply until I put in another post. Ah well I figured it was my lovely windows system acting funny on me again. Anyway I slept solid but I did see my chiropractor yesterday but I feel the medication did offer some help but it is not a cure all for me. I did not try the sinus buster yet. I am debating the surgery option still but for now I will try the patanase on nights that I do not have to get up early. I think my bloody nose was from the sinus infection as that was after the 1st night that I took the Rx antibiotic and maybe that was part of it working to bust up the bacterial pus that seems to like making a home in my nose every few months lately.
    ps thank I will keep you pdated on my progress as I have news! best wishes

  22. ah yes I almost forgot that I did have a very vivid and slightly disturbing dream last night. I do not usually dream at all but I cannot say this was due to the medication. I will certainly update though next time I try it again. Btw I totally agree on the under reported side effects by the Rx companies. The pharmacist told me that ~1% of people that he knew of had side effects from Zyrtec when I desribed to him how it upset my stomach. I doubt highly that the number is that low.

    • When it comes to prescription medicines, I am absolutely sure of one thing: They all have side effects and literally all of those side effects are under-stated by drug companies and doctors; especially those types of drugs that are taken every day. The whole reason that I decided to try Patanase is because it is one such drug that can be effective right away. Unlike Nasonex or Flonase which needs to be taken repeatedly to have any beneficial effects. I’ve really come to distrust doctors and prescriptions in general. Obviously, there are times when drugs, doctor appoints and surgery become our only alternative, but I would save those options as a last resort. I would feel the same apprehension as you about the surgery. Before surgery, you might want to explore certain food allergies. I’ve known some people have cured themselves by eliminating a certain food from their diet. In my case, reducing carbs, breads, sugars, etc, does seem to keep me breathing better at night. I’ve also had a few people tell me that turbinite reduction and deviated septum surgery worked for a while before the symptoms returned. For now, if the Patanase will help you sleep when you need it, by all means use it. And try the Sinus Buster. You can buy it at Walmart for $13.00.

  23. Patanase really works for me. But even at a small dose I sleep most of the next 24 hours, or just lie there half awake having vivid day dreams, really stoned. I feel farely uninterested in getting out of bed and carefree, not exactly depressed. Needless to say, I can’t go to work, or even work from home on the computer. If I didn’t know better, is say I was on some powerful street drug. Yuck. Not sure what I’ll try next, but FYI the doctor gave me Patanase because years of intranasal steroidal medicine destroyed my sense of smell. Supposedly my sense of smell may return in a couple if years. Anyway, the stoned-out-of-my-mind experience has been the only major side effect for me while using Patanase. Best of luck to the rest of you.

  24. Thanks, Bacci.
    This is the kind of thing you won’t read about on the Patanase warning label or hear from your doctor. With any drug, it is actually the experience from users that count. When the warning label says, “less than 1% of users experience such and such symptoms”, it is usually greatly under-stated” Even less than 1% is severe for those who are experiencing the symptoms. Drowsiness is obviously one of the serious side effects of Patanase.

  25. I was looking at this as my ENT just gave me a sample of this to try. I have year round allergies and non-allergic rhinitis. I am already on zyrtec, singular, Qvar, Combivent,Actonal, and Flonase. I hate to add something else. Anyway, I wanted to mention Breathe-rite strips. I couldn’t sleep without them ever even with all the meds. I take. One of my other main symptons is coughing. They do not stop the coughing sorry to say.

  26. Hi Marylou,

    I have been on Patanase for about a year now, prescribed for year round vasomotor rhinitis. I used to get frequent headaches related to barometric pressure, with a lot of stuffiness, and I have had a chronic cough not related to respiratory problems or reflux for years. The Patanase has helped immensely with the headaches and somewhat with the cough. At least now I can laugh and talk without constantly coughing. I wish it could totally get rid of the cough but am very happy that the headaches have subsided.

  27. Rob I have been reading some of your posts on your issue with congestion and I had
    To until I got my deviated septum fixed and nasal polyps removed. I say it was the best thing ever! I do a daily sinus rinse which helps too! I would encourage you to get the surgery! It’s worth it! I had the exact same problem at night, always had one side I couldn’t breathe out of! Hopefully this helps!

  28. I have been prescribed Patanase Nasal Spray, have used it for a while and it works wonderfully, however I can absolutely no longer afford it, but need it desperately. Is there any help financially or can I purchase it at a more reasonable cost. Right now I am paying 149.00, up from 90.00.

    Thanks for any help.

  29. It is a shame that many of us cannot afford to buy something that really works. I found Patanase to be very helpful at times when I couldn’t breathe and the side effects are minimal. Now, my current Kaiser insurance doesn’t cover it at all. I paid $89.00 for a little bottle of it, even when I did have it covered under insurance. They will continue to prescribe Nasonex which is practically worthless from my experience and does cause side-effects.

    Aida: many people have told me that deviated-septum surgery helped with their congestion, but only for a little while before the symptoms came back again. Thanks for the suggestion, but I will continue to try to avoid doctors as much as possible. 🙂

  30. I went to an ENT for my congestion today. He prescribed flonase ($10) and patanase ($30). He wants me to use both sprays, 2 times a day (even tho flonase is a 24 hr lasting medication- my pharmacist said to consider that and possibly just use it once a day- which I will) Anyways, it seems way too much to be using both sprays when I really just have a little congestion with a lot of itching and sneezing most of the year. I have btw used Allergy Buster and it has really helped (it does burn like heck) but it is VERY short lived- meaning within an hour I am having allergies again. My question is, have you heard anything about using these 2 meds together like this? It seems excessive and I would prefer to just use 1. My major allergies happen from Dec to Feb and am thinking of use patanase and then adding the flonase if the patanase isn’t helping.

    Also, it sounds like from past posts that using flonase daily is a bad idea? Thoughts? Would using Patanase as needed be effective in your opinion?

    I just feel like this doc is a little medicine happy and likely has big pharma reps in his office wining and dining him to prescribe way too much medication.

  31. Patanase really helped my sinus and related infections which I would have a couple times a year. After being on Patanase everything cleared up and no more intense infections. Then, the price went up drastically. Optium RX now wants over $800 for a three month supply since they feel they have others that work better!!!. I have checked with Costco and WaL Mart and without insurance coverage a one month supply is $300-330. Since my insurance AARP RX, will not cover the drug, I am still looking for a more reasonable price. I do have the Generic but it makes my throat feel very dry. Would love some direction as to where I might find it a bit more reasonable.

  32. I take patanase for sinius congestion when i first started using work great bit i laid off of ot for a couple. Of months because i wasnt stuffy then i went on vacation an i had to start back using made me so dizzy an had Virgo and stop my ears up an i felt off blance like rocking on a boat. It had never made me feel this way so i havent use any more just using my flonase now

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