Asus VH242H Review

asus vh242h review

While this is certainly not the first Asus VH242H review it is very likely to be the last. It’s been nearly two years since the first ASUS VH242H review was posted, yet people are still asking about the product and looking for ratings. Let’s clear up some confusion: First of all, computer monitor models are changing nearly as quickly as we change our socks in the morning. Even the slightest revision results in a model # change. There is a very good reason people are still looking for an Asus VH242H review. It is a very highly rated 23.6″ monitor and one of the first of its kind and size to be sold for under $250. There is another reason for the change: TheVH242H is an LCD Monitor, not an LED. Most LCD technology is leaning towards the flatter, brighter displays of the new LED screens and the Asus VH242H review is no exception. That’s not to say the ol’ Asus VH242H is a dog. Even by today’s standard, most computer users would be very happy to have this well-made, bright looking display on their desktops. Don’t be saddened by its demise. The end of the VH242H era means a new rainbow is on the horizon.

There is a new kid in town and it’s the direct, LED replacement for the Asus VH242H. I have some very positive, first-hand experience to report on this new LED Replacement for an old standby. First off, let’s go over the basics: The VE247H is a 23.6″ LED monitor with 2MS Refresh Rate, HDMI, DVI and VGA Connections, .272 Dot Pitch, an impressive 300 cd/m2 brightness rating and 2 Speakers. All very updated specs, but how does the Asus VE247H Perform:

Asus VE247H vs VH242H Review

asus ve247h reviewI pulled the VE247H out of the box and easily connected the mounting stand in less than 2 minutes, then connected it to my desktop’s DVI-D Display. After booting into windows the first time, the brightness of the VE247H is noticeably superior to the display of the VH24H. For some reason, the size of the screen on the VE247H isn’t as flat as many of the other 22 to 24″ LED Displays I’ve tested. This is not an issue: The unit still weighs less than other LCD Displays and will not take up any more noticeable space on your desktop than the ultra thin LED’s. The crispness and details of the text and graphics on this display are far superior to what we’ve seen in this review. One other great benefit of the Asus VE247H LED Monitor: You actually get adequate, adjustable stereo sound from the monitor’s built-in speakers!. For a price around $200.00, you will gladly say good-bye to the old one you were looking for. Look for great deals on the Asus VE247H LED Monitor, though you may still see some Vh242h selling for around the same cost.

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Sunlite Cloud-9 Bike Seat

Sunlite Cloud-9 Review

Most Comfortable Bike Seat
Cruiser Saddle

If a more comfortable bike ride depends on finding the most comfortable bike seat, I figured that would be some shopping time well-spent. I made it my goal to find the most comfortable bicycle seats made – money is no object. Think about the physics of bike riding: We put the entire weight of our body on our seats. If the weight and gravity aren’t enough, the constant strain, pressure of pushing down on the bike pedals is asking a lot of our rears and bicycle seats. Is it even possible to be completely comfortable on a bicycle seat and are the most comfortable bike saddles the same for everyone?

Summarizing detailed reviews of bike seats would be difficult because we and our butts, all come in different weights, shapes and sizes. Due to the various contour, shapes and sizes of different bike seats, the most comfortable bike seat for one may not be the best for another bike rider. It would be helpful to find one bike seat with numerous and favorable reviews by a large number of users with different sizes, weights and shapes. As luck would have it, I was able to find such the most comfortable bike seat.

Sunlite Cloud-9

You will not find a more comfortable bike seat with as many favorable reviews by such a large number of users as the Sunlite Cloud-9. The Sunlite Suspension Cruiser Saddle was rated 4.5 stars on Amazon by 50 users. That’s a darn good rating – and if you take the time to read through the reviews, you’ll find that the bike riders were generous about mentioning their size and weight and why they felt the Sunlite Cloud-9 is the most comfortable bike seat they’ve ever used. Users of the Cloud-9 range from 5’2, 100lbs to over 6′ tall and 250 lbs. The majority of users specifically stated that this was the most comfortable bike seat they had ever used. There were a few negative comments. So, what is not to like? A bike seat that fits everyone tends to be on the large side. If you’re an athletic bike rider looking for agility on curvy, twisting roads or balance on rocky, bumpy mountain trails, the Cloud-9 is probably not for you. But then, the most comfortable bike seat is not intended for sports – the Cloud-9 is built for comfort.

Sunlite Cloud 9
Sport Saddle

The Sunlite Cloud-9 Comes in a few slightly different flavors. There is a sport version and suspension cruiser saddle version. If you want something comfortable, for those winding roads and/or bumpy trails, go with the sport version which will provide better balance and agility. If you want the most comfortable bike seat – PERIOD – go for the Sunlite-9 Cruiser Saddle version.

