Solar Powered Water Fountain

Solar Powered Water Fountain Pros and Cons

Solar Powered Water Fountain
Anself Solar-power Fountain

A solar powered water fountain can be a great addition to your pond, swimming pool, bird bath, or anywhere in your backyard where there is standing water. Moving water adds life and fun to your outdoor environment. The key to getting water to move is that you need a water pump. The problem with traditional water pumps is that you need to either place them where you have a powered outlet or you need to cleverly install them where the cables cannot be seen in your yard. Also, traditional powered water pumps require electricity, consume energy and therefore cost money to run.  Wouldn’t it be great if they made solar-powered water pumps that you could place anywhere and didn’t need any cabling or electricity to run. The good news is that they do make them, they are pretty inexpensive, and they work pretty well. Below are my advantages and disadvantages on these inexpensive solar powered water fountains.  There may be more expensive models which trade-off cost for some of the disadvantages I’ve outlined below. This review is on inexpensive solar water fountains ranging from $15.00 to $40.00.

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