Windward IV Ceiling Fan

Windward IV Ceiling Fan

I bought the Windward IV Ceiling Fan from Home Depot to replace the old, slow ceiling fan that came with my house’s master bedroom about 12 years ago. I have been very comfortably blown-away ever since. The old fan, for some reason just never did move much air. The other problem with the old fan was that the remote would receive interference and the light would randomly go off and on in the middle of the night. For that reason it stayed off. Having suffered 12 years of warm, uncomfortable summer nights in the upstairs bedroom, I thought it was finally time to do something about it.

Installation of the Windward IV Ceiling Fan

I won’t waste your time explaining how to install the Windward IV fan. There are plenty of good instructions. I put the video below on my laptop and followed it one step at a time.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that installing the fan is more complicated than it really is. Installation is every bit as easy as the video explained. There is one caveat and I will give you one huge tip that will save you time, money, headaches, and possibly even a bill from an electrician. Make sure you completely uninstall your old fan. I ended up with an extra red wire that I did not know what to do with. After trying several different wiring combinations, I could not get the fan blades to spin properly and the LED lights continually blinked. The electrician very thoroughly inspected the wiring inside the wall plate where the old fan was installed and noticed the remote was still connected. This completely explained why the wires didn’t match like they did on the video. He simply snipped the wires from the old remote and replaced it with the new Windward IV remote. In 20 minutes the fan and lights were working like a champ. Let me tell you what I really like about this fan.

Windward IV Benefits and Features

The Windward IV remote can be temperature controlled via a thermostat so it turns on or off based on the internal temperature of the room where the ceiling fan is located. There are three fan-speed settings which work like a toggle. The light, of course, can be turned off without use of the fans at all. Here’s a cool feature: The included LED lights are dimmable via the remote. To dim them, simply, press the light button and hold. The lights when turned off and back on will resume back to their previous brightness state.

Ultra Quiet Fan

The thing I might like best about the Windward IV fan is how quiet it is. Even on full speed, you can barely hear the motor above the sound of the air moving beneath its blades. It really is a high quality, smooth-operating, well-built ceiling fan. I highly recommend it.

Grundfos Booster Pump

Grundfos Booster Pump
– A Review

Whole House Hot Water Recirculating System

grundfos booster pumpA booster pump or whole house hot water recirculating system is a nonsubmersible pump designed to bring hot water to your kitchen and bathroom faucets without having to run and waste water for several seconds waiting for it to get warm. How well a water circulation pump depends on many factors of your household; size of hot water heater, pipe length, distance of pipes from hot-water heater, and last but not least, temperature and climate. Before I had a Grundfos circulation pump, it required over a minute for the water coming out of my kitchen faucet to get warm first thing in the morning. I was constantly filling pots as the water ran, as to not waste so much water. I had heard about hot water recirculating systems before, so when I had a new hot water heater installed last summer I decided to finally give one a try.

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Costco Simpson Pressure Washer

Costco Simpson Pressure Washer
Updated: April 1, 2017

It could just be my experience with the very poor quality, Task Force Pressure Washer, but my impression remains that gas-powered pressure washers are made of a much more durable quality than the electric ones.  I have now owned the Costco Simpson Gas Powered Pressure Washer for exactly four years and it is still running fine. I did have to place a couple of o-rings, but unlike the Task Force, the structure is modular and non proprietary and parts replacement is cheap. I’ve found this pressure washer to be a little finicky when it comes to getting it started after long periods of not being used. Other than that, this unit is 10-times better than the ridiculously poor-quality Task Force.

Original Review from April 2013

Costco Simpson Pressure WasherLeave Your Review BelowIn three years, I went from the failed Task Force Electric Pressure Washer to the Costco Simpson Pressure Washer with a Honda Engine. I’ve been without a pressure washer for two years thanks to the extremely poor quality of the Task Force. The Task Force worked good enough the first couple of times to make me realize how valuable it is to own a pressure washer. Just make sure you get one that lasts. The negative reviews on the Task Force speak for themselves. Don’t get a Task Force Pressure Washer. So far, the difference is like night and day. It’s important to note a couple of things: For one, the Honda Gas-Powered pressure washer you see at Costco has a Honda engine, but is not entirely made by Honda. While Honda has a great reputation for building quality products, we need to keep in mind that they cannot control everything that has their name on it.They build the engines for lawn mowers, power washers and other kinds of equipment. Before we get to the review, I need to answer the all important question that comes up with Electric Pressure Washers vs. Gas Powered Pressure Washers.

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