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Equus Computer Systems and Nobilis Computers

Equus Computer Systems
Nobilis Desktops

If you’re searching the web for reviews on Equus Computer Systems or Nobilis Computers, you’ve obviously been told the good news: There are more Technology Choices out there than just Dell, IBM and HP. So, who is Equus and why haven’t more people heard about Nobilis Computers?

Equus Computer Systems Sells Nobilis Computers

Equus Computer Systems is a white box computer manufacturer and Nobilis Computers is its product brand. So, you ask, “What is a white box computer?” White box brand computers are made for distribution by a variety of computer consultants, resellers and VARs. Unlike Dell, HP or IBM, the White Box brand is not sold directly to the consumer. You will not find Nobilis Computers at your local discount store like Best Buy or from an online catalog or electronics merchants like New Egg or Tiger Direct.   Equus Computer Systems has been in business for 22 years selling high-quality, certified Nobilis Computers to a valued network of resellers whose main business purpose is providing technology solutions and services to business clients. When you buy Nobilis computers you become a valued client of the Equus high-service, dealer network. Service is one thing, but how does the quality of Nobilis computers compare with the tier-1 name-brand competition?

Nobilis Computer Systems Build Quality

Nobilis ComputersThe Equus Computer Systems successful business model is based on providing quality hardware and superior service to its expansive U.S dealer network. Intel-based Nobilis computer systems use genuine Intel components, including the motherboard; the heart and soul of any computer system.  Since Equus dealers rely on consistency for servicing their customers, Nobilis components cannot change from one day to the next. Despite popular opinion, the Dells, HP’s and IBM’s rarely use genuine Intel motherboards in their Intel-based configurations and the specifications can sometimes change on a weekly basis, regardless of motherboard manufacturer. The key to a successful white box product line is quality and consistency; two categories where the tier-1 providers fall short every time. Equus Computer Systems stays on the leading edge, providing a wide variety of computers including desktops, workstations, servers, storage products, notebooks, netbooks, slates and components. You don’t have to belong to a business to buy Nobilis Computers. The Equus Computer Systems dealer network spans the nation with capable consultants willing to provide you with the same benefits of Nobilis Computers enjoyed by many small, medium and large businesses in the U.S.

Where to Buy Nobilis Computers by Equus Computer Systems

Rocky Mountains City State Telephone
PC Assist Lakewood CO 303-274-5410
Rocky Mountain Computer Systems Greeley CO 970-395-0720
DCNC, Inc Denver CO 303-920-9472
Mr Wizard Computers Billings MT 406-656-9609
Nibbles & Bytes Rawlins  WY 307-324-5050
Mid West      
Bi-State Solutions Rockford IL 815-395-1234
Prairie Wind PC Cook NE 308-345-6322
Computer Support Group Phoenix AZ 602-266-1121
LeeShanok Tucson AZ 520-888-9122
On-Site Technical Services Phoenix AZ 623-203-9329
Computer Consultants Demming NM 505-546-7210
Future POS Cutting Edge  Butler PA 724-285-3636
PSI Andover ME 207-392-3211
South / Southeast      
NetDirective Rockledge FL 321-205-1830
Hoffman Associates Broken Arrow OK 918-682-8174

If you don’t see a computer dealer in your area, visit Equus Computer Systems

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What you Need to Know if You’re considering Monovision or Lasik

MonovisionMonovision reviews on the internet are difficult to find. If you’re past age 30 and using a glasses,   contact prescription or considering Lasik eye surgery, it’s time to learn a little bit about the philosophy and consider whether or not it might be a good strategy to address your reading and distance vision simultaneously. I had Lasik surgery 11 years ago and thought it would be worthwhile to share my own experience; satisfactions, dissatisfaction, pros and cons of monovision. Consider this the complete review from one who has been using it for 11 years. While monovision is most often associated with Lasik, it is important to understand that one doesn’t need lasik nor any other type of eye surgery to use it. Before I begin with my review, a more complete definition is in order.

What is Monovision?

