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Sobieski Vodka

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Sobieski Vodka
Sobieski Vodka

I ask this question because there are a few Vodka people out there who do indeed think Sobieski is among the very best Vodkas of the world. I’ve done some cheap vodka reviews, like Taaka Vodka and for all the Vodka Reviews on Product Review Ratings, Sobieski was a ‘must-try’. In fact, the tag on the bottle indicates that Sobieski scores higher than Svedka and Stoli by one organization which reviews wine spirits. I will begin by saying that Sobieski Vodka is unlike any other vodka that I’ve ever tried.

I poured my first shot straight into the martini glass. A very strong, burning aroma of alcohol immediately filled my nostrils. If this was any indication of Sobieski Vodka’s smoothness of taste, this was not a good sign. The Sobieski touched my tongue with a bit of a sweet harshness and distinction. Sobieski has a very complex flavor with floral like overtones and a bit of a citrus finish that continues to tempt the front of your mouth long after you’ve swallowed it. Sobieski has the longest lasting finish of any vodka I’ve ever tried. Unfortunately, the fullness of flavor never quite smooths out. The burn and taste of bitterness continues to hang out in the back of your mouth, throat and esophagus long after the pleasant taste has rounded out. It is not overly unpleasant. Sobieski is certainly a tasty vodka, but not a very smooth one. I am puzzled as to why some reviewers have said Sobieski is so smooth. With it’s very distinct flavor, I believe Sobieski would be one of the most noticeable vodkas in any mixed drink and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you enjoy its complex overtones. Even in grape-juice, orange juice or kool-aid, the ringing after bite of Sobieski would be hard not to notice. So, what am I to conclude from those whose opinions of Sobieski are so drastically different? I guess not all taste buds are the same. What might taste bitter and burn for one, might seem sweet and smooth to another and vice-versa. Obviously, there is middle ground where most of us agree on the best vodkas and Sobieski is the first exception to the rule that I’ve found. Up until now, I pretty much agreed with the rest of the opinions on the best vodkas. Sobieski is made in Poland and distilled 4 times from rye grain. I’ve tasted vodkas distilled with potatoes, wheat and other grains, but this is the first rye that I’ve tried. Rye does have a stronger bite than most grains, so perhaps that explains my perception about the bitter after taste.

Bitter, but Bold

Despite any negative things I’ve said about it, the Sobieski did make me a couple of pretty good martinis; straight with two olives. As with the Vikingfjord vodka, I’m sure a dash of vermouth and a little more olive juice would soften much of the after-taste. I would certainly rank Sobieski ahead of the Vikingfjord and probably even ahead of the Finlandia Vodka for its unique taste. I like alcohol with character. Based on character alone, Sobieski tops all of the other best vodkas I’ve tried. So, bitter feelings aside, I find myself looking forward to the next martini made with Sobieski. When it comes to spirits, I’m the adventurous type. The full, broad, complex taste of Sobieski makes drinking martinis more fun.

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4 thoughts on “Sobieski Vodka”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. I was told by the proprietor of a liquor store that Sobieski was Belvedere in a different bottle because Belvedere was loosing money and wanted to sell their Vodka without loosing the premium product. When I got home I did some research and it turns out that while the parent company of Sobieski is called Belvedere, it is not the same company and has nothing to do with Belvedere Vodka. However, after reading all the good reviews I tried Sobieski with an open mind and the hope that I would find a new favorite (my current favorite is Titon Glacier). I also found in Sibieski’s website a picture at looked like stainless steel distillation columns, which I believe to be a superior method of distilling vodka. When I opened the bottle I also noticed that Sobieski has a clean nose, without any alcoholic, or medicinal smell.However, my optimism ended when I tasted Sobieski. I first tried it straight (a shot of 50mL). It tasted weak and watered down with very little burn, which I thought may not be such a bad thing when drinking straight vodka. A lot of people reviewed Sobieski as “smooth.” Obviously, they don’t know what smooth vodka is, and interpreted “weak” as “smooth”. As bad as Sobieski was straight, it really failed as mixer. I made an 8 oz mixer of 50 mL Sobieski along with cranberry juice and spring water on the rocks and couldn’t detect the vodka – it just tasted like cranberry juice and spring water with no burn.. So I added another 50 mL of Sobieski (100 mL total) and again couldn’t detect the Vodka – it just tasted like cranberry juice and spring water with no burn. my suspicions that this stuff was just weak with a watered down taste were confirmed when after having consumed 150 mL of the stuff (50 mL straight and 100 mL mixed) I had no buzz whatsoever. If you were to offer this stuff straight from the freezer to a natively born Russian, he would laugh you out of the room.

    Then bottom line is that with Sobieski, you get what you pay for. Like Grey Goose drinkers, people that think Sobieski is a good vodka are people that don’t know vodka,

    • Mike,

      Apparently, we’re in agreement here. I did not perceive Sobieski as a very smooth vodka at all and I’m a guy who can tolerate something like Taaka if it’s mixed and shaken enough!

    • I think your taste buds need to be scraped a bit. Tons of great reviews on Sobieski. I get it for $9.90 a bottle. Have seven bottles of Sobieski, 4 of Svedka, 3 Tito’s and 2 Boru in my stock. A lot of vodka drinkers are commenting how the fabled Grey Goose is having quality problems. Perhaps the price influences your tastes? Not that I care. If you want to pay three times what I do for a bottle of vodka then by all means do so…

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