Engine and Transmission World

Engine and Transmission WorldIf you’re been suckered or tempted to buy an engine or transmission from Engine and Transmission World,  you have my sincere sympathies. You and I are among dozens of people, nationwide, who have either lost a lot of money or spent countless, fearful hours of frustration and fear regretting the decision to place an order with this ‘less-than-reputable’ online reseller of engines and transmissions. In my case, Engine and Transmission World eventually did deliver the goods, but at the time-consuming expenses of a huge labor bill for a 2nd Install from my repair shop and the $395 cost of a 2-year warranty which looks dubious at best.

Problems with Engine and Transmission World

Right now, my BMW 540i is running fine after the first transmission was sent to my Arvada repair shop, Colorado Engine, dead-on-arrival. Three months later, I’m out about $3500. Only $1,745 of my total bill was paid for the actual Transmission; $395 of which was for a 2-Year extended warranty which I thought was the prudent thing to do. Obviously, any repair shop would charge labor for installation and diagnostics of the faulty transmission. Removing and installing  a transmission is a fairly labor intensive job. They aren’t going to uninstall and re-install the 2nd one for free. To the credit of Engine and Transmission World, they did get the 2nd transmission shipped free, to Colorado Engine fairly promptly and it did work. However, there are two other problems: One: The warranty has still not been activated. Two: Their advertised mileage on Engines and Transmissions is fishy and that’s putting it nicely. It appears to be an outright sham – as I will explain.

Engine and Transmission World False Mileage Claims

Okay, so here’s the scam: Go to the Transmission World Parts Search page to search for your engine and transmission. You will be taken to a configuration page that says, “Check our Inventory”: The first time I typed in the details of my model,  a results page came back that said it had found a transmission with only 58,000 miles on it. Imagine how delighted I was to get a transmission with such low mileage. I was also very suspicious and asked them to provide a Carfax report of the car and Vin # this transmission of the car this transmission was pulled. They agreed to do so, but not until the order was paid for. I had to beg and plead for 2 days before they finally sent me a half-baked copy of a transmission with 38,000 miles on it from an old 740i.  To make matters worse, long after the transmission was shipped, the same search turned up the same result. I had a buddy at work type in his car and also came up with very dubious, low-mileage results on engines and transmissions. The last time I checked it appears this company wisely no longer lists the mileage on their  transmissions and engines online.  Many others customers complained online about Engine and Transmission World and the way they falsely advertise parts that they don’t actually have in inventory. It appears that they simply source the part after they get the order and if you put them to test on the mileage they will dig up anything they can find to appease you. I noticed it was much more difficult communicating with Engine and Transmission World after they already had my money. When I had problems with the first transmission, I was put on hold for several minutes. Eventually, a very rude guy answered the call and when I told him my transmission didn’t work he told me it was because my repair shop didn’t  install the filter. If I continued to have problems, they would need to call them directly. I verified with Colorado Engine that they most certainly did properly service and install the transmission with filter. Apparently, certified mechanics have a little more clout because after Colorado Engine called them, I was told a 2nd transmission was on the way. Thankfully, this one worked, but I was very afraid to even ask about the mileage on this particular transmission. Nobody knows, hence the reason for a 2 year warranty which brings me to the 2nd and current problem I had with this online transmission company.

 Warranty Policy of Engine and Transmission World

The warranty I purchased from was $395.00 for two years which covered replacement of a transmission and up to $500 labor cost to repair it. Unfortunately, DOA transmissions don’t count. Transmission has to be installed and working properly for two months before the warranty kicks in. Does this sound like a company that stands behind it’s products and low-mileage false advertisements? Absolutely Not. The last nail in the coffin was when I got a letter from a company called, ELast Warranty in Montana. Apparently, this is a contractor that warrants the products for them. My letter came with a bottle of fluid additive. Included with the letter, were instructions which require me to take the car back to a certified shop to have a complete oil change and the additive installed within 14 days before they will activate the warranty. For one thing, any certified BMW mechanic will tell you that it is not a good idea to install anything other than OEM factory fluids to keep your car running properly. The 2nd thing is cost. I just paid for a brand new synthestic, Mobile-1 Oil change prior to bringing my car into the shop for the dead transmission. Now, they are going to charge me another $150-$200 before I can use my warranty. Yesterday, I called Engine and Transmission World to ask them to drop the warranty and refund my money. I was placed on hold for two minutes before a rude-sounding guy once again answered the phone, Parts. When I began explaining the reason for my call he put on hold without saying another word.   I have no where else to turn: Do I just bite the bullet and take the 2 year warranty? Do I complain to a legal authority?  For now, I decided the best thing I could do is warn everyone NOT to use this company.

