Everclear Alcohol as a Low Calorie Drink

Everclear Alcohol as a Low Calorie Drink or Mixer

Everclear Alcohol Low Calorie Drink

The answer to a good low calorie drink might include Everclear alcohol. They say it’s never a good idea to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. That may be true if you’re not worried about gaining a little weight. By the same token, alcohol is full of ‘empty calories’. So, how can adding empty calories on an empty stomach possibly do us any harm? What it really means is that we run the risk of putting on extra weight by adding calories to our diet that our bodies don’t need.  Whether we drink or not, we still need to fuel our bodies with three square meals a day. Alcohol is not part of a daily, balanced diet, though I often try to prove that idea wrong. Everclear alcohol might be a bad tool for proving that idea.

Everclear Alcohol Calories

So, what do you do if you are a moderate drinker that likes to enjoy a couple of cocktails before a meal; a couple of glasses of wine with dinner … or both? I think it’s important to know what we’re putting in our drinks in addition to the alcohol. A 1 ounce serving of 100% alcohol would contain about 200 calories. I used the nutrition label on a bottle of Everclear Alcohol to deduce this simple bit of math. A 190 Proof, 1 ounce serving of Everclear alcohol contains about 190 calories. But, who wants to drink Everclear Alcohol? The more popular and tasteful liquors like Vodka, Gin, Scotch and Bourbon are usually 80-90 proof. So an equal, 1 ounce serving of our favorite liquors should contain less than half the calories of 100% alcohol. This is good news, because it requires a little more than an ounce of our favorite liquors to make a decent drink. Here’s where the math adds up, though. Let’s say you like Bourbon and Coke. 5 Ounces of coke add about another 60 calories to the 100 calories that’s already in your bourbon. If you have two of those, that’s 320 calories. That’s nearly enough calories to satisfy a McDonald’s patron, yet you still have to save room for dinner. My advice is to learn to enjoy Martini’s, Rob Roys and other drinks which are mostly made from alcohol.

Everclear Low Calorie Drink as a Mixer

Alcohol and other ingredients just don’t mix well with a daily drink regimen restricted by calorie requirements. There are some popular cocktails that will provide you with the enjoyment of a couple of drinks without adding a bunch of unnecessary calories to your daily diet. Literally all of my top-5 Low Calorie Drinks are various versions of martinis. Becoming a straight-up, martini drinker will give you a better appreciation for the different brands of liquor and how they taste. The pleasant relaxation you feel from drinking a good martini will keep you from ever going back to the habit of mixing your booze with calorie-heavy soft drinks, juices and other liquids that hide its true flavor. You can have two of these a day without adding more than 200 calories to your diet. Of Course, you can adjust the quantity of alcohol based on your weight and tastes. 1.5oz makes a rather small martini, so use your own judgment. Depending on the size of your martini glass, you may choose to go with 3 small drinks or 2 large ones and still be under 400 calories a day for your daily alcohol intake.

Top-5 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

  • Everclear Alcohol Cocktail. 2 OZ 190 proof of Everclear; shaken, not stirred, Served straight up – or over ice.Calories: 180 (Hint: This won’t taste very good. Try adding some lime or olive juice)
  • Gin or Vodka Martini: Whether you like a clean or dirty martini, use 2.5 OZ 80-86 proof gin or vodka shaken, not stirred. Served straight up over olives, lemon or lime slice. Wet the glass with vermouth, if you must.Calories: 145-150Add 5 calories per olive w/pimento. (Hint: You can remove the pimentos to save even more calories!)
  • Rob Roy: 2.5oz of 80-86 proof scotch plus 1/2 Ounce mixture of sweet and dry vermouth; shaken with ice, not stirred. Serve Straight up over cherry.Calories:175-190Add 5 Calories for the cherry if you insist on eating it.
  • Manhattan2oz of 80-86 proof bourbon, plus ½ ounce of sweet vermouth; shaken with ice and served straight up with a cherry.Calories: 175-190Add 5 Calories for the cherry if you insist on eating it. (Hint: Save it for your 2nd one)
  • Healthy Cosmopolitan 2.5 OZ of Good Tequila (anything but Cuervo – yuck); a couple of squeezes of lime juice. Shake over ice and serve with a lime wedge.Calories: 145-150Question: Why shaken not stirred?Answer: Shaking the liquor with 3 or 4 ice cubes does a much better job of chilling the alcohol, without diluting it. Also, a shaken martini has such an appetizing frothy appearance to it when it is first poured. Finally, this is the way the suave, James Bond orders his martinis in the movies. One other cool tip: Use the martini glasses with the bent stem. You’ll see some on sale for just 99 cents at the bottom of the page!Make your next martini with Everclear Alcohol.
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Veggie Straws and the Veggie Tale Twist

Veggie Straws
a Review

Update on Veggie Straws – April 4 – 2017

I have knocked this product down a notch because I know longer believe sunflower oil is a healthy oil. For the most part, I try to avoid industrial seed oils. I would still prefer sunflower to canola. However, if you look at the ingredients, you might find that sunflower oil and canola oil are used interchangeably. I will avoid Veggie Straws until they wise up and start cooking them in coconut oil, lard, or beef tallow.

