Cheapest K-Cups

cheapest k-cups
San Francisco Bay K-Cups

I’m literally amazed: The cheapest K-Cups also happen to be among the very best! San Fransisco Bay French Roast K-Cups coffee by the Royal Family Coffee company is absolutely delicious. I’m not a huge fan of French Roast coffee, but the San Fransisco Bay K-Cups make a very tasty dark, coffee roast – perfect for after-dinner. Actually, these k-cups are not so dark that I wouldn’t enjoy them at any time of the day. The flavor of the San Fransisco Bay French roast Keurig k-cups is dark, rich and smoky – and the beautiful part is that it is a very smooth tasting coffee with a very low-acid content. The roast is excellent. I would have never dreamed of trying a french roast, but at the high-cost of k-cups these days, I was enticed by the extremely low price. If you’re in luck with your regional Costco store, you can buy an 80-pack of the San Francisco Bay k-cups for $26.00. At 32.5 cents each, that is the cheapest k-cups I’ve ever tried. Alas, not all Costco stores carry the San Francisco Bay K-cups brand. As soon as I opened up the package, I discovered the reason these k-cups are so cheap:

Packaging Secret

san francisco k-cups packagingThe 80-pack box comes in packages in 10, sealed 8-cup bags. The actual San Francisco Bay K-Cups themselves are not completely enclosed in plastic like the rest of the k-cups you’ve tried. They have plastic and paper on top, but the entire bottom is nothing but a tightly-knit coffee filter. Don’t panic by the net filter – there was absolutely no grounds left in the bottom of my cup after downing my first one.  The only drawback is that the k-cups are packaged in 8-pack, bags. Once they are open, the coffee grounds inside the k-cups are exposed to air – which is made obvious by the delicious aroma once you crack the 8-pack. Simple Solution: Store them in a zip-locked bag. If buying the cheapest k-cups in the world means I have to use a .02 plastic bag to keep them fresh, so be it. That 2-cent, plastic bag can be used over and over again to store the k-cups each time I open a new 8-pack. The delicious, dark, low acid roast and cheap price make up about 2/3rds of the reason I like these cheapest k-cups on earth so much. There is another reason:

Hottest K-Cups Coffee

hotter k-cupsThe San Francisco Bay K-cups make the hottest cup of coffee I’ve ever had out of my Keurig. I’m no chemist, physicist or scientists, so I can’t tell you why. My thinking is that maybe the enclosed, open-air filter drains brews quicker, keeping the coffee much hotter by the time it reaches your cup. Whatever the reason, there is certainly no sacrifice in strength and flavor. The San Francisco Bay french roast is hot and strong from the first sip to the last sip – (depending on how fast you drink your coffee).

Cheap Keurig Coffee Final Verdict

I tried this coffee after dinner. As impressed as I am with San Francisco Bay for it’s cheapest price and rich, low-acid flavor, I cannot be certain that I will be drinking something this dark in the morning and afternoons when I usually enjoy my coffee. On the other hand, it’s nice to know, I can enjoy coffee this good and this hot for a little more than 32 cents per cup.

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Gevalia Tassimo T Discs

gevalia tassimo t discsWhat do you think of Gevalia Tassimo Coffee? 

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I’ve been an unusually harsh critic of Gevalia Tassimo T Discs and for good reason. Tassimo Gevalia coffee is usually weak, bland and uninspiring. To add insult to injury, Gevalia advertises a large, 12-ounce cup, T-Disc that has less coffee in it than a good Keurig 8 ounce K Cup. You can tell just by looking at Gevalia T-Discs that they are going to be weak before you even brew them because they have substantially less coffee in them than the former Starbucks T-Discs which were my favorite, but are no longer made. Virtually, all of the different K-Cups brands were stronger than Gevalia T-Discs. That is, until Gevalia came out with a real game changer.
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Gevalia Tassimo T Discs?

