Paper Shredders For Home

Paper Shredders For Home
Paper Shredder for Home

Shredding Paper at Home

We are in an electronic world, yet I find myself so busy protecting my personal, electronic files and assets that it becomes increasingly frustrating and hard to deal with junk mail. Most of the printed junk mail I receive doesn’t have any real, sensitive information other than my name and address, but I constantly find myself fretting over what to do with it. The $29.00 Walmart Paper Shredder I have takes time and can only handle a maximum of 6 sheets of paper at a time. It would certainly be easier to just throw it in the trash, but the fear of not knowing what’s going in the dumpster with my name on it, usually gives me reason to pause and spend extra time preparing the junk mail for the slow, inefficient home paper shredder. Are Paper Shredders For Home covered under Home Warranty Programs? Afraid not!  I’m tired of this process and now considering some better options for dealing with junk mail. The way I see it, I have two choices:

  1. Hire the Services of a Paper Shredders For Home Company
  2. Buy a better, bigger, more powerful, efficient unit. Paper Shredders For Home are Cheap!

After thinking about the service vs. the cost of owning a bigger, better, more powerful Paper Shredders For Home, I reached some conclusions about what is best for me:

Paper Shredder Company vs Paper Shredders For Home

Paper Shredder Companies are not just for large businesses with massive amounts of documents to destroy. The key to a paper shredder company is convenience. Most companies will either drive to your home or office or allow you to bring the materials in for destruction. A Paper Shredder Company usually has a couple of different rates or fees. You can pay a one time or recurring fee for pickup delivery. A typical fee is $35 per drop off or $50 for pick-up service. Obviously, it would be way too expensive to do this on a weekly basis. A better idea would be to store your mail in a big box and drop it off once a month. $35-$50 a month gives you piece of mind. If you’ve got a lot of documents to shred, it would certainly give you piece of mind to hire a Paper Shredder Company for your small or home business. On the other hand, if you simply want an easy way to destroy the handfuls of daily junk mail you receive, there is a better way:

Even the Home needs a Good Paper Shredder

Don’t Skimp too Much

No matter how tempting it is to buy that $39.00 6-8 Cross Sheet Feeder Paper shredder on sale at Walmart, Target or Amazon, if you’re like me, you will soon regret not having spent the money for a bigger, faster and more powerful unit. On average, I receive about 2-4 pieces of Junk Mail per day with my name and address printed on them. The contents inside of just one piece of junk mail, is usually too much the paper shredder in one try. Multiply 2 or 3 times 4 pieces of mail a day and it gets to be a timely job shredding stupid, inconsequential junk mail. Furthermore, the small waste basket will frequently need to be emptied and it’s a messy job doing this without a good sized unit and liner bag. I needed to find a bigger, better Home Paper Shredder.

Paper Shredders Rated

Aurora AS420C Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder with Basket

If you insist on going cheap, this little unit is very highly rated. Over 100 Users rated the Aurora S420C Shredder 4.5 stars on Amazon. They loved its reliability, ease of use, convenience and price. It even comes with a handy little envelope opener and place to store it. The downside. It only handles 4 sheets of paper at a time. This is considered a desktop shredder and might come in handy for a college student or one with only small usage needs. At the $29.00 price tag, it’s about as safe a bet for a home paper shredder that you’ll ever find.

Aurora 31215 12-Sheet Medium-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder

Need something bigger, this 12-sheet Cross-Cut Shredder by Aurora is a good compromise. It handles 12 sheets of paper and sells for around $75.00.
This unit has been given a rating of over 4 stars by 13 Amazon users. Not much to complain about, here. The Aurora 31215 Paper Shredder will handle 12 sheets of paper at a time, including staples, paper clips, CDs and credit cards. Still not big enough for me.

Fellowes 32177 Powershred PS-77Cs Shredder

Now, we’re talking! The Fellowes PS-77Cs Shredder will still only shred 12 sheets of paper at a time, but it’s large 7-Gallon waste basket will handle up to 600 sheets of paper before it needs to be emptied. Over 385 Users reviewed this product on amazon and gave it 4.5 stars. Users marveled over how effortlessly the PS-77C shreds credit cards, CDs, Paper Clips, envelopes and 12 sheets of paper at a time. At just under $200, it is not a cheap home paper shredder by any means, but it is a good investment, especially if you have a home office or receive lots of junk mail. The good news is that you can buy this heavy duty paper shredder for substantially cheaper below. Look for one that offers free shipping and you’re going to be quite happy with the investment.

