Healthy Low Fat Snacks

The other day, I was feeling hungry while shopping the aisle of my local grocery store. Yet, I refused to buy any of the snacks simply because of the disappointing claims that they contained less fat. You see, ‘low-fat’ doesn’t Low Fat Healthy Snacksmean the same thing to me as it does most of the world. Believe me, it used to. There was a time when I was a fanatic about all of these low-fat, health ideas. I was convinced that I would jeopardize my heart and life if I didn’t remove the fat from everything I ate. Before, I even delve into how and why that as all changed, let me just simply state the way I feel today:  The truth is, I want all of my food to contain good, saturated and natural fats, even my snacks.  So, when I read that the infamous package of Gardetto’ Snack Mix claimed to be reduced fat, I had no interest in buying it. The reason I was craving a snack in the first place was because my body was hungry for fat, oil and salt. Unfortunately, today’s food industry has removed all of the healthy, natural fats from their products.  For example, coconut oil and lard – these things are considered bad for us and nobody will touch them with a 10-foot pole.   Even the RF, Egg-Vermicelli Spaghetti my mom used to buy as a kid is no longer available because eggs contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is bad, right? Not really. Nobody has ever died from high cholesterol; nor has it made anyone more likely to have a heart attack. With some research of the data with a critical eye rather than one that accepts popular propaganda, we will eventually learn the truth: Low fat diets and lowering one’s cholesterol neither improves one’s health nor lower one’s weight.

The Misnomer of the so-called, Healthy Snack

If you are looking for healthy low fat snacks you are fighting a losing battle. Nothing that is labeled low-fat or less-fat is healthy. Believe me, nobody has ever become healthier by eating less fat … period. The problem is that we’ve been fed the big fat lie in our world that fat is a villain to be avoided like the plague. Fat, particularly animal fat, is what our body craves.  Snacks which claim to be made with ‘50% less fat’ or ‘low-fat’ are the ones we should avoid. Aside from the big-fat lie that fat is bad for our heart, has anyone lost one single pound because they bought foods at the grocery store which were labeled, ‘low-fat’? Unfortunately, the foods that use to be healthy have been loaded up with lots of sugar and starches to compensate for the lack of the flavor. There is overwhelming evidence that sugar and starch are the bigger cause of problems like heart disease, weight-gain and diabetes. Is it any coincidence that these three problems grew proportionately with the decrease of fat and increase of sugar in our diets?  Many people laugh at fried pork-rinds, but in reality, they are practically harmless compared to most snacks. Most fried pork rinds have only two ingredients. Fried-out Pork fat and salt. Neither of these ingredients are as harmful as sugar and trans-fats. In fact,  fried pork rinds will satisfy your hunger. 

Snacks need less sugar and more Natural Fats

We need to send a message to the food companies that it is not less fat we want in our snacks, but less sugar. These so-called, ‘healthy’ low-fat snacks are usually made with added sugars to compensate for the lack of flavor missing from low-fat foods. If snack foods just used lard, coconut oil, real butter, and/or other natural, saturated fats, there would be no problem with finding healthy snacks. Unfortunately, the good guys have been made the villains. The bad guys like sugar and starch are largely ignored or considered a minor obstacle in the mission to replace the sinful fats that kill us all.  

McDonald’s was Healthier in the Olden Days

I remember when McDonald’s stopped using beef fat in their fries to make them ‘healthier’. Instead of lard, they went to trans-fats which are considered deadly and even banned in some places. Now that trans-fats are considered the world’s biggest health villains they are no longer used either. However, the new vegetable oils don’t taste as good and still not considered, ‘healthy’ by many experts. The beef fat fries were so much tastier, more natural and healthier. Haven’t we heard, “You can’t fool mother nature?” And now we’re supposed to believe the so-called health experts who pressured these changes upon food chains like McDonald’s that we’re better off with bad-tasting fats like, canola oil? I am simply amazed at how firmly the false ideas on low-fat and cholesterol have been etched in our minds. Would any snack or food company dare advertise that their products are made from real, natural, saturated fats and contain less sugar? If only we could get back to these real, natural, fatty foods, we’d be a healthier, happier lot of people. I would love to taste those old McDonald’s fries once again!

Who’s to blame? In all honesty, how can you fault consumers for doing what they think is best for their family and themselves? I’ve peaked into the grocery carts of some pretty obese people at the grocery store and I see things like, low-fat  cottage cheese, cholesterol-free pasta, fat-free this, that and the other thing. On top of that are breads and loads of other foods rich in starchy carbs – and yes, soda pop..both sugar and sugar-free. It’s like we are trying to fake our bodies into thinking they don’t need what they naturally want? You want real cheese, but you can’t have it? So, load up on the fake cheese? Or load up on the chips and dips with more sugar and less, natural saturated fats. Does that really make sense? The ingredients of the shopping cart of the average, obese person is right in line with the popularly accepted diet in America and most of the world because this is the low-fat fraud we’ve all had shoved down our mouths for 40 years or so. Yet, parents are failing both themselves and their kids on these high-starch, low-fat diets. It’s not their fault. This is what they have been told to do. The fact that it isn’t working must mean they are hopeless, right? It’s really pretty sad.