Having changed jobs, I gave my old Mr. Coffee Keurig away to my daughter in college. We use a bigger, 60-ounce model Keurig Brewer at home, so we figured we had no use for it at the time. In fact, I love the Keurig brewer so much that I’ll never drink coffee from a traditional drip coffee maker or percolator again. But, lo and behold – new job and now I needed another single-cup brewer. At my wife’s suggestion, I reluctantly grabbed the Tassimo which was collecting dust in the basement and brought it to the new office. Don’t get me wrong, the Tassimo is a great machine and when I was able to get Starbucks T-Discs for it, it was thef best single cup brewer in the world. But, those days are gone and Keurig rules when it comes to coffee selection. As I said above, the Gevalia Tassimo products, which are prominently sold in stores just aren’t very strong. Now, let’s talk about the game changer:

Gevalia Dark Breakfast Blend

As I was at my local Safeway store looking for Tassimo T Discs, a new one caught my eye: The package said, “if you liked Starbucks Tassimo, you’ll love this”. It was a new, Dark Breakfast Blend of Gevalia that I had never seen before. The price was $8.99 for a 12-pack – a little on the expensive side. As soon as I opened up the package at the office, I knew this was not your typical Gevalia T Disc coffee. The disc size was huge – identical to the Starbucks Tassimo coffee that was referred to on the package. This indeed was every bit as good as the Columbian Tassimo discs that became my favorite before Starbucks resigned from their relationship with Tassimo. Gevalia Tassimo Dark Breakfast blend is as good or better than my favorite Keurig brands including, Tully’s, Newman’s, Starbucks Pike Roast, etc, etc. I’ve definitely found something that I can enjoy for the Tassimo and it’s from Gevalia. What a surprise. Tassimo owners can only hope that Gevalia will start producing more coffee with the large-sized t-discs that taste just like Starbucks. In fact, the Gevalia dark roast breakfast blend tastes so much like Starbucks that I have to wonder if they really are.


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Discount K Cups

k cup couponsIn one word I can explain why so many keurig coffee maker owners are looking for discount k cups and k cup coupons: Guilt. Let’s face it, nobody can drink just one cup of their favorite Keurig brewed coffee. I’m no different than the rest of the Keurig Single Cup coffee brewer owners out there. It is way too easy and convenient to pop in a new k cup every time I desire another freshly brewed Pikes Place Roast by Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy on the wallet. The typical Starbucks brand costs around 86 cents a k cup if you but it in the 16-Pack boxes at the grocery store. The other brands like Caribou, Coffee People, Green Mountain, etc., are a little cheaper at 66 cents a cup. 66 or even 88 cents may sound cheap for an 8 ounce cup of coffee at your local Barista, but it’s an expensive habit for your every day coffee drinking at home. Between my wife and I, we require about 5 Cups of coffee a day. Even at 66 cents each, that’s $102.30 a month on coffee – a pretty expensive ritual, indeed. On the contrary, a traditional pot or two of coffee each day adds up to no more than $25.00 a month – or 17 cents a cup. While most of us might be willing to pay a little more for the quality and convenience of Keurig K cups, the guilt comes in when we recognize we’re paying over 5 times as much to enjoy our coffee habit..Now, if we could get our price of K Cups down to .50 cents each or less, I think we could justify the difference. This is where my search for Discount K Cups and K Cup Coupons begins.

Where to find K Cup Coupons

The best K Cup Coupons I’ve ever found was the offer that was included with my most recent purchase of a Keurig Classic Single Cup Brewer. The offer allowed me to select two, 24-Pack boxes and get two free directly from Keurig directly. I was skeptical that becauseGreenMountain is the original partner of the Keurig Coffee brewer that the selection of coffee k cups would be limited to just theGreenMountain brand itself. I was glad to see that this was not the case. In fact, the Online Keurig Coffee store has the largest selection anywhere and even includes my favorite, best tasting brands like Caribou, Starbucks and Barista Prima. With these K Cups Coupons, you are able to get them for half off. I bought 4ea, 24-Pack boxes of K Cups for $30.00, including shipment. Because there was no tax, my net cost was only about 31 cents per, guilt-free cup. Obviously, those coupons cannot be used all the time unless you plan on buying a new Keurig brewer every month. The other way is to buy bulk packages of K Cup Coupons online. One example is that for $3.00, online you can buy a 20-pack of $1.50 per box of Starbucks 16-Pack K cups. This may not sound like much of a discount, but if it saves you a $1.50 off of $13.88 everytime you buy a box of Starbucks K Cups at your store, it can really add up.

Where to Find Discount K Cups

discount k cupsIf you’re looking for discount k cups, your best bet is to buy in large quantities. This is not a big deal if you find one you like to drink regularly, because in the long run, it will save you money. You can find the popular Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee for about 60 cents a cup in 200-Pack Cup boxes. You can also get the 50 and 100 packs of Coffee People Jet fuel for about the same price: 60 cents a package. Depending on your location, there is no tax and shipping is always free. Green Mountain sells online their 96-Pack boxes of Breakfast Blend and/or any other flavor for $62.95. (That’s 66 cents a cup).