Transmissions Rebuild Cost

Transmission Rebuild CostThe reason I couldn’t rebuild my current transmission was that the core was damaged. Colorado Engine could have sold me a core and rebuilt the transmission for a total of around $2900. That’s $600 cheaper than I paid and erases all the doubts and hardships of buying from an uncertain reseller online.  The transmissions rebuild cost runs around $1300 to $1500 and usually come with a 3 to 6 month warranty. I’m convinced that the cost to find a new core and rebuild a transmission is cheaper than finding a used one, supposedly with low mileage that works. One thing is for certain: if you can find a good core both the labor and transmissions rebuild cost are certainly cheaper and safer than Engine and Transmission World.


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Indocin Side Effects

Follow up on Gout and Indocin

indocin side effectsLast week I wrote about using Aleve vs. the standard Indocin Prescription for treating Gout. Taking two Aleve at a time worked for a while, though it was causing tremendous stomach upset. My gut was gurgling like the boiler room at a convention center. What’s worse, is that the Aleve stopped working. My toe was incredibly inflamed and sensitive which made it nearly impossibly to sleep. I finally broke down on Saturday and went to an urgent care facility where I was prescribed Indocin. I was hoping for a steroid shot, but the doctor assured me that Indomethacin was more effective for treating gout than any other pain reliever. I limped out of the doctor’s office and headed to the pharmacist to get my prescription filled. Was it effective?

Indocin Prescription Details and Dosage

indocin extended releaseThe first thing I noticed about the new, Indocin was that the capsules were colored white instead of the familiar green colored ones that I still had leftover from 10 years ago. More importantly, the new, white Indocin were 75MG strength compared to 25MG of the old green ones. These are extended release Indocin which are to be taken twice a day, where-as the old prescription was to be taken 3 times a day. Still, we’re talking 150MG a day vs. just 75 per day for the old. I hoped it would work and it did!. After a few hours, the pain and swelling subsided dramatically. I continued taking the 75MG Indocin as followed: Once at 7:00AM with breakfast and once at 7:00PM with dinner. I worried about side effects. How do the actual Indocin side effects compare to the reported statistics? I was about to find out.

Indocin Side Effects: Reported

MedLinePlus reports the following Indocin Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation and other IBS Symptoms
  • Ringing in the Ears

Below the more common symptoms are some more serious ones which I won’t go into right now. How did my actual side effects compare?

Indocin Side Effects: Actual

While headache tops the list of Indocin side effects, my stomach is what usually takes the biggest brunt from any drug. For that reason, my doctor prescribed a generic form of Prilosec pills (20ea x 20mg Famotidine Tables). I took one with each Indocin dose. My stomach survived 5 days of Indocin perfectly fine. I did suffer from a very minor and odd-sensation of a headache much of the time, but it was bearable. I didn’t get into real trouble until I reduced my dosage of the Indocin on the 5th day after the Gout was noticeably better. When I skipped my evening dose of Indocin, I suffered a massive headache at around 3AM the next morning. It was a headache like I had never felt before. The dull, throbbing headache; which encompassed the entire 360-degree profile of my entire head, was similar to the one that I had while taking the Indocin, but 100 times stronger. I would honestly have to describe this as the worst headache I have ever experienced. The headache, thankfully, subsided about 1 hour after taking my morning dosage of Indocin. Headaches are most definitely a painful withdrawal symptom that don’t get mentioned among the published lists of

    Indocin Side Effects

. I was actually afraid to go to sleep the next evening for fear of waking up with another massive headache. This time, I kept an Aleve by my sink in case I felt it coming on, which I did. The headache was much milder this time and the Aleve took care of it. The gout seemed to finally be under control. Among all of the reported Indocin Side Effects, I’m flabbergasted as to how nothing is mentioned about a headache withdrawal rebound.

