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So Far Impressed with Snapper Lawn Mowers

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snapper lawn mowersI’m not one to get overly excited about masculine outdoor, lawn and garden equipment like mowers, so you know I must have been pretty impressed with Snapper lawn mowers to make the decision to review them. My current Snapper Lawn mower was bought used just a few weeks ago and is the only one I ever had. Previously to buying this product at an Arvada Lawn Mower sales and Repair shop, I knew very little about Snapper lawn mowers. While I don’t get excited about mechanical equipment, I do appreciate quality. I cannot stand buying cheap products made from flimsy plastic that either breaks or feels like its going to break when you use it.  This is not the case with the Snapper at all. This lawn mower is a beast and I could tell when the salesman and I picked it up and loaded it into the back of my RAV4 SUV. It felt about 3 times heavier than the last lawnmower I purchased from them a few years ago. At $150.00 used, this was more machine than I thought I needed for as a 2nd hand mower for my tiny backyard, but I’ve become increasingly more fond of Snapper Mowers as a brand every time I use it.

Snapper Lawn Mowers Pure Quality

Snapper Lawn Mowers are Expensive for a Reason

Snapper Lawn Mower Grass AttachmentI was looking for a cheap, used $100-$150 lawn mower at my local lawn mower shop.  I explained that I wanted something small and didn’t need any fancy features. Just a reliable, 2nd hand mower for my small back yard section of grass. The store owner promised that he would have one ready for me next week, but accidentally sold it to someone else just before I arrived. In his attempt to make amends for his error, he took this Snapper Lawn Mower with the $300 price tag on it and sold it to me for $150.00. I reluctantly agreed realizing by looking it over that it was a quality machine – way more than what I needed. Okay, it never hurts to have a 2nd quality lawn-mower and this particular one was heavier and better made than the new Lawnmower I purchased a few years earlier. I immediately became impressed with Snapper, the first time I used it. It had some features I have never had on a lawn mower before.

Snapper EMLP21601

The Snapper EMLP21601 which I inherited for $150.00 is a Rear bagging mulcher which can be converted to a side bagger. The EMLP21601 has a 3 speed, self-propelled transmission which works amazingly well and became surprisingly useful for me going up the steep slope of my small yard.  On the right side is a lever that controls the engine speed and on the left side is a lever that controls the wheel speed. If you lost your manual for snapper lawn mowers, find it right here: Snapper Manual to Mulch, simply remove the bag and the grass cover flap will serve as the plug. Speaking of the grass catcher, the mount for attaching and removing is extremely easy to use and convenient. One thing that really impressed me with this mower was how easy it was to adjust the height of the blade. Cheaper lawn mowers usually have four levers which are difficult to adjust and feel as they are going to break. With the Snapper, you have one lever and it adjusts with ease. Overall, there is nothing not to like about this lawn mower. It is heavy and well built. If you like quality machines, you will love Snapper lawn mowers.

Long Term Update: Snapper Review April, 2014

I’ve figured out why this lawn mower was used and returned to the store who sold it to me. There are several annoying problems with it. One, it’s too big, heavy and cumbersome. Two, the drive belt is always becoming undone. This requires I get a screw driver out to fix and re-position it. It’s a heavy load of junk. The truth is, the drive belt would not even be necessary if the thing wasn’t so darn heavy. I’d much rather have a light, new mower that works and is easy to maneuver. Unless you have a huge lawn and need the drive power, it isn’t necessary. I’d take a good look at the reviews on new snapper lawn mowers before you decide to buy one.

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Push Reel Lawn Mower

Push Wheel Lawn Mower Fiskars 6201 StaySharp MaxIf you’re Looking for a Push Reel Lawnmower to make the noisy, tedious job of mowing your lawn more convenient and quiet, you need to look at the Fiskars 6201 Staysharp Max. As a Push Reel Lawnmower, you might not expect it to cost as much as a gas powered one, but there are some good reasons to pay a little more on the Fiskars 6201.  The Staysharp Max 6201 is easier to push, has 60% more cutting power, longer lasting cutting blades and smart technology that throws the grass away from your feet. There are plenty of good reasons to buy a push reel lawn mower over a gas powered mower. For me, I needed something smaller and easier to handle for my tiny backyard grass area. Also, I wanted to be able to cut grass earlier in the morning without waking up the neighbors. I’ve seen and used other Push reel lawnmowers that are cheaper, but the Fiskars 6201 is different.


For small lawns, gas-powered lawn mowers often seem wasteful and too much trouble to operate. They also make noise. A Push reel lawn mower not only saves gas, but time and trouble. Why waste the time filling up a mower with gas when you get the job done in half-the time with a push reel lawn mower like the Fiskars 6201? Obviously, though, it does you very little good if it requires too much time and effort. Trust me, I’ve tried other push reel mowers that don’t make the job very easy. The Fiskars 6201 StaySharp is different from all the others. There are some design features about the Fiskars 6201 StaySharp mower that seals the deal, if you’re considering an easier way to mow a small lawn or second patch of grass.

