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Why do you need the best shower cleaner? Well, if you’re like me, every minute of the day seems precious and irreplaceable to you. I sometimes dread taking the time to even take a shower, let alone wipe down the shower tiles and glass afterwards. Now, I’m not going to tell you that it is not important to wipe down the shower regularly, but is it really necessary to do this chore every single day? I keep an OXO brand squeegee in the shower and try to use it at least 2-3 times per week. In between using the squeegee, I use a shower spray to save time and to keep my shower glass and tiles clean. Doing this regularly (4-5 times weekly) really does keep the soap scum and grime from building up on the glass and walls, but what is the best shower cleaner for the job? I decided to do some research on what Daily Shower Cleaners are rated the highest by consumers and rank them by their overall performance and value ratio. Here is what I found:

Method Daily Shower Spray

Method Daily Shower Spray comes in a 28oz bottle for $4 – $6. This is the best shower cleaner I’ve ever used. I base my rating on three factors: One, it is made from 100% organic ingredients. While I don’t consider myself an environmentalist, I don’t like the idea of spraying harsh chemicals into my bathroom shower every day. Two, because it is made from natural ingredients, Method Daily Shower Spray has a pleasant scent that is not irritating to the nostrils and allergies. Three, Method Daily Shower Spray really does seem to work better at keebest shower cleanerping the appearance of your shower tiles and glass from from grime and soap-scum and provides a clean, shiny appearance after a couple days of use.

  • Cost: ***
  • Performance: ****
  • Scent: ***
  • User Rating: ****

Tilex Daily Shower Spray

Tilex is one of the first and most popular brands of shower cleaner. Priced at $4.00 – $5.00 per 32oz bottle, Tilex is neither cheap nor unusually expensive. It does a reasonable job of keeping your shower tiles and glass free from soap-scum, but it doesn’t give my glass that glossy, shiny look that the Method Daily Shower Spray does. Also, Tilex has a rather strong, glass-cleaner type aroma. I don’t like using Tilex before bed at night because it aggravates the nose and allergies.

  • Cost: ***
  • Performance: ***
  • Scent: ***
  • AVG User Rating: ***

Arm & Hammer Daily Shower Spray

My impression is that the Arm & Hammer doesn’t keep the glass looking as transparent as the other two products. Like, Tilex, the aroma is too strong. I’ve noticed the tiles seem to stay pretty clean and shiny while using Arm & Hammer, but it seems to leave soap streaks on the glass.

  • Cost: ***
  • Performance: **
  • Scent: **
  • AVG User Rating: ***

Bottom Line: Method Daily Shower Spray will keep your shower the cleanest, smelling the best and due to it’s organic ingredients, won’t make you feel bad for using it every day. You can actually acquire Method Daily Shower Spray for $4.75 a bottle by buying it in the 8-Pack Cartons for $38.00.

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