Green Chili Recipe

Using Roasted Green Chilies

Green Chili Recipe
Green Chili (Unroasted)

A good green chili recipe starts with roasted green chili peppers from Hatch, New Mexico.  A green chili recipe means different things in different parts of the country. I’ve had what is called green chili in places like Texas and California. I was disappointed when I first tried their recipe. It is served uncooked with raw green peppers of various types and sometimes with tomatillos. What I consider real green chili is found in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. Two things make the difference: The green chili peppers are roasted and it is simmered with pork and broth like a pot of soup or stew. You can use a green chili recipe to smother your  burritos or you can make it a meal in itself. Roasting the green chilis makes all the difference in the world. Pictured right are unroasted green chili. In fact, you can make it like pork green chilli stew simply by adding some carrots, peas, potatoes, etc. But before we get to the green chili stew, let’s list the ingredients of a traditional New Mexico green chili recipe.


  • 1-2 LBS Diced Pork or (Choose a Pork Roast)
  • 24 ounces of Hatch, New Mexico Roasted Green Chilies
  • 12 ounces Chicken Broth
  • 2-4 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 onion
  • Jalapenos (Optional)
  • 3 diced tomatoes
  • Pepper, Salt to taste
  • Masa flour or corn starch to thicken
  • chipotle peppers (Optional for extra heat and smokiness)
  • cumin powder (optional, for flavor)
  • Rancho Alegre Tequila (TOTALLY optional)

Green Chili Recipe

Mince the garlic and In a dutch oven, begin browning the pork and garlic together with a bit of your favorite oil.  After pork is browned on all sides, you can add the other ingredients to your dutch oven.  Don’t worry how much of each ingredient you use. No green chili recipe is the same as another. The more you make and eat this stuff, the more it will evolve into the green chili recipe that suits your own personal tastes.  Treat the green chili as a big pot of soup that you simmer all day long. The pork will become so tender that it melts in your mouth and your entire house will smell great all day long. After the green chili has cooked for a few hours, you can determine if you want to thicken the broth. Start with a couple of tablespoons of corn starch or Masa flour and mix it in a 4-8 ounce jar of water and add gradually to the broth. As it cooks, you will be able to determine how thick you want the green chili.  The heat level of green chili peppers can vary tremendously.  Use the optional chipotle peppers which you can get by the jar or can in your grocery store to turn up the heat level if you want it hotter. Or you can add some fresh or roasted jalapenos of your own. Either way, try the peppers as you add them, to know what kind of heat you’re adding to the green chili!  A pork green chili recipe is a wonderful

Turn this into a Green Chili Stew

To make Green Chili Stew, simply take your favorite pork green chili recipe and add vegetables like Carrots, Onions, Potatoes, Peas or green beans.. The potatoes not only taste great, but they will naturally thicken your broth. Add the vegetables about 2 hours before you plan on eating and simmer with the lid off. The broth will thicken like traditional gravy-type stew. There is nothing better than a pork green chili stew on a cold winter evening – or anytime, for that matter. The best green chili stew I ever had was at a little place in Demming, New Mexico.  The texture, aroma and flavor were amazing. I remembered what it looked like, smelled like and tasted like. My own recipe continues to evolve from those fond memories.

Fuji Apples vs Red Delicious Apples

Fuji Apples
Fuji Apple

Comparing Fuji to Red Delicious apples is similar to comparing lemons to limes. Both are in the same family, but suit different tastes and purposes. Limes go great with Tequila and Gin, whereas Lemons are better suited for vodka martinis or garnishes for Rob Roys. Either Fuji Apples or Red Delicious apples make great snacks or after-meal palate cleansers, but are one better than the other?