The best in-store deals I’ve found is at Costco. You can buy 80-Packs of various brands of K Cups at Costco for $38.00 (That’s only 48 cents a cup.) They also sell the Starbucks in any variety in 54-Packs for $38.00. (That’s 70 cents a cup.) Various online store deals for discount k cups are below.
If you can offer any other places to find discount k cups or k cup coupons, please leave us comments and information below.

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Strongest K Cup Coffee

What is the Strongest K Cup Coffee you can Buy?

strongest k cup coffeeWhat is the strongest K Cup coffee you can buy? I’m not certain, but I can definitely tell you that the Barista Prima Columbia is the strongest one I’ve tried to date. Barista Prima is not only the strongest k cup coffee I’ve tried, but competes with Starbucks as among the most expensive. I found an 18 pack of Barista Prima for $14.99 at my local Target store. The other brands; Newman’s Organic, Caribou are $11.99 for an 18 Pack. The Starbucks sells for $13.99 for a 16 pack. Roughly, there is a 20% premium for Barista Prima over all of the non Starbucks Coffee K Cups. It is probably no coincidence that it also seems to be about 20% stronger than any of these other brands, including Starbucks. Perhaps, there is 20% more coffee inside the Barista Prima. Still, the Barista Prima brand is a little cheaper than Starbucks despite tasting like a stronger coffee. Target had the Starbucks on sale for $11.99 along with a $5.00 card for buying any selection of 2 Boxes of K Cups. Finally, I had a good excuse to try this peculiar, more expensive brand of coffee and compare it to Starbucks and the others.  I bought one box of the Barista Prima Columbia and one box of Starbucks Pike Place Roast. If you’re curious as to how these different k cups price out per cup on a regular basis at Target, here is a quick break down:

Target K Cup Pricing

  • Starbucks: 87 Cents
  • Barista Prima: 83 Cents
  • Other Quality Brands: 67 Cents
  • (Newmans, Caribou, Donut Shop, Van Houtten, Van Houtte, Emeril’s, etc..

Barista Prima Columbia Tasting Notes

The Barista Prima Columbia comes off very strong and rich right from the very first sip. The box advertises this as a medium-dark roast. I cannot argue too much with that description, though I will add that it tastes and looks much darker than your typical Columbian Coffee. It is exceptionally strong – and I could tell that not only from its taste, but from the jolt of caffeine I got after finishing the cup. There is not much advertising on the box about this coffee. What makes it so special? Why is it so expensive? Is there more coffee in each k cup to make it stronger? The Barista Prima Coffeehouse website might offer some clues about this good, strong coffee. I would rate certainly rate this one as the strongest k cup coffee I’ve had, but maybe not the best. I think I prefer the Pikes Place Roast ever so slightly for its balance and overall smoothness of taste and flavor. But if you’re looking for the strongest k cup coffee and Starbucks doesn’t do it for you, give Barista Prima Columbia a try!

Strongest K Cup Rated from 1-5

  1. Barista Prima Columbia
  2. Starbucks Pikes Place Roast
  3. Newman’s Organic Extra Bold
  4. Caribou Obsidian
  5. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold

How do you Rate Barista Prima K-Cups?

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Starbucks K Cup Coffee Review

Were Starbucks K Cup Coffee worth the Wait?

…and the extra money?

Starbucks K Cups ReviewOkay, now that the wait for Starbucks K Cups is over, are they worth all of the hootin’, hollerin’ and mouth-watering anticipation? More, importantly, are Starbucks K Cups worth the extra cost? On average, Starbucks K Cups are 15% more expensive. From Walmart for example, you can expect to pay $13.88 for an 18-Pack of Starbucks vs $11.88 for the other top brands; Emeril’s, Caribou, Newman, etc. I gave Caribou Obsidian, Newman’s Extra Bold and Emeril’s Big Easy Bold all very high marks in previous K Cups Reviews. Since Starbucks is no longer being made in T-Discs, just about anything available in K Cups for the Keurig is superior to the weak and inferior Gevalia which is about all you can find for Tassimo brewers at the store these days. The Tassimo K-Cups, however, were so superior to anything else I’ve tried for the Tassimo brewer that it became my standard for which all other K Cups are measured. Starbucks Columbian in T-Discs remains my very favorite single-brewed cup of coffee. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do an exact comparison of Starbucks T-Discs vs. Starbucks K Cups because they do not make them in Columbian. They do make Verona, however, which was a close second in my opinion, to their Columbian T-Discs. I also think that the Newmans, Emeril’s Big Easy Bold and Caribou Obsidian Black were pretty close runner-ups to my Starbucks Tassimo favorites. Starbucks offers six different blends of coffee for the Keurig Brewer, ranging in light to very dark: Breakfast Blend, House Blend,Verona, Pike Place Roast,Sumatraand French Roast.  As to whether or not any of these Starbucks K Cups are worth the extra cost, it is impossible for me to answer until I’ve had the more time to enjoy them all. There is a couple on the list that I won’t buy because they are either too dark and smoky or too light and acidic. First, I will give you my run down on how all of these K Cups Taste and below that a table which describes their tasting notes and a preliminary rating from 1-100.