Best Push Reel Lawn Mower Design

Why Fiskars 6201 StaySharp is Better

The Fiskars 6201 is not only the best design for a push-reel lawn mower, but for any lawn mower I’ve ever used. The curved body design and small wheels makes it easy to get ride up the edging of your grass, yet takes so little effort to turn and push up-hill. These blades, according to over 200 happy users, stay sharp for ever and cut the grass with ease. And Fiskars claim it takes less inertia and effort to mow are right on the money according to hundreds of satisfied Fiskars 6201 StaySharp mowers. Keep your lawn looking sharp with the Fiskars 6201 StaySharp Max Push Reel mower.

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Black and Decker Grass Hog

black and decker grass hogHow do you rate the Black and Decker Grass Hog? Leave Your Review Below

I’ve had my Black and Decker Grass Hog for 7 years and so I suppose I’ve had enough time to form an opinion and review. The grass hog is still selling strong on Amazon, so at the very least, we know it’s still a worthy contender among the dozens of choices of cordless, weed trimmers.

What is the Black and Decker Grass Hog?

The Grass Hog, Model # NS2018 is an electric, cordless grass trimmer and edger that comes with two, re-chargeable, 18-Volt batteries
I decided to shop for a cordless, electric trimmer a few years ago for the sake of convenience and simplicity. I don’t know how other gas trimmers are, but my previous, Ryobi gas trimmer was a pain-in-the-butt to start and I got sick of the vibration and noise. The Black and Decker will trim your grass using a reel of the standard, .65MM to .75MM trimmer line. Additionally, with a simple adjustment you can convert the Grass Hog into an edger. Having such a small yard, it got to be a embarrassing nuisance starting up the gas trimmer for a job that took about 5 minutes. That was 7 years ago and since then, I’ve moved to house with a bigger yard and can fully appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the Grass Hog.

Black and Decker Grass Hog Pros and Cons

Grass Hog Pros

  • Convenience
  • Two Batteries are Included
  • Converts to an Edger with one simple rotation
  • Low Cost

Grass Hog Cons

  • Battery Life
  • Vanishing Trimmer Line

Grass Hog: The Verdict

The Black and Decker Grass Hog is plenty powerful enough to trim and edge your grass, but I quickly found out that I needed two, fully charged batteries to complete the job on the larger front and back lawns of my bigger house. For some reason, the grass hog seems to eat up trimmer line faster than anything. This is not a deal-breaker; the line is cheap and it’s very easy to load, but where the heck is it going..? If you’re concerned about the battery life, you can buy extra rechargeable batteries for your grass hog. The conversion to an edger is genius – it works great and takes seconds to convert back and forth from edger to trimmer. Overall, I have to agree with the vast majority of other Black and Decker Grass Hog owners and give this product 4 Stars.


Two years after writing this review, I’ve retired the Grass Hog in favor of a much more powerful Lithium Ion Ryobi Trimmer.  The Grass Hog still works and is sitting in my garage. The unit held up well and served it’s purpose.

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Solar Christmas Lights

solar christmas lightsAre Solar Christmas Lights worth the money? In a word, no. In two words, it depends. Let’s start worth the no, then we’ll move on to the depends part of the equation.


If you want to light-up the outside of your home like the City Courthouse, you’d better have enough money to buy the courthouse, if not a good-sized town. One string of 50 Solar LED Christmas lights typically costs $20.00. For kicks, my wife and I decided to try the Solar Lights experiment this year. For starters, we bought two strings of LED lights for $40 and were able to decorate two small bushes in the front of our home. Just think, for another $2,000 we could have purchased 100 strings for a whopping total of 5,000 lights. In case you’re wondering, that falls about 10,000 lights short of competing in your neighborhood Christmas Decoration contest. If cost is not a good enough deterrent for the LED Solar Christmas Lights experiment, we discovered a few other problems:

For one thing, you need to be able to place your solar panel where it gets enough sunshine throughout the day to charge the lights so they will stay lit most of the evening. Since our home faces north it was difficult to find places to stake the solar panels in the yard which are not covered in shade most of the day. If you wanted to put the lights on your eaves or roof, you’ll find that the charging cord is not long enough to reach the ground. You’ll have to mount them on the roof or gutter or somewhere else and here-in is the next problem with solar Christmas lights: Even if you went crazy and bought a bunch of these things, how ugly is your yard, roof or gutters going to look with this square, 4×4” solar panels littered everywhere? If that’s not bad enough, what happens if it’s cloudy all day or snow covers your panels and prevents any sun light from charging your lights? You’ll be left with a plain, undecorated house and looking like the neighborhood scrooge.