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Capsaicin Cream by Capzasin HP

Capzasin HPIn my week-long search for gout pain relief I discovered Capzasin-HP which is a specific brand of capsaicin cream for treating arthritic joint and other body aches and pains. When our body parts hurt we are looking for instant relief. Oral medications have two problems:

  1. They take time to work.
  2. They have side effects which tend to make other body parts like our stomach hurt.

Capzasin is a popular brand of capsaicin cream (made from the capsaicin chemical in peppers) for treating arthritic and various other types of body, joint aches and pains. The “HP” stands for High Potency which at a mere .1% may seem curious until you’ve tried it. The active ingredient in much of the arthritic and other pain creams somewhat helps by masking the pain with a soothing, warming or icy cold sensation on the affected areas. Capsaicin or Capzasin HP is a little bit different. The active ingredient is the actual hot capsaicin or capsicum extracted from chili peppers and made into an arthritic cream. Since the active amount of capsaicin in Capzasin HP is only .1% you might wonder how such a small percentage could possibly do any good, but you can instantly feel the hot pepper go to work on your skin. In fact, if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly after applying it, you will be reminded of it the minute you touch your face or eyes with your finger. Unsure, about putting hot peppers on your skin? Try this: Myo-Med Pain Cream.

How does Capsaicin Work?

Capsaicin CreamI can’t say that the Capzasin HP instantly relieved the severe pain of my gout stricken left toe, but it did take the edge off of the pain enough so I could get a couple of hours worth of sleep during the night. Capsaicin supposedly works by reducing something known as Substance Pwhich is found in our nerve endings. I can tell you that a severely inflamed toe from arthritic gout is not really a fair way to test a topical capsaicin cream.  A minor or moderately sore back would be a much better test for Capzasin-HP and as luck would have it, I got my chance. The wincing and contorting of my body from the constant pain of the toe seemed to torque my lower back in such a way that it began to ache. I applied the Capzasin-HP to my lower back and in minutes felt better.

Does Capzasin HP Work?

While the purpose of a cream may not be to soothe the affected area, that seems to be one of its benefits. My lower back felt as if a comfortable warm, heating pad was resting on it. The surprising thing is how long this warming affect of the capsaicin cream seems to last. The water from my shower the next morning seemed to rejuvenate this soothing effect. My impression of Capzasin-HP capsaicin cream is that it does a better job than the Max-Freezethat I reviewed previously in providing relief from minor aches and pains. Gee, I can’t wait to try Capzasin-HP next time I get a neck crick…well, maybe I can.

Capzasin HP User Ratings Ratings

I found 26 User ratings on Capzasin. Surprisingly, the product only averaged 3.5 / 5 Stars. This is easy to explain: There seems to be a love/hate relationship among Capsaicin Cream users. Either you love it or you hate it. For the most part, those that hated it complained of the pepper burning their skin so badly they would rather put up with the pain that it was intended to treat. Those who loved the product, admitted there was some burning and chastised the complainers for not taking better care of washing their hands. To be fair, I think some people simply have more sensitive skin just as some people are more susceptible to the burn of hot peppers when they try to eat them. If not for the concern of burning the skin, Capzasin HP has very favorable reviews. The logical thing to do the first time you try capsaicin is to apply some in a less sensitive and very small area the first time you try it. Wash your hands thoroughly and see how it feels. If the burning doesn’t bother you, chances are you will be among those that rate Capzasin HP 5 stars for its effectiveness in treating the minor to moderate aches and pains of arthritis and other maladies.