Strengths and Weaknesses of Fuji Apples

The main claim to fame of Fuji apples is that they are consistently good. It’s nearly impossible to get a bad Fuji apple. Fuji apples rule for consistency. They have a slightly lighter crunch than Red Delicious apples and a flavor that reflects the lighter color of their skin. They have a light, vanilla-like, peppery sweetness that never tastes heavy, dull, sour or bland. Fuji apples make your teeth and mouth feels clean and can be eaten very rapidly because the softer, yet crunchy skin will not leave you reeling for a tooth pick after each and every bite. Even the worst Fuji Apples seem to taste better than average apples of other varieties. Each Fuji apple is perfectly round and baseball-sized. If consistency is the claim to fame of the Fuji Apple, then what’s not to like? There is one problem with all of this consistency: Consistency is boring. To illustrate this, we have to describe the pros and cons of Red Delicious Apples and compare:

Strengths and Weaknesses of Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious ApplesIf you’ve learned the lesson in life that until you’ve had it bad you don’t know how good you have it, then you know something about red delicious apples. You can never truly appreciate the sweet, taste of a delicious apple unless you’ve tasted the bitterness of a bad one. Red delicious apples represent the best and worst of what life has to offer. Is there anything worse than the anticipation of enjoying a crisp, fresh, sweet and juicy apple only to bite into a mouthful of brown, soggy mush and bitter peel? How can it be that something which looks so colorful and beautiful on the outside has the taste and texture of soggy raisins inside? About 10% of red delicious apples are bad; another 50% are average. The remaining 30%, range from very good to ridiculously delicious. The ridiculously delicious red apples have colorful, bright green lines inside which explode in your mouth with an unearthly, sweet flavor after every bite. Getting one of these rare gems makes it worth suffering through every bad or average red delicious apple you’ve ever tried. Red Delicious, unlike Fuji’s vary greatly in size and shape. A bundle of red delicious apples is kind of like life in a bag. You never know what you’re going to bite into. One thing is for sure, it’s never boring. So, what’s the verdict?

Fuji vs Red-Delicious Apples Winner

The best Red Delicious apple is better than the best Fuji apple, any day of the week. I prefer to live life as an adventure. I’ll take what life gives me and that means I’ll continue to eat more Red Delicious apples and less Fuji.

K Cups Cheap Coffee Review

K Cups Cheap Coffee
Newmans Bold

I’d be lying if I said the only secret to life is finding cheap, but good K-Cups coffee. There is more to it than that. The secret is to find really cheap k-cups that actually make a great tasting cup of coffee. The first cup of coffee I ever tasted from my Mr Coffee Keurig, was the Newman’s Own Organic  Extra Bold brewed for me by the Costco demonstrator. Boy, was I impressed. Though the Newman’s K Cups were on sale at Costco, I decided to try some other K Cups Cheap coffee – cheap, meaning the 20 included cups that came with the Costco Mr Coffee Keurig coffee maker. Here is my impression of what was included:

Cheap K-Cups Brands

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

Cheap means, about .50 per cup and this isn’t bad. I had about 15 free cups of this included with the coffee maker. This is actually a very rich and tasty coffee for the price. It’s a tad too acidic and light tasting for me, but I think Green Mountain Breakfast Blend will appeal to a large number of Keurig Coffee drinkers:

If you’re a Kona Coffee drinker, you know how expensive it can be. At the prices above, you’ll really appreciate having a Keurig where you can enjoy the “K Cups Cheap” version of a quality Kona Coffee.

Green Mountain Kona

Kona Coffee is not for everyone, whether it’s priced cheaply or not. The K Cups Cheap Kona is not a bad coffee at all, but it does have a distinctive taste that not everyone enjoys. I found the Kona to be very rich, light tasting and acidic. None of this is necessarily bad, if you like a very tart coffee with a bite.

As you can see, with some frugel shopping, k-cups cheap, get even cheaper…but, I keep going back to that first cup of coffee I ever had from my Keuric Mr Coffee maker. For me, the Newman’s Organic Extra Bold is awfully hard to beat.

Newman’s Extra Bold

This one is my favorite. Newman’s extra bold is indeed a very bold tasting coffee, but not overly bitter like a french roast. This is the type of fresh-roasted bold flavor you can get from your favorite cup of Starbucks.