Okay, so that covers just about all of the disadvantages of solar lights. At this point, it may be hard to believe, but they do serve a useful purpose. The real purpose for solar Christmas lights is to fill gaps in areas which otherwise might be ignored. Everyone has small bushes, wreathes, windows, roof or other areas of the home that are hard to reach with a wall outlet and require an extension cord. As long as these areas get enough sunshine, you’ll be able to decorate in areas which might otherwise be ignored. In short, Solar Christmas Lights are not well suited for replacing traditional lighting. Rather, they are a useful addition to your yearly Christmas decoration tool chest.

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Snoboss Shovel

snoboss shovelSince first seeing the Snoboss shovel at Home Depot last year, I decided to look up some actual user reviews on this large, peculiar-looking snow shovel. My large driveway requires a lot of horizontal and vertical distances to cover with a standard shovel, so I’ve often wondered if there is a better way. The Snoboss (Snowboss or Snow Boss) is a drastically looking looking different tool than the typical, snow shovels I’m used to. While my other two snow shovels are ergonomically designed, they do not have the deep, double-hand scoop of the snoboss. In theory, the snoboss makes the job of shoveling a driver quicker and easier on the back. What specifically is different about the features and physical properties of the Snoboss that supposedly make it superior for shoveling snow?

Snoboss Shovel Physical Properties and Features

The snoboss is described as an Ames True-Temper Snow pusher. A quick glance at the snoboss will tell you that it is better suited for pushing larger volumes of snow. Hopefully, this means you don’t have to cover as much distance, going back and forth to do the job. Additionally the snoboss is ergonomically designed in such a way to minimize lifting and strain on the back. The double u-shaped, handle gives users a dual grip for dispersing the weight of the snow when lifting and pushing. If that’s not enough to push through heavy snow, the snoboss also includes a ledge for

ergonomic snow shovelusing your feet. Why would I be interested in a big shovel like this? Well, because the current shovel I use (See Picture to the left) is incapable of paving across the width of my driveway without leaving behind streaks of snow on both sides of the shovel. So, even a relatively light snow storm of say 4-6″ means that for every path I pave, I have to make two trips back and forth to pickup the leftover snow. My hope is that the Snoboss is big enough and holds enough volume in snow that I can make a spotless path from one side of the driveway to the other. This looks and sounds great in theory, but before I plop down $38.00 on a snow shovel, what are people actually saying about the Snoboss shovel? Does it do a good job and can I find one review that proves the Snoboss will accomplish the task of being able to shovel a spotless paved path across the width of a large driveway?

Snoboss Ratings

snoboss ratings
Over 34 users of the Snoboss rated it 4 stars on Amazon and another 9 ranked it 4 stars from Home Depot. A 4-Star rating out of 43 users is not bad, but what could keep this product from getting 5 stars? For one, thing there seems to be a number of users disappointed in the bottom blade edge of the snoboss, citing that the metal was soft, poorly made and didn’t stay flat against the pressure of the snow. Well, okay, not a deal killer, but how about making a clean sweep across my driveway without leaving streaks of on both sides of the path? Well, apparently, the snoboss isn’t perfect in that respect either. A small number of users reported that while the snoboss does much better than a standard shovel in this regard, there is still some spillage over the sides when going across the driveway. The other small gripe is that the snoboss shovel is a little bit cumbersome for maneuvering corners. So, what about the positives? Nearly all users of the snoboss unanimously agreed that it makes the job of cleaning the driveway much easier and quicker than your standard snow shovel. Everyone also agreed that this shovel is far easier on the back and makes the job much less straining. Even those, who didn’t rate the Snoboss with a perfect 5-star rating, admitted that they preferred it to their typical snow shovel.

Pros and Cons of the Snoboss


  • Better Ergonomics for less strain on the back.
  • Multiple handles provide better leverage for lifting snow.
  • Large Volume scoop gets the job done quicker.


  • Flimsy Metal blade on bottom (May have been fixed in newer models)
  • Large size makes it rather difficult for negotiating turns
  • Despite large scoop still suffers some spillage of snow out the sides.
  • Price is about $10 to $15 higher than your typical snow shovel



The Snoboss is not the perfect snow shovel, but I have yet to find one that is. If you live in an area where you can expect more than a handful of rough, snowy days, why not arm yourself with all the help you can get? The fact that the snowboss will help minimize back pain is reason enough alone to buy one. The benefits of getting the job done quicker are merely the icing on the cake – or should we say the snow off the driveway? We’re expecting 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow morning, I wish I had already bought a snoboss shovel

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