Monovision is a vision correction strategy for making it easier to read as we get older. After age 40, our distance vision and near reading vision seemingly become at odds with each other. It becomes more difficult for us to read due to a natural vision phenomenon known as presbyopia.  After age 40, the lenses in our eyes become more rigid, less flexible and we find ourselves having to hold books and other text documents farther away from our eyes to read the text. The small print on prescription bottles is particularly difficult to read. Those of us who are Myopic (nearsighted) can often correct the presbyopia (near vision) problem simply by removing our reading glasses. When we remove our reading glasses, our near sighted eyes which are not suitable for distance, tend to do a much better job at reading words and things that are near. Monovision is a method in which the optometrist corrects one eye for distance vision and leaves one eye under-corrected for reading vision. This can be accomplished through a glasses or contact prescription with different strength contact lenses or with Lasik corrective eye surgery. Depending on the degree of your myopia, your doctor may even be able to leave your reading eye completely uncorrected. In my case, I was so nearsighted that I required distance vision correction in both eyes. I was 39 years old at the time and didn’t want to mess with reading glasses in the near future, so I took my eye doctor’s recommendation and deliberately had my left eye under-corrected for reading. My right is my dominant eye. There is a very simple strategy for determining which eye is for distance and which is for reading: With both eyes open, point at a small object about 20 – 30 feet away from you. Close your right eye, then close your left eye while leaving your finger pointed at the object. Did your finger appear to move more with your left eye closed or right eye closed?  Whichever eye caused the appearance of your finger to move less or not at all is your dominant eye. My dominant eye is my right eye. Since I use my right eye for vision, my optometrists corrected this one for 20/20 vision and deliberately under-corrected my left eye for reading vision. This is the theory behind monivison. Theory is one thing; how well has this worked out over the last 11 years?

Does Lasik Monovision Really Work?

Yes, it really does work. It took me a few Lasik follow up appointments to get both eyes properly adjusted. Here is one important drawback: It is more difficult to get a successful eye surgery when both eyes have different vision goals. My vision in both eyes was finally where it needed to be after my third visit. My right dominant eye was 20/20 for distance and my left eye was probably somewhere around 20/80 or 20/100 for near vision. Reading books, one dominant and one reading-eye takes some getting used to. The first thing I had to learn was to not close my right eye while reading. Let the left eye do its job. For reading books and fine print, my reading eye has been a huge success. For seeing things in the distance like road signs, shapes, figures, trees and other details, the monovision has worked out just fine for the past 11 years. Other friends and family members my age or older who had lasik corrective eye surgery without monovision, immediately began complaining about their reading vision and had to where reading glasses. I was feeling pretty good about my choice to try monovision. Is it perfect? Well, not so fast.

What are the Problems with Monovision?

Screen vision has been my biggest problem.  We read books from a different distance than we read our television and computer screens. Unfortunately, I spend most of the hours of my days at the office looking at a computer screen. The monovision just doesn’t quite cut it. I can read hard copy text just fine, but the computer screen is just far enough away that I really have to strain with my left eye to see it. I’m often straining my neck when using a computer. The same is true for televisions. Reading the text on a television screen can be difficult. The other drawback is that my vision declines in dimly lit, dark rooms. I’ve had a difficult time seeing as well as I’d like to at dusk. Light and lots of light has been the biggest friend to my monovision. Problems aside, would it all over again if I had to?


I don’t regret the Lasik Eye surgery one bit. It’s been great getting out of bed in the mornings and having perfect vision without putting on a pair of thick-lensed glasses. I’ve also loved being able to have perfect reading vision without the use of reading glasses or straining my eyes. If I <i>might</i> have any doubts at all, it’s that I went with lasik monovision, rather than having both eyes corrected for distance. Like my non-monovision friends and relatives who had Lasik, I’ve had to cope with my computer and night vision using glasses and/or a contact lens in my left eye. On the other hand, for 11 years I’ve been able to read anything without the use of glasses; I’ve just had to strain a little extra hard with the computer and TV screens. If I hadn’t chosen the monovision, I would be forced to put on a pair of reading glasses to read any and everything. Monovision probably works better for some then for others. The trick is to have your reading eye adjusted for distance just well enough to read those computer and TV screens, but not so much that you’re unable to read those close-up books, manuals and instructions on bottles. If you are going to have Lasik, there is a very simple way to give this tecnhique a try before having expensive surgery. Have your optometrist give you a contact lens prescription for monovision. Don’t be too fast to judge. It may take a couple of weeks for you to get used to using both eyes for different purposes. After 11 years, my conclusion is that monovision was the right choice for me for a couple of reasons:

Pros and Cons of Monovision vs Regular Lasik Surgery

I was given a pair of vision glasses by my eye doctor which corrected my vision to 20/20 in both eyes for the sake of better driving vision at night. Using these glasses, I’ve been able to compare what it would be like had I not gone with regular lasik vs. monovision lasik. The difficulty seeing computer screens with my reading eye pales in comparison to how difficult it is to read a book or text with the glasses on. Reading computer screens with glasses on is of no benefit at all over monovision, though it does help a tad with television screens at a distance. Lasik, without monovision, would make it necessary to carry reading glasses along with me at all times. With Monovision Lasik, I can get by without glasses at all, even if reading the computer or television screen is not ideal. Below, is my perception on how Regular Lasik compares to Monovision Lasik.  Monovision Lasik can save you money by eliminating the need for corrective surgery in both eyes or allowing you to buy contact lenses for just one eye instead of two.