How to find Healthy Snacks

The key to a healthy snack is one with less sugar and refined carbs and more of the fats that were once considered, natural and not unhealthy. These fats include Coconut Oil, Lard, Butter and Palm Oil. Good luck finding something like this at your typical grocery store. In fact, most of the so-called, health food stores still don’t understand this. Our bodies crave coconut oil, butter, animal fats and salt. The carbohydrates won’t hurt us if we eat them in moderation. If your body craves something crunchy with oil and salt, your best bet is to make it yourself. When it comes to snacking, however, I realize that nothing beats the convenience of something you can pick-up at your grocery aisle that is ready for you to munch at a moment’s notice. Though they are few and far between, there has got to be a few healthy and delicious choices out there for us to choose. Please leave your comments about healthy snacks you’ve been able to buy and enjoy.


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Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

Spicy Salsa-flavored Great Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips have unexpectedly become one of my favorite snacks. I realize the front lines of Walmart are chalk full of bargain-priced, junk-food snacks and I am usually hesitant to try any of them. But, for some reason, the image on the bag of rolled, spicy salsa corn chips caught my eye on this particular Sunday and I threw them into our shopping cart as an impulsive, after-thought to our week’s worth of groceries.  I don’t like to make a habit of snacks that are full of seasoning and preservatives, but for some reason, my instincts told me that these might taste pretty darn good. As it turns out, my premonition was spot-on. 

Just before cocktail hour, I was feeling hungry and so I ripped open the bag of the Great Value Rolled Corn Chips and immediately loved them. These crispy treats have an amazing crunch and texture. They are pretty well seasoned and salty, but not so much that you’ll want to stop eating them after one or two. The corn texture is very thick, crunchy and firm. In fact, they are nearly as crunchy as Corn Nuts. The robust, firm texture in Great Value rolled corn tortilla chips is what sets them apart from other, lesser snacks in my opinion. Is there anything more important than texture when it comes to enjoying a snack?

Read moreGreat Value Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

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Inka Corn

Inka Corn
– A Corny Review

Original Inka CornCorn Nuts. People either love ’em or they hate ’em. I know people who say they cannot even stand the smell of corn nuts and loathe to even have someone in their near vicinity crunching on them. Personally, I love them. I enjoy the oil, crunch and salt.  Inka Corn is different.  Manufactured by Inka Crops S.A. in Lima, Peru, original Inka Corn is a similar snack with an appreciably different texture and size. As with most things I buy on impulse, I spotted a 4-oz bag at Vitamin Cottage as I was at the cash register. Still feeling hungry after a light lunch, I decided to give these healthy snacks a try.

Inka Corn Compared to Corn Nuts

Like Corn Nuts, but  Lighter, Bigger and Less Salty

I didn’t know if it was because I was hungry or if they really are delicious, but I devoured half the bag as I was driving in the car. Each Inka kernel is about 50% larger than the Corn Nuts brand corn. They are less salty and not as oily. Being that I love the oily, saltiness of corn nuts, I didn’t think I liked the Inka as well at first, but gradually came around to truly enjoying them. There seems to be just enough salt and the oil is enough without being overpowering. Perhaps my favorite part about the Inca Corn is the freshness and light crunch. They are not nearly as hard on your teeth as corn nuts and they are big enough that you can enjoy the light-texture as they gently explode in your mouth.


Inka corn appears to be a healthier snack than corn nuts. There are three and only three ingredients: Corn, palm olein and sea salt. Fabulous. Palm olein is the liquid form of palm oil, which many consider to be very healthy. High in saturated fat, palm oil is an excellent alternative to canola, soy and hydrogenated oils. The American Palm Oil council claims it is full of antioxidants. From my own personal experience, it is much tastier than other oils. Inka comes in a variety of flavors: Inka Flavors. If you enjoy eating Inca Corn as much as I did, you can feel good about the ingredients and nutrition and decide to never go back to corn nuts.
Give us your rating on Inka Corn

Where to Buy Them

Health food stores nearly always carry Inka Corn.

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Brookside Dark Chocolate

Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with BlueberryIf you like dark chocolate or chocolate covered berries, try the 2lb bag of Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry sold at most Costco stores. Actually, since this brand is Brookside and not Kirkland, you can probably find it at quite a few places. Costco is notorious for sweet and/or salty snacks that come in big bags. I’ll admit that I am a sucker for some of these Costco treats, but I am very leery of any product that bills itself as a, ‘healthy snack’. I don’t agree with much of what is considered healthy in today’s world – it usually means it is devoid of saturated fats. I could care less about saturated fats – it’s the fake fats and oils and artificial sweeteners that I care about. Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai and blueberry isn’t entirely bad.

Is Chocolate Healthy?

