Garage Parking Aid

Garage Parking AidA garage parking aid should be simple, cheap, and effective. I tried the tennis ball on a string method many, many times. Not only was it difficult to line-up at exactly the right spot, but it was constantly in the way whenever I pulled cars out to work in the garage for any number of reasons.  And, if I didn’t get it just right, I’d have to move the car away and do it all over again. A garage parking aid needs to be permanently installed yet out of the way when there are no cars in the garage. How difficult is that? The other day after one of my cars was parked too close to the refrigerator the idea of a virtual tennis ball came to me. Why not a laser light parking aid that works by an automatic sensor when the car is pulled into the garage? And why not a dual-sensor light for two cars? When I looked up my idea on Amazon, it didn’t surprise me to find 5 or 6 different garage parking aids that were all ready to purchase at very affordable prices. These virtual laser-light parking aids all have pretty good user ratings, various capabilities and features based on your specific needs, and they are ridiculously simple to install. 

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Amazon Prime Streaming

Amazon Prime Streaming

Amazon Prime StreamingHow I finally got around the Insufficient Bandwidth Messages on my Samsung Smart TV


I am a big fan of Amazon Prime – enough that I cancelled my Netflix subscription a while back and started using Amazon Prime Streaming instead. I have been using Amazon Prime for the last two years just for its many other benefits, particularly the free, two-day shipping on just about everything I order. The video and movie selection appeared to me to be just as good as Netflix so I am now saving a few bucks a month by cancelling my Netflix subscription.

Amazon Prime Streaming with Apple TV

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Dell Inspiron 15

Dell Inspiron 15
Dell Inspiron 15 Model 7579

The Dell Inspiron 15, model 7579 is a is a well-made, 15.6″ laptop. I purchased this to replace the old, Core-2 Duo, 15″ Laptop that I use for business in my classroom at school. Microsoft, in their infamous ways really knows how to bring old hardware down to its knees, make it outdated, and force you to buy something new whether you once believed you ever needed to or not. My old laptop ran just fine until the nagging Windows-10 update finally got the best of it and upgraded it without me ever agreeing to it. Over time, the massive number of Windows-10 upgrades slowed the machine down to the point I could barely use it anyore. This new, 15.6″ Dell Laptop is not only much faster, but makes the laptop more useful in a number of different ways. Before I get to the pros and cons, let me just give you a brief run-down of the hardware specifics on the Dell Inspiron 15-7579, Laptop and a very non-technical explanation of what they do for you: 

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