While there are advantages to having 20/20 vision in both eyes, my conclusion is that this is still a better way to experience the benefits and convenience of improved vision.


monovision lasik vs regular lasik

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Hunter Sprinklers

Getting Familiar with Hunter Sprinklers

Hunter Sprinklers
XCore Controller

I became familiar with Hunter Sprinklers and heads when they became easier to find then Rainbird products. Years ago, it was hard to find anything other than Rainbird sprinklers at my local Home Depot stores. I was reluctant to replace my old sprinkler heads with another brand, not because I loved Rainbird, but because I was not familiar with any other brands. Other brands of Lawn Sprinkler Systems. Replacement heads have their own settings and it can be confusing learning a new way of setting them up every time you need to replace heads. I am no longer intimidated by non-Rain Bird brands. IN fact, Hunter replacement heads are easy to use and last just as long if not longer than the other 3 or 4 brands I’ve tried, including Rainbird. Besides my own favorable experience, there is another good reason to trust the Hunter brand.

History of Hunter Sprinklers

Hunter is not just another sprinkler company spin-off. The company was founded in 1981, making sprinkler systems and products for commercial, irrigation, landscaping and sporting events industries and its own irrigation system. The original owner, Edwin Hunter was a pioneer, inventor and innovator of Hunter irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems since the 1950s. You can see from Hunter Industries website, that their line of innovative products, including Hunter Lawn sprinklers is equal if not superior to any other name in sprinklers. If name and reputation are concerns for choosing an entire sprinkler system, Hunter has you covered. While I am not personally in the market for an entire sprinkler system, I’ve been replacing parts of my old rain bird system with Hunter. Now, that I am about ready to make the next major investment in a new controller, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this brand name once again.

Time for a New Sprinkler Controller?

My old Rain Bird sprinkler system controller came with the house about 22 years ago. Needles to say, the unit is rather antiquated, if not a complete dinosaur. Don’t get me wrong, it still works as good as it did when it was new, but residential sprinklers controllers have improved quite a bit in the last 22 years. For one thing, my sprinkler controller has no back up system, so after a power outage the entire settings need to be re-set. For a yard with multiple zones and drip systems this can be a rather daunting task. The other problem with my old Rain Bird controller is that it’s analog settings is unnecessarily complicated, confusing and time consuming. There are numerous dials to learn and separate switches for each time settings. Also, the old beast is not very flexible. For example, there are only 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 60 minute increments of watering times, with no way to choose anything in between. What if I want to water for 11, 15 or 17 minutes? Also, there is no way to choose watering programs by day. It is only possible to choose every day, every other day or every 3 days for watering. This doesn’t work too well for most of us, which is why I began considering a new sprinkler systems controller.
Well, that and the fact that I can get a far superior sprinklers controller to my old one for under $100.00.

Hunter Sprinklers X Core 8-Way Controller

Hunter Sprinklers XCore
XCore 8-Way

While I was at Home Depot looking for some accessories, the X Core 8-Way Controller by Hunter Sprinklers caught my eye. By merely looking at the X Core display model, I had already figured out how to program it. What could be simpler? There is one dial with 8 settings, Plus 1 To run the entire program:
Hunter  X Core 8-Way Settings

  1. System Off
  2. Manual One Station
  3. Solar Sync Settings
  4. Seasonal Adjustment Percentage
  5. Current Time Day
  6. Start Times
  7. Run Times
  8. Water Times

Don’t get overly excited hunter sprinklers fans: There is one more dial to learn: a mere cursor, with side-to-side and up-down arrows for changing the values. Now, I ask: What could be simpler than that? Personally, I probably wouldn’t use the Solar Sync which requires an additional accessory. The Seasonal adjustment percentage sounds interesting and I could see that being very useful. Best of all, the entire system is backed up in volatile memory. Even after a power outage, you’ll never have to worry about losing any of your program settings. As it’s name implies, the XCore 800 Controller controls up to 8 stations – that’s more than enough for my big yard with multiple areas, including gardens, shrubs, front and back lawn. If you’re still not completely sold on the Hunters sprinklers brand, it comes with a full, 2 year warranty which is better than the standard 1-year that comes with most consumer products. I’ve had enough experience with Hunter Sprinklers products to know that this is the controller for me. If the X Core 800 is not quite right for you, I bet they have one that is. Hunter Sprinklers makes around 20 different controllers, though the majority of them probably go beyond the typical needs of a residential sprinkler system. The X Core 8 Way controller is perfect for most homes. For under $100, I’ve got another reason to buy from Hunter Sprinklers.

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