Are Veggies Straws Healthy?

Do they Taste too Good to be Healthy?

Veggie Straws Veggie Tale Twist
Veggie Tale Veggie Straws

Mark Veggie Straws down in my never ending search for healthy delicious snacks. I often find so-called healthy snacks taste more healthy than delicious. The ironic thing is that the less delicious they taste the more suspicious I become about how ‘healthy’ they really are. If you’re as old or older than me, you remember how much better McDonald’s French Fries tasted when they were deep fried in Beef Tallow. Unfortunately, our nation’s health experts came up with the mistaken notion that saturated fats caused heart disease and flavorful healthy eating have never been one in the same. These very same nutrition geniuses that told us saturated fats and cholesterol were going to kill us were the same ones who spurned the invention of the one thing that really is dangerous to eat: Trans-Fats. When McDonald’s started cooking their French fries in vegetable oils they not only tasted worse, but it turns out they weren’t so healthy after all. In fact, they were loaded with these deadly trans-fats. So, now we have McDonald’s French Fries cooked in Canola or some other oil that supposedly is void of any trans fats OR saturated fats. Well, I’m here to tell ya – it still tastes fishy to me, and I mean that literally. If you’ve ever tasted any type of oily, crisp snack and wondered what that fishy taste is, you can be sure it’s the result of the canola and vegetable oils which are being used in place of saturated fats. I once watched a potato chip taste test where an entire audience rated one product, “dead-last” because it tasted like fish oil. The culprit was canola oil. The winner of the taste test was the product that was cooked in sunflower oil. There is a reason our grandparents, great grand parents and beyond, used meat fats for cooking oil. It tastes better, it cooks better and it really IS healthier for you. I no longer rely on what is considered to be ‘healthy’. I rely on my taste buds. What tastes natural and good to me, is what I consider healthy. I stay away from fake-oil fried chips and I wish so badly that the burger joints would start making their fries the old way again. As I discussed earlier in my article, “How To Lower Cholesterol Fears”, this whole notion about dietary fast, cholesterol and heart disease is a dangerous and unfortunate myth. Does anyone think the nation has lost weight since the low-fat diet became popular?

Garden Veggie Straws really do taste good and they are fun to eat. These light crunchy snacks are made from real vegetables like carrots, spinach and potatoes. I guess you could compare their shape and crunch somewhat to Cheetos, but they are hollow inside – thus the reason they are called, Veggie Straws. They are made from whole grains (corn flour, rice flour, oat flour), sea salt, sugar, salt, baking soda… but one problem; it has the dreaded canola oil. This may be the first time that I’ve enjoyed a snack made with canola oil. My conclusion is that the oil must be light and sparse enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the flavor with that fishy taste of other snacks cooked with canola. Obviously, one of the reasons Garden-Brand Veggie Straws taste so good is that they are made with Sunflower Oil instead of Canola Oil, unlike some of the other inferior products that call themselves, veggie straws. . My favorite equation: Better Taste = Healthier is proven true once again. When I’m eager for a snack, the fat is part of what my body is craving and there just is no substitute for that. Why do we insist on redefining the healthy snack? Since society began this perverse quest to take fat out of our diets, the result has been snacks which are less satisfying and people that are fatter, more obsessed and paranoid about eating the natural food our bodies need. Veggie Straws by Garden is a not-so-healthy snack due to the commercial seed oils, but they sure do taste good.

The Veggie Tale Verdict

The Veggie Tale is that not all Veggie Straws are created equal. I’ve looked at some of the other products called, Veggie Straws and have duly noted that they contain the evil villain, Canola Oil rather than Sunflower Oil. I fully endorse Garden Veggie Straws (You can buy them at Amazon) as a slightly unhealthy, tasty snack. They are low on calories, have a reasonable amount of fiber and are just crunchy and salty enough to solve your craving between meals.

