Best Shoes I Ever Had

Mens Swiftwater CrocsThe best shoes I ever had are on my feet right now. The mens Swiftwater Crocs have come in handy for me this summer in a way that was completely unexpected. When the summer began, I was simply looking to replace a pair of old, worn-out sandals. I was hoping to find something light and comfortable to walk in that could also be used for some light hiking. These mens Swiftwater Crocs fit the need in at least 2 of those 3 areas. Let me provide a summary of what makes these Swiftwater Crocs the best shoes I ever had. To make such high praise, I’d better be able to support it with some details and facts. So, here goes:

Mens Swiftwater Crocs

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Garage Parking Aid

Garage Parking AidA garage parking aid should be simple, cheap, and effective. I tried the tennis ball on a string method many, many times. Not only was it difficult to line-up at exactly the right spot, but it was constantly in the way whenever I pulled cars out to work in the garage for any number of reasons.  And, if I didn’t get it just right, I’d have to move the car away and do it all over again. A garage parking aid needs to be permanently installed yet out of the way when there are no cars in the garage. How difficult is that? The other day after one of my cars was parked too close to the refrigerator the idea of a virtual tennis ball came to me. Why not a laser light parking aid that works by an automatic sensor when the car is pulled into the garage? And why not a dual-sensor light for two cars? When I looked up my idea on Amazon, it didn’t surprise me to find 5 or 6 different garage parking aids that were all ready to purchase at very affordable prices. These virtual laser-light parking aids all have pretty good user ratings, various capabilities and features based on your specific needs, and they are ridiculously simple to install. 

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BPA Free Water Bottles

BPA Free Water BottlesBPA free water bottles have come into high demand due to a certain industrial chemical in plastics called, bisphenol. This chemical has been highly used in the last 60 years or so since the manufacturing of plastics and use of resins took-off worldwide.  The number one risk of course is cancer. Whether or not that risk is real is secondary to the idea that most of us will do everything practically possible to reduce our chances of getting cancer. On top of that, our mobile, on-the-go society seemed to gain a new appreciation for carrying around water in plastic bottles.  As a classroom teacher, I like to have a 32oz bottle of water with me at all times, so I was willing to pay a little more and get a higher quality water bottle by Contigo .  Now, the latest ‘health-experts’ say that even BPA Free water bottles are not completely safe. Apparently, there are other toxic chemicals that can leach to our food that is just as dangerous as bisphenol. I won’t get overly obsessed with this because it is impractical to avoid all plastics. I only keep water in my bottle and it stays out of the hot sun and microwave. What I am more concerned with is comparing my latest BPA free water bottle purchase, the Pogo 32oz.

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Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle

Contigo Autoseal Water BottleThe Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle can be purchased on Amazon or other Department Stores for about $13.00. $13.00 seems expensive to me for a water bottle, but I needed something good that would last a while. The two things that lured me into buying the Contigo water bottle was its 32oz capacity and supposedly leak-proof water seal. As a school teacher, I am constantly moving around with text books, coffee cups, and papers which I have to keep dry.  Also, the Contigo 32OZ water seal bottle is made from durable, BPA-free, light-weight plastic, so I can comfortably carry it in my laptop bag without worrying about spills. This particular Contigo water bottle is designed very ingeniously so you the water bottle remains sealed at all times until you push the button on the opposite side of while you drink from it. I can move around the classroom and take drinks without leaving the water bottle open or exposed to my germful students. I thought this was one of the best items I’ve purchased in a long time until about 3 weeks later.

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Copper Chef Pan

Copper Chef Pan Review

Copper Chef PanDon’t believe the no-stick nonsense about any frying pan much less the Copper Chef Pan which is one of the latest touted as the best non-stick pan you can buy. I purchased the large, square Copper Chef Pan about a year ago. One of the things that attracted me to this pan was it’s size and depth and fact I can even place it in an oven for baking. My expectations about the much-hyped non-stick frying service was skeptical at best. I’ve tried numerous pans and they all stick after a while whether I use a properly-seasoned Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, or Teflon-coated pan. The infomercial claims on the Copper Chef pan look oh-so impressive, and it really is great how versatile this pan is. You can use it to fry, but it is large enough that you can also use it to cook sauces, soups or deep-fry. Probably, the best luck I’ve had with this particular, ‘non-stick’ pan is deep-frying potato wedges.  The bad news is that solid meats and oil residue began sticking right in the middle of the pan after about only 3 weeks of use. I usually get 6-8 months out of a non-stick, teflon-coated pans. I have a couple of Pauls Dean pans that are still stick-free after 3 years. I have better luck with the smaller pans and now I know why.

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