The way I look at it: A Paper Shredder Company at $35.00 a month x 12 = $420.00. There are Paper Shredders For Home Much Cheaper than that!

A High quality Paper Shredder for home, like the PS-77C is only half that price and it’s here and ready for me to use when I need it. I will be buying a new Paper Shredder for the Home this fall.

1000 Thread Count Sheets

1000 thread count sheets

I just experienced one of the best night’s sleep I have ever had and it had nothing to do with a pricey new bed, mattress pad or expensive, 1000 thread count sheets. My wife bought a set of Queen-Sized Jersey Knit Sheets for about $20 at Target a couple of weeks. We just now got around to washing them and putting them on the bed last night. I’ve read about Jersey Knit Sheets before, but never really knew what they were or why they were so popular. We’ve all heard about how comfortable 1000 Thread Count Sheets feel, but few of us have ever felt like spending the money to try them out. High Thread Count sheets range from 300-400, and the extremely pricey ones can go up to 1000 and above. After a good night’s sleep on Jersey Knit Sheets, I’m well rested enough to say with confidence: I cannot imagine 1000 Thread Count Sheets being more comfortable. What is it that makes Jersey Knit Sheets so Comfortable? Really, it’s three things that I noticed right away:

  1. Bed Sheet Temperature for Jersey Knit Sheets

    On a cold winter night, it can really give you a chill sliding into your cold bed sheets. Not so with the Jersey Knit Sheets. The cotton fabric seemed to match my body temperature. On a cold winter night the cotton material feels warm to the touch. I’ll be anxious to try these on a warm summer night, as I’m told these sheets won’t heat up your body and will keep you cool and dry.

  2. Bet Sheet Material

    The minute I slid into the Jersey Knit Sheets last night I felt soft and comfortable. It’s like getting a new bed. These sheets will literally help put you to sleep. The Jersey Cotton blend is 10-times softer than the traditional sheets we were using. Not only is the fabric soft, but it is smooth and elastic.

  3. Fit
    The smooth and elastic fit, seems to shape, mold and move with your body when you turn in bed. I’ve always hated that feeling of sheets and bed slip wrinkling underneath me as I try to get comfortable in bed with regular cotton blend sheets. The Jersey Knit Sheets seem like the perfect fit.

The great comfort of these sheets got me wondering what other people are saying about their experience with them as well as the long term durability? Will they lose their elasticity and comfort over time and several washings? I decided to look at some user reviews of Jersey Knit Sheets.

Jersey Knit Sheets User Reviews

After glossing over several user ratings of Jersey Knit Sheets on Amazon, the first thing I learned was that not all are created equal. While just about everyone agreed that even the cheaper ones were more comfortable than traditional sheets, many users complained they were not AS soft and cozy as what they had bought in the past from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Many other Amazon Sheet users complained that the product did not last as long and the colors quickly faded after a few washings. These seemed to be roughly the same price and quality we got from Target for $20.00. The average rating for the sheets that I loved so much is only 3 stars out of 5. There are better ones out there and I found them: Deluxe 150 Gram Jersey Knit Sheets were rated 4-stars by 68 users. The quality, softness, comfort and durability were rated much higher with these than on the $20.00 sheets. Meanwhile, I am impressed enough with the comfort of the $20.00 sheets at Target to replace them every 6 months if the durability becomes an issue. At that price, you cannot go wrong.

The 1000 Thread Count Sheets Pricey Alternative

If you’ve ever slept on 1000 Thread Count sheets, it was probably at a fancy Hotel. 300 to 400 is considered a very high thread count for sheets and they are very expensive. A set of Grand 1000 Thread Count Sheets sell for around $269.00 on Amazon. They are made from 100% cotton and considered the most comfortable, softest sheets you can buy. Over 150 users on Amazon rated them 4 out of 5 stars. This is a good rating, but for price, you’d wonder what would keep some people from rating them 5 Stars? While, many users raved that there is nothing like these sheets, there were a few who were disappointed with the product not meeting their expectations of other sheets they’ve compared them to. Still, the unanimous conclusion seems to be that there is nothing like getting a good night’s sleep in a set of 1000 Thread Count Sheets. I think I’ll stick with $20.00 Jersey Knit Sheets from Target. I could have 14 sets of them for the same price!.