Veggie Straws Nutrition and Calories in 1OZ Serving

veggie straws
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Sony Dream Machine

ICF-CS10iP iPhone Clock Radio Docking Station

Sony Dream Machine
Sony Dream Machine

I once dreamed I would get a Sony Dream Machine for Christmas. I am no longer dreaming, but waking up every morning to the tunes coming from my iPhone MP3 player docked inside my new ICF-CS10ip model, Sony Dream Machine. Since receiving the Sony Dream Machine from Santa, I’m a little bit surprised at the number of unfavorable user reviews and comments that I’ve read on this particular model. The ICF-CS10iP is Sony’s latest iPod Docking Station/Clock Radio/Music Player. Perhaps my reasons for wanting this unit fall short of some people’s dreams, but the ICF-CS10ip has actually exceeded my own expectations. As a relatively new iPhone owner, this is the first docking station/music player I’ve ever owned. My reason for dreaming for a Sony Dream Machine in the first place was simply to be able to play music in the bedroom and keep my iPhone conveniently charged at night. I got the idea from my Sony- Dream-Machine-owning brother who told me that this nifty little gadget filled a room with reasonable quality sound.

Features and Functions

What I didn’t consider was how useful the clock radio would be to me. The dream machine is far superior to my old AM/FM clock radio, which has a tiny led display that is hard to see and annoying little switches that are hard to program. The Sony Dream Machine displays the time on a large LCD display with three different brightness settings. I was able to place the unit about 8 feet away from the bed, on top of my dresser drawers where the display is easy and convenient to read. I usually sleep on my left side facing the dresser drawers, so checking the time is a simple matter of merely opening my eyes. Thanks to the handy remote control, I don’t need to get out of bed to use the snooze button, change volume, stations or turn it completely off and go back to sleep.  The Clock Radio portion of the dream machine can be programmed with its own volume setting, apart from the levels of loudness you might prefer for regular listening throughout the day. The dream machine clock radio includes dual alarms with four settings: Digital AM/FM Tuner(10 presets), iPod and Clock Radio.  You can use your iPhone’s iPod settings to choose the music you want to wake up to, or have it set so any music from your entire iTunes collection can be randomly played at the launching of the alarm. I also appreciate the accuracy of the clock which was set at the factory and backed up by its internal CR2025 battery. All you need to do is select your time zone. The clocks time was 100% in synch with my iPhone time which indicates to me that this clock does a good job of keeping accurate time. The built-in clock also can display the date and year. The programmable buttons on top of the radio are easy to learn and manage. One other convenient feature is the programmable sleep timer which goes from 15 to 90 minutes.  Also included is an input for using another audio device.

Sound Quality

The Dream Machine does produce pretty good sound for a unit this small.  The sound is significantly better with the Mega Bass and Mega Xpand features turned on. Some users complain that the Xpand feature makes the sound a bit distorted. I did not notice this much at all unless it was turned to a very loud level. What I did notice was that the Xpand did a better job of spreading sound throughout the room. My feeling is that for $89.00, you’ve got a pretty versatile stereo in your bedroom or office.

Looks and Ergonomics

Docking Station for Sony Dream Machine
iPhone Docking Station

The ICF-CS10iP is better looking than the other iPod docking stations I’ve seen. The Dream Machine’s exterior is rectangular in shape with a speaker grill that wraps around to both sides. When docked, the top of the iPhone fits flush with the rest of the unit. The docking station portion of the unit is a little quirky. A couple of plastic inserts are provided. You install the one that matches your iPhone or iPod. When these are snapped into place, the jacket or case of your iPhone will have to be removed in order to fit in the docking station. I bought a leather iPhone jacket with a removable bottom to address this inconvenience. The other solution is to simply forgo using the plastic inserts altogether. My iPhone seemed to dock securely enough while inside its jacket without using the plastic insert.


The Sony met my expectations of being a useful, good-sounding stereo and docking station. It exceeded my expectations by replacing my old, outdated clock radio. It is a convenient and versatile Clock/Radio/Stereo/Docking-Station that works with 9 Different models of iPhones, iTouch, iPods and iPod Nanos. I believe the $89.00 price tag fairly represents the value, quality, features and function this unit has to offer.