Starbucks French Roast

starbucks french roast k cupsI’ll confess that I have never tried this coffee because French Roast is simply too burnt, smoky and dark for me. I’ve already tried Starbucks French Roast in the bag and I’m sure this one is no better. The problem with coffees that are this dark is that they taste weak. Too much smoke and not enough coffee flavor.

Starbucks Breakfast Blend

starbucks breakfast blend k cupsThis was the first box of Starbucks K Cups I tried. I found it to be a little too light and acidic for my tastes. This one is similar to Donut Shop Coffee by Coffee People. In fact, it is not distinguished enough that it is worth the extra 15% cost. I’d go with the Donut Shop Coffee if this is the kind of coffee you like: Good, perhaps great for those who like a lighter, more acidic roast, but not my cup of tea – err, Coffee.

Starbucks House Blend

starbucks house blend k cupsThis one is billed by Starbucks as being lively and balanced and I think they couldn’t have described it more accurately. I would describe the taste as being somewhat between the Donut Shop and Newman in boldness. It has some acid to it, still, which is okay if you like a lighter coffee. I can get used to this. Not bad. I think it is much better than Breakfast Blend or French Roast and I may even prefer it to some of my other favorites due to the so-called “liveliness”.

Starbucks Sumatra

Starbucks Sumatra K CupsThe Starbucks Sumatra K Cups might be confused with French Roast to some because it is intensely dark. Starbucks advertises this one as herby and earthy, but I would describe it more as a bit rubbery and a little over-roasted. I’ve bought StarbucksSumatrabagged coffee before and have never been too impressed with it. I’ve had other brands ofSumatrathat are better and more aptly fit the description of herby and earthy. This one needs to be a tad lighter in my opinion.

Starbucks Verona

Starbucks Verona K CupsThis is a very good coffee and easily competes with the best I’ve had. This one could become my favorite or runner up after having some more time to get familiar with it. I believe I still have a Tassimo T-Disc ofVeronaat home. I will do a side by side comparison and let you know how similar it is. Starbucks calls this one dark cocoa and roasty sweet. I kind of think it may be just a tad too sweet and in need of a bit more roasted cocoa, but we’re nitpicking here.Veronais one of my favorites.

Starbucks Pike Roast

Starbucks Pike Roast K CupsThere is a reason that Pike Roast has become the regular coffee choice at Starbucks stores – it is just an all around great coffee – very balanced and non-offensive to a wide variety of tastes. It is described by Starbucks as Smooth and Balanced and both of those adjectives are very accurate descriptions. I think the Pike Roast might be the one I prefer the most out of all 6 Starbucks K Cups choices, but only because it is that I will get the least tired of drinking. If there is a problem with it, it could be that it is just a wee bit boring. There is nothing very distinguished or unique about the taste of Pike Roast, but it is smooth, bold and rich enough to keep you from getting tired of it. That is why it has become the Starbucks favorite.

Summary of K Cups by Starbucks

There is not a bad k cups variety in the bunch – it’s a matter of what you like and are used to drinking. I haven’t decided ifVeronaor Pike Roast is as good as what I can get over the counter of an actual Starbucks store, but it is close enough to keep me wondering for a while. I am also undecided as to whether or not I would continue to pay more for Starbucks K Cups over my other favorite three coffees: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold, Caribou Obsidian Black and Newman’s Extra Bold. I have a hunch that over time, Cafe Verona and Pike Roast will become my two favorites of them all.

Starbucks K Cup Ratings

[table “6” not found /]
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