Capsaicin Cream Update

A few back aches later and I’m sold on the Capsaicin as the most effective pain remedy for stiff joints and muscle aches. One thing I’ve noticed about this product is that the medication lasts longer than any pain cream I’ve ever tried. In fact, you have to be a little bit careful. Long after the capsaicin cream has been applied; it seems to activate itself again when you’ve applied heat or moisture to it. The affect from the pepper can get pretty hot on your skin, particularly when you’ve been sweating. I notice this the most when sitting on the hot leather seats of my car during a sunny day. Actually, I don’t mind the heat at all. A couple of weeks ago, I threw my lower back out pretty severely. I tried the Arnicare Arnica gel and the Biofreeze products. The arnica gel was completely worthless. The Biofreeze provided some cooling relief, but it only lasted 45 minutes to an hour. The capsaicin lasts all day; especially when you apply a little moisture or heat to rejuvenate it. The heat from the capsaicin peppers seems to do much better than any other pain cream on the stiff and soreness of an aching back. The warmth really loosens up my back and makes it easier to stand and walk after sitting down for long periods of time. I highly endorse Capzasin HP as the most effective pain cream remedy.

How do you rate Capzasin HP?

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Gout Pain Relief

Indocin For Gout Pain Relief

Indocin For GoutAnybody who has ever had a gout flare-up, even once,  knows all about those little, green prescription capsules known as Indomethacin or Indocin. Women talk about how painful child birth is, but believe me, gout might make that a distant second when it comes to pain-scale ratings. Gout feels like you are giving birth to a 10lb shard of glass through one of your toes. The first time I had gout and visited my doctor, I didn’t begin to feel any gout pain relief until I had taken my 2nd Indocin pill which was prescribed 3 times daily. If you get gout infrequently like me, it is a cause for full-scale panic when it flares up and you realize your prescription for Indomethacin is either expired or past its effective shelf life which is only about 3 years. Believe me that shelf life really means something. Last time I had gout, and started using a 7 year old prescription of expired Indocin, I was not getting any relief after the second dose. I might have experienced a very painful lesson had I not learned that there is something just as effective as and reportedly safer than Indocin for Gout.

Naproxen for Gout Pain Relief

Naproxen For GoutThis is pain relief that can be bought OTC and was already sitting in my medicine cabinet: Aleve. While Indomethacin may seem like the magic cure for gout pain relief, in reality it is just another type of NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) – Naproxin, Ibuprofin and Indocin are all NSAID drugs and all of them are capable of effectively treating gout if you know how much and how often to take them. A neurosurgeon once told me that a prescription drug is never needed to treat pain. He told me that for severe pain, simply double or triple the over-the-counter dose of either ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve).

Indocin Side Effects

Indocin Side EffectsIn my opinion, the Indocin Side Effects are worse than Aleve, though my concern increases for such high dosage of any over the counter drug. . To me, this almost always includes an upset stomach. Prolonged use of an NSAID can definitely upset the digestive track and ultimately lead to serious complications like stomach ulcers or bleeding. The prescription drugs, which are simply stronger versions of OTC NSAIDs, are no less prone to causing these side effects. The first time I was given a prescription for Indocin, my doctor prescribed a prescription of Zantac to go along with it to prevent stomach upset. Never mind the fact, that prolonged use of Zantac also presents its own side effect problems. The other, more serious side effect associated with high, prolonged use of NSAIDs is heart attacks. The one, minor side effect that I’ve noticed with Indocin but not Aleve, is dizziness and tiredness. The Indocin also seemed to raise my blood pressure after a couple of days. So, both OTC and Prescription pain killers present a vicious circle of problems, but knowing how painful gout can be, I’m willing to break my own rules about limiting their use. So, is there something better than Indocin for Gout? Aleve, used sparingly, has helped me with variety of other types of pains; rarely upsets my stomach and appears to be safer all-around than Indomethacin according to actual studies. Some research among other victims has helped me come up with an affective Aleve Gout Treatment Regimen.

Treating Gout with Napxroxen (Aleve: 220MG OTC Tablets)

Make sure to take substantial amount of food with each dosage to avoid stomach upset.

First Onset of Gout Pain:

  • 2ea 220MG Aleve Tablets (Take 3 if pain and swelling are already severe)

8 Hours Later

  • 2ea 220MG Aleve Tablets

8 Hours Later

  • 2ea 220MG Aleve Tablets

8 Hours Later

  • 1ea 220MG Aleve Tablets

Gout Pain ReliefAfter 24 hours, start taking 1 Aleve every 12 hours until pain completely subsides or when you’re sure you can manage the pain without any pain killers at all. Aleve, used in this matter is safer and more effective than Indocin for Gout.

