Garage Parking Aid

Garage Parking AidA garage parking aid should be simple, cheap, and effective. I tried the tennis ball on a string method many, many times. Not only was it difficult to line-up at exactly the right spot, but it was constantly in the way whenever I pulled cars out to work in the garage for any number of reasons.  And, if I didn’t get it just right, I’d have to move the car away and do it all over again. A garage parking aid needs to be permanently installed yet out of the way when there are no cars in the garage. How difficult is that? The other day after one of my cars was parked too close to the refrigerator the idea of a virtual tennis ball came to me. Why not a laser light parking aid that works by an automatic sensor when the car is pulled into the garage? And why not a dual-sensor light for two cars? When I looked up my idea on Amazon, it didn’t surprise me to find 5 or 6 different garage parking aids that were all ready to purchase at very affordable prices. These virtual laser-light parking aids all have pretty good user ratings, various capabilities and features based on your specific needs, and they are ridiculously simple to install. 

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Grundfos Booster Pump

Grundfos Booster Pump
– A Review

Whole House Hot Water Recirculating System

grundfos booster pumpA booster pump or whole house hot water recirculating system is a nonsubmersible pump designed to bring hot water to your kitchen and bathroom faucets without having to run and waste water for several seconds waiting for it to get warm. How well a water circulation pump depends on many factors of your household; size of hot water heater, pipe length, distance of pipes from hot-water heater, and last but not least, temperature and climate. Before I had a Grundfos circulation pump, it required over a minute for the water coming out of my kitchen faucet to get warm first thing in the morning. I was constantly filling pots as the water ran, as to not waste so much water. I had heard about hot water recirculating systems before, so when I had a new hot water heater installed last summer I decided to finally give one a try.

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Augusta Swivel Bar Stool

Augusta Swivel Bar StoolThe August Swivel Bar Stool pictured right came in a box of two from Amazon for just $209.99. But wait. As I was ordering, I got confused thinking I was getting a discount for the 2-pack when in reality the single stool was on sale for nearly half the price. A very absent-minded error on my part. Don’t make the same mistake. This is the one you want: August Bar Stool Single Pack.  Anyway, I needed a couple of cheap bar stools and ended up getting far more for my money than I could have imagined. These August swivel bar stools are made by a furniture company called, Boraam. I think if you spend a few minutes just looking at their page on Amazon you’ll agree with me that none of their stuff looks cheap. But, just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s quality, right? Before I give you my overall impression, let me give you some details about the quality and function of the Augusta swivel bar stool.

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Shark Rocket Professional Makes it Fun to Clean Carpet

Shark Rocket Professional
Shark Rocket Professional

The Shark Rocket Professional Performance Plus replaced our old, ‘beat-up, falling-apart’ Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum. About eight years ago, we paid around $500.00 for the Dyson after being told these were the best vacuum cleaners money can buy, hands-down. The Dyson was okay, but not once, not even right-out-of-the-box,  was I ever wowed by its features and performance. On the other hand, we paid only $179.00 for the Shark Vacuum  vacuum cleaner. At less than half the price, the Shark Rocket has already left a much more favorable, initial impression on me than the previous, Dyson Vacuum Website. Here are some of the things that stand-out about this new vacuum cleaner, and how it compares to the Dyson.

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Shark Rocket Professional

Suction, Power, and Performance

The first time I powered-on the Shark Rocket Professional, it had noticeably more power than my old, Dyson DC14 Full Kit, reviewed here.  The brushes on the Sharp Rocket really dig into the carpet. In fact, the brush rollers are so strong that they practically propel the entire vacuum unit along the carpet by itself. After vacuuming our entire, my wife took the Shark Rocket over to my parent’s house to demonstrate. The carpeting of both houses look significantly better than they ever did with the Dyson. The Shark Rocket Professional advertises that it has more suction than the latest Dyson DC50 vacuum. The results leave little doubt in my mind that this is true.

Features and Operation

Lightweight Sleek Swivel Performance

The Shark Rocket Professional is only 14lbs. The low, sleek swivel-based vacuum head makes it a breeze to vacuum underneath beds, sofas, chairs, and other furniture. The vacuum head includes nice bright, LED lights so you can see what you are doing as you clean up under those dark pieces of furniture. As I wheeled the Shark Rocket around our living room for a while, I immediately noticed that less effort is required of my back and legs.

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Instant Screen Door by QuikScreen

QuikScreen Instant Screen DoorI used to think the only place for a mesh, instant screen door was odd-sized doorways or areas with no doors at all.  Since purchasing and installing the QuikScreen Instant Screen Door a couple of weeks ago, I am fully sold on the benefits they provide in place of traditional screen doors.  Besides having an odd-sized door where a conventional screen might not fit, the most obvious benefit of the mesh screen is that it lets pets in and out of your house during mild weather when you leave a door open. If you have cats like me, you’ve probably experienced ugly holes in your screen door from the cats climbing up and hanging on it all the time. That is one good reason to consider an instant mesh screen.

How to Install the QuikScreen Instant Screen Door

I happen to have double, french doors with two screens. Both screens were badly damaged by cat claws. Rather than replace the screens again and suffer the consequences all over again, I decided to get a QuikScreen from Home Depot for around $20 bucks. I removed one of the screen doors entirely and replaced it with the QuikScreen in about 20 minutes. There are no nuts, bolts or tools required. The tubular bar on top expands as you twist it and fastens itself inside the door frame. IN the middle is a magnetic latch and on the sides are double-sided adhesive squares for strategically sealing the mesh screen from gaps. You can improvise with this part to get it just right.  I had to meddle with the sides and adhesive a few times before I was satisfied with the fit. Once I was able to get in and out of the mesh screen easily myself, I decided to let the cat have a turn.

Using a Mesh Instant Screen Door as a Pet Door

Habits are hard to break with both cats and dogs. My cat’s first reaction to the QuikScreen was to stare at it and meow. At least she was not digging her claws into it. The slack, loose surface does not give cats anything to grip into, so there is very little concern for an instant screen door incurring damage anytime soon. After some training and coaxing, our cat, Noche, was soon able to get out the door. Two weeks later, she still goes to where the old screen was attached and attempts to dig her claws into it, but there is nothing but glass there now. It still takes her some nudging to use the QuikScreen, but she is getting better. Overall, it works very well as a pet door and the problem with screen damage is completely resolved. The one obvious problem is that instant screen doors do not work when you choose to keep your door closed during cold or hot weather. However, the QuickScreen is not unattractive and looks completely normal when our door is open on nice days. It keeps us from getting up and down to let the cat in and outside.

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