Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

I might call this Hamilton Beach Electric knife the best thing since sliced bread even if bread is not its intended purpose. This handy, inexpensive electric kitchen knife will make quick, clean and neat work out of roast beef, turkey breast, and other solid cuts of meat. But, believe it or not, one of the best uses I’ve found for an electric carving knife goes beyond this.

Electric Carving Knife Tackles Delicate Slicing Jobs

Imagine trying to slice through bacon-wrapped meatloaf by hand. The bacon would undoubtedly slide right off the meat and the servings would likely not be very equally divided. Also, the downward pressure applied by your hand would squeeze some of the juices right out of the beef. The beauty of the electric carving knife is that the serrated edges of the knife make a very precision-made cut right through the bacon and meat. Very little pressure is needed, meaning that the the bacon and the juice stays on and inside the meat where it belongs.

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