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Sustenex Review Ganeden BC30

Probiotics Review

sustenex reviewUpdate – 04/17/17

Now called Digestive Advantage

It’s the same probiotic, but this popular brand of probiotics has been renamed. You might still be able to find it in the old familiar packaging, but if not, please look for Digestive Advantage.



I didn’t have to read one, single Sustenex Review before embracing these affordable probiotics as my favorite. While not everyone agrees with me, you’ll be hard pressed to find scientific evidence that Sustenex Ganeden BC30 is not an effective active ingredient for improving digestion and IBS symptoms like diarrhea, bloating and heart burn. You can buy a box of 30 Sustenex Probiotics for under $14.00. This is less than half of what some of the premium brands like, Align, cost. I’ve looked at Align Reviews and they were very impressive, but not enough to make me switch from a probiotic that has been successful for me. I did read one very unfavorable review on Sustenex from a so-called expert that claimed these probiotics couldn’t be any good because they only contain one active culture: Ganeden BC30 Bacillus Coagulans. Each capsule does indeed contain 2 Billion viable cells of Ganeden BC30 Bacillus Coagulans,  but nothing else. Shucks, if that’s all it has, how can it possibly work? I’m no scientific expert but I think someone is paying a little bit too much attention to biology when it comes to probiotic reviews. There is really only one Review that matters: Does it work? Let’s look at the only Review that counts: User Results.

Sustenex Review Ratings

The only Sustenex Review that Matters

Based on 67 Reviews, Sustenex ranked 4.6 out of 5 Stars by Amazon users.  The benefits described were numerous: Relief from bloating, cramping, diarrhea; improved regularity – even a reduction of nausea. A very small number of users reported no benefits at all or didn’t like swallowing the gelatin capsule. The most common drawback reported by Sustenex users is that it has to be taken every single day. This kind of goes along with the next complaint: Sustenex is too expensive. (look at the price comparison with Align below).  Most Sustenex users reported significant benefits in just 2 days with even better results after 1-2 weeks. At least a dozen or so Sustenex users reported that they undoubtedly notice the return of symptoms if they stop taking it for more than 2 days. So, what is it about Sustenex that makes it so effective?

Align vs Sustenex

sustenex vs alignOver 400 users gave rated Align Probiotics 4 out of 5 stars. Obviously, Align has a much larger user base, possibly due to a difference in advertising budgets and technique.  It is normal for user ratings to decline with a higher number of reviews. When compared with other probiotics, however, the price of Sustenex has to be considered a strength. A box of 30 Align costs $23.00 to 29.00 compared to $13-$14 for a box of 30 Capsules. I’ve found Align to be twice expensive as Sustenex at my local Walmart stores.  67 People can’t be wrong – this brand really works, but why is it so effective?

Ganeden BC30

Ganeden BC30Obviously, the quantity and number of different types of bacterium are important in probiotics, but they are not the only thing that determines efficacy. The way probiotics are delivered is the other mechanism which determines how well they work. Stomach acid or even room temperatures can destroy these friendly bacteria before they get the chance to thrive and colonize inside the digestive system. Ganeden BC30 is a probiotic packed inside of a hardened cell structure or spore and is therefore able to withstand and survive it’s pathway to your intestines. Getting 2 billion of these Bacillus Coagulans to survive on route to your intestines may be only half of the battle, so the Ganeden BC30 is probably why so many people have reported such excellent results with the Digestive Advantage probiotics brand.

Buy Sustenex Online

Why? Because 2 Billion Bacillus Coagulans inside the patented Ganeden BC30 Pribotic Delivery system can’t be all bad.


Now it’s renamed to Digestive Advantage

The familiar packaging is the same, but the name is different. I am not entirely certain the formula is the same, but if you like Sustenex, you are going to simply have to believe it. It is now called, Digestive Advantage.  According to the package, it still has the popular, Ganeden BC30 formula.

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