No where on the bag of Brookside Chocolate covered acai blueberries is the word, healthy, actually mentioned. What is specifically noted on the top of the bag is, “Natural Source of Flavanol Antioxidants.” Supposedly, chocolate has some of these so-called, ‘healthy anti-oxidants and Brookside’s ingredients do list ‘dark chocolate or (Real Cocoa mixed with sugar) as the number one ingredient. So, I suppose if you consider chocolate healthy, then Brookside at least has that much going for them. On to the next question:

Are Blueberries Healthy?

According to the Blueberry Nutrition Council, blueberries are also packed with anti-oxidants and just one 14MG serving will give you 25% of your daily recommended requirement of vitamin-c. Additionally, they say blueberries are high in fiber. So, we’ve got good healthy chocolate and good, healthy blueberries, right? Not so fast. Might want to look at the rest of the ingredients and decide if there is too much sugar, and/or other fake-o ingredients you might not like, such as canola oil.


Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry Not bad, but should we really be judging a snack by whether or not it is considered, ‘healthy’?

Verdict on Brookside Dark Chocolate

Chocolate covered blueberries are really quite delicious. The dark chocolate tastes fresh and melts in your mouth, leaving your mouth with a semi-sweet/sour blueberry which is rather refreshing. I found myself craving the next bite of chocolate every time I devoured the previous blueberry. The texture of the chocolate covered acai blueberries is very appealing. It really is a pretty darn addictive treat. Too addictive – I discovered, perhaps, another problem which is probably unique to only a few of us, but true with most all chocolates.
I think I’ve proven that at least for me, chocolate does indeed cause headaches. Over the course of a few days, having a couple of handfuls of these chocolate treats, I had experienced one headache after another the very next morning. The headaches were rather intense and lasted all day long. When I thought about what habit I was engaging in that could be causing these headaches, the only thing I could think of was chocolate. I’ve experienced headaches in the past from chocolate pudding and other forms of chocolate. Sadly, I’ve stopped enjoying the delicious brookside snack. I’d gladly sacrifice chocolate to remain headache free as I have been since giving up the Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries.

What do you think of Brookside Dark Chocolate and Berries?

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Fried Pork Rinds

What are the Best Fried Pork Rinds?

How do you rate Macs Pork Rinds? Leave Your Review Below

macs pork rindsIf you like pork cracklins, there is only one choice: Macs fried pork rinds are simply the best. Most pork rinds, pork skins or pork cracklins are very dry, airy and light. They taste pretty good, but they stick in your throat and with out lots of water can literally be dangerous. And have you ever noticed that with your typical bag of pork rinds, you’re always hunting in the bag, for that special, greasier, dark piece of crackling that is crisper and juicier than the rest? Well, that’s what you’ll love about Macs Pork Skins – literally every cracklin’ bite has those attributes. If you truly judge the best pork rinds by taste and are not worried about what some might say is healthy, you’ll definitely think Macs pork rinds are the best. Speaking of healthy snacks, how do pork skins measure up?

Are Fried Pork Rinds Healthy?

Sometimes its not the ingredients in the food that makes a snack healthy, but what is not in the snack. Macs pork skins are healthy by virtue of what is not in them. There are no carbs and no trans-fats or other fake-o oils like canola. Unless you’re one of those old-fashioned type who still believe the age-old myth that saturated fats and cholesterol are unhealthy, there really isn’t much reason not to eat a few pork skins or cracklings between meals. They are essentially fried-out fat with a little bit of sodium, saturated fats and cholestero. None of these nutritional ingredients in fried pork skins have proven to be the least bit dangerous to our health, though some popular, outdated advice insists on telling us otherwise. While Macs do contain a decent amount of sodium, that is another thing that is completely harmless for most of us. See here: Attack on Salt. The main, nutritious advantage to fried pork rinds is that they taste good and satisfy our natural appetite for fat and salt in between meals. If you’re interested in the actual ingredients, here is the nutritional information on the Macs Fried Crackling Curls bag:

Fried Pork Rinds Nutrition

pork rinds nutrition
Push the label to see exactly what ingredients are in Macs Fried Pork Skins. Don’t let the saturated fats and salt scare you. That’s what we want in a satisfying snack, It’s what our body craves.

Pork Cracklins vs Pork Rinds

You might hear the term, pork cracklins associated with cooking recipes. In Mexican cuisine, they call them, Chicharrones. Chicharrones are simply fried pork skins and they taste very good with pinto beans or inside your bean burrito. They are typically smaller, richer and less dry than most fried pork rinds in the bag that you buy at the grocery store. But, the Mac pork rinds are a different story. Is one better than the other? Homemade Chicharrones and Macs Pork Rinds are similar – both of them are delicious.

Microwavable Pork Rinds

Another popular fad is to put un-fried pork skins in the microwave until they fill up with air and pop. This might sound like a fun thing to do, but I’d rather have Mac pork rinds. You’ll never make your microwaved pork skins taste as good as Macs!

Guilt-Free Snacking

They taste great and they aren’t nearly as unhealthy as you’ve been told. In fact, eating pork rinds might even help you lose weight by satisfying your cravings and helping you cut out carbs, cookies and other starches.

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