BMI Scale

BMI Scale
BMI Scale

A BMI Scale is a device that some people are looking for, yet probably don’t even need. If you’re wondering how to find your BMI, you might be able to stop worrying about it.
Body Mass Index or BMI is a mathematical number derived from the National Institute of Health which supposedly determines if we are at a healthy weight.Why should you want to Know How to find your BMI? Well, maybe you don’t.
While many of us regard the National Institute of Health (NIH) as experts on the subject of healthy living, let’s remember these are the same people telling us lies about Fat and Cholesterol. NIH is of the same generation of fraud medical scientists that brought us trans fats in place of healthy, safe animal fats many decades ago. As a result, hundreds of thousands of obsessed, healthy people are eating bland, unhealthy low-fat diets and taking, expensive, liver-toxic statin pill prescriptions. I put very little stock into nutrition advice from mainstream health institutions like these and so naturally, I am very skeptical about the NHI BMI Product. At Product Review Ratings, I consider BMI a product worthy of some serious contemplation and review, but you should have zero concern about how to find your BMI. When I decided to look into my own Body Mass Index Number I became even more skeptical about the value of the NIH BMI product they are feeding us with our weight scales. How to Find your BMI is about as important as knowing your astrology horoscope.

How to Find Your BMI for Weight and Age

Proper Weight for Height and Age

Is there a such thing as Proper Weight for Height and Age?

At age 49, I wear the same size jeans I did 20 years ago. I could probably stand to lose about 5 lbs, but I wouldn’t want to lose anymore than that. Using the BMI scale below, I put in my numbers and came up in the overweight category. Even if I lost 10lbs, my weight would just barely fit into the so-called “normal” category. So, according to the NIH scale, I shouldn’t be wearing the same size pants I wore when I was 25 years old. I should be skinnier. There’s a big problem with BMI. No two men or women of the same height and weight look or feel the same. Because muscle weighs more than fat, BMI can be a very misleading indicator of one’s proper weight. A very muscular, lean and fit 5’8 athlete might weight 180lbs might have a higher BMI than a guy who actually looks overweight and is out of shape. If I decided to get into a vigorous exercise program like the P90x Workout, I could be in danger of gaining even more weight by increasing my muscle mass. Is there really such thing as a Proper Weight for Height and Age? What’s right for one person is not necessarily the same for someone else. I have a brother in law who is as fit, lean and thin as a rail, yet the doctor told him his BMI put him in the obese category! No two people with the exact same BMI necessarily come anywhere close to matching the same body appearance. BMI is a ridiculously bad product for gauging your weight and health. In case you’re curious, it’s very easy to calculate your BMI.

Measuring without a BMI Scale

In case you’re curious, here’s how to find your BMI without the need for any special machinery or weight scales.
Here is the BMI Formula:
BMI=(Your Weight in LBs) / (Your Height in Inches Squared) X 703
Wouldn’t it help to know your body fat and muscle percentage?

Forget about How to Find Your BMI

Body Fat Percentage Chart More Useful

A better variable for calculating your proper weight is to know your Body Fat Percentage: The chart below, should be used as a guideline only. Remember, what’s healthy for one person may not be the same for another, and vice versa. We’re all built differently, so why waste time learning how to find your bmi?

Body Fat Percentage Chart

While it is one thing to to use a chart like this for a reference, calculating your actual Body Fat Percentage is another challenge entirely. And again, Body Fat Percentage is just one part of the equation for knowing your health, fitness and proper weight. There is a much better way to calculate all of this.

There are much better ways to measure your body composition. The Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition Monitor is more than just a BMI Scale. The Omron will measure your weight and body composition in 7 different ways:

  1. Body Fat Level
  2. Visceral Fat Level
  3. Skeletal Muscle %
  4. Resting Metabolism
  5. Body Age
  6. Body Weight
  7. BMI (Body Mass Index)

Despite the fact that BMI is only 1/7th of the equation of these super, health scales, they are still referred to online as a, BMI scale.
Factoring in Body Fat and Muscle percentage into the equation makes a great deal more sense. One, can actually monitor the full progress of an exercise program with one of these Health Monitor Scales. It would be interesting to monitor the results of the P90x Workout with the Omron Body Monitor. The Omron Body Sensor on sale below has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by over 70 users. The accuracy and value of these machines is confirmed by the testimonies of those using them to gauge the progress of their work-out programs. Imagine, if they were using ONLY a scale to gauge the results of their health program. Using only a BMI scale wouldn’t do them much good, would it? The much better option is a full Weight/BMI/Body-Fat and Muscle Scale like the one below. You can forget about the question of how to find your BMI and worry about a healthy body, instead.

Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser

Waterpik WP 360 Teeth Cleaner
The Waterpik WP 360 is one of the most affordable products on the market of flossers. How does the Waterpik WP 360 do against corded flossers like the Popular WP 100?

waterpik cordless water flosser

Corded Flossers

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Water Flossing can be really cool; if not so necessary sometimes. It beats spending a fortune on Dental Insurance.

Ten years ago I had a porcelain crown put around one of my top molars on the left side of my mouth. The crown work created a gap which is always prone to getting jammed up with meat and other foods that are sometimes hard to remove with regular floss. Sometimes, the floss itself gets jammed in between two teeth and that creates a real problem.  Have you ever tried to remove shredded threads from the deep crevices of two or more teeth? It ain’t easy – and it ain’t fun. If a fragment or sliver of popcorn gets stuck between your teeth and deep into your gums, forget about it! This can cause weeks of problems, pain and a possible infection if it isn’t removed. This is what happened to me just recently and I was without a Water Flosser to deal with it. Our expensive corded, Waterpik clogged up and broke a few years ago, so I was without out one for a few years when I finally had to go back and buy another one. I went to Walmart to see what was available and at what price. The Waterpick WP 360 seemed to be the one that was least expensive. So, I bought a Waterpik WP 360.

Waterpik WP 360 Over Corded Flossers

Waterpik with Cord

Corded Waterpiks

Waterpik is the most common household brand name for a dental tool known as a water flosser that shoots powerful jet streams of water between your teeth to clean them. There are other brands, but Waterpik is the first consumer model and therefore so popular that its brand has become a generic name for Water Flossers in general. There are other brands of Water Flossers such as Panasonic, Braun, Conair and Teledyne. My first Waterpik, like the one pictured left, came with a long flexible cord which is attached to a base that you fill with water. This is probably the most popular form of water flosser. It holds enough water to clean your teeth for about two minutes and it has adjustable setting which at full strength is powerful enough to make your gums bleed profusely. The good news is that it doesn’t take the most powerful stream of water to get most anything out of your teeth. The other good thing is that after repeated use, your gums will become healthier and stop bleeding. That said, it’s not all fun and games with a Corded Waterpik. The Waterpik WP 360 has no strings attached.

Disadvantages of Cord Type Water Flossers

I was constantly worried about keeping the corded waterpik sanitary. The base is easy enough to rinse out and clean but the long cord has to be purged of all of it’s water before it is put away. If there are several people wishing to use the same waterpik, I recommend constantly wiping it down with rubbing alcohol before and after use. Also, you might want to sterilize the hand held portion of the water flosser where the attached pik fits inside. I constantly worried that there might be water and mold trapped inside the cord. Needless to say, these corded water flossers are powerful, but not the most convenient to use and keep clean. That is probably why I procrastinated so long before purchasing another Water Flosser. Finally, my corded waterpik clogged up after a few years and had to be thrown away. I was ready to try a cordless and the Waterpik WP 360 was the one they had in stock at Walmart.

Waterpik Cordless Water Flossers

The Waterpik WP 360 Water Flosser Pictured at the top of this review is a Cordless Water Flosser by Waterpik. Why choose this one over the corded model above? Price is certainly one consideration. This Waterpik cordless water flosser sells for around $25-$30 where-as a Corded Waterpik typically ranges between $40 and $70. A Cordless Waterpik has no long cord to worry about cleaning or getting clogged. The base of the unit is built-in to connection where the flossing tool is held. The downside is that the WP-360 does not hold as much water and can only be used 30 seconds at a time before you must refill it with water. I read this on the box