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Daves Insanity Sauce

Daves Insanity Sauce
Daves Insanity Sauce

Daves Insanity Sauce

Is Daves Insanity Sauce hottest hot sauce in the world? I would bet that most of us have met people in our lifetimes who claim that they can eat anything. They will proudly claim that they’ve never tried a pepper that was too hot. They think can eat the hottest chili in the world and any other number of spicy things that most normal men or women would not even dare to touch with their bare, naked lips. And if you tell them that you once ate something very hot, they will argue that it was nothing like the ridiculously, incredibly hot stuff they once had. That’s the way these boastful, hot-pepper people talk. If you know someone like this, maybe you should put them up to the task. I’m here to tell ya: Just a spoonful of Daves Insanity Sauce will have these manly, macho, hot-pepper-touting fools squealing like remorseful pigs before you can say, “pass the Cholula.” This stuff is not merely just another pepper sauce like Tabasco or Cholula hot sauce; it’s in a league all of its own. In fact, one dash of Daves Insanity Sauce will have you reaching for the Cholula or Tabasco to wash it down. I used to eat lunch with a guy at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant, who would squirt gobs of hot Sriracha sauce onto a spoonful of jalapenos and gobble them down like they were vanilla wafer cookies. Unlike some of the other hot-pepper connoisseurs I’ve known, he didn’t do this to brag, show-off or impress anyone. He simply thought it tasted good and judging by his expression, he never had a bite that was too hot. I often wondered if his taste buds were dead. If I run into him again, this is the one guy that I would like to introduce to Daves Insanity Sauce. If this guy can eat a bite of Dave’s without flinching, it might give him a reason to go back to work on developing another product. What should he call it? Dave’s Ultra Ridiculously Insane Insanity Sauce? Based on the hot pepper scoville heat scale alone, I don’t think Dave has much room for improvement.

How Much Is Daves Insanity Sauce?

If Daves Insanity Sauce is so dang, unbearably hot, you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to touch it, let alone eat it? Think of it this way: Daves Insanity Sauce, at about $5 – $6 a bottle, is a bargain. Think of it as an ultra condensed hot sauce that you mix with 50 parts water, soup, or any other number of large quantity foods or liquids. You can use a very small dash in a big, huge bowl of stew or chili to really spice it up. It will literally take 500 or more of these dashes to empty the entire bottle, so with Insanity Sauce, you are getting your money’s worth. Simply said, it goes a long way. Secondly, I’ve found that really hot, hot-sauces do a world of good for tasteless, dry meat like lean beef or dry, white chicken breast. With a microscopic dash of Dave’s along with a slather of barbecue sauce, ketchup or steak sauce, you can turn a dry slab of meat into a tasty, but very spicy delicacy. Dave’s Insanity Sauce is just not any good by itself; it’s too dang hot, but with large quantities of foods, sauces, soups and other ways to mix it, it becomes a powerful addition to your arsenal of kitchen food enhancers. Dave’s joins my Top-5 Hot Sauces List. Here they are:

  • Tabasco Hot Sauce


    Simplicity is tastefulness. Tabasco has the very pleasant taste of peppers, vinegar and salt. It is not overly hot, but makes just about anything you put on it come alive with flavor. Hint: Next time you make an omelet, coat it with Tabasco, turn it over in the pan a couple of times. Drizzle some more Tabasco on it just before serving. Tabasco is incredibly versatile. You can put it on just about anything; eggs, hamburgers, soup, even pasta.

  • Cholula Hot Sauce

    Cholula Hot Sauce

    Cholula has a very thick rich, Mexican chili flavor. Personally, I don’t think it is quite as versatile as Tabasco as a hot sauce. Because it is more seasoned, you might not want to use it on everything you eat, but it does go great with hamburgers or for dipping your fries. It is just a tad cooler than the same Tabasco. Hint: Cholula makes a great additive for a meat marinade. Add Cholula hot sauce to soy, whiskey, wine or whatever other liquids you use for your marinades.

  • Franks Hot Sauce

    Frank’s Hot Sauce

    I’ve never found a better chicken wings hot sauce than Franks. Franks is not quite as hot as Tabasco, but it’s a whole lot tangier, thicker and zestier. Frank’s is just bursting with tangy red pepper flavor. I use it as a dip, as well as a sauce for wings, fries and hamburgers.

  • Sontava

    Sontava Hot Sauce

    If you want to taste the true flavor of a Habanero pepper you gotta try Sontava. This is my very favorite Habanero sauce. Sontava is really hot, but it won’t kill you like Dave’s. The great thing about Sontava is the exotic, unique taste of the pepper. The Habanera, if you can get past the heat, really does have an unusual and exciting flavor. I use Sontava to improve the flavor of dry, white chicken or red meat. It will really liven up the most boring dinner.

  • Sriracha

    Sriracha Hot Sauce

    Awesome. Incredible. Sriracha is one of the tangiest most lively sauces I’ve ever had. This is the stuff they serve at Vietnamese restaurants for Pho and other dishes. I consider it an Asian version of Frank’s hot sauce. The heat is probably a tad hotter than Tabasco, but not nearly as hot as Sontava or Dave’s. No kitchen should be without Sriracha.
    Here’s a great Asian wings sauce recipe: Sriracha, Soy, Black Pepper and Brown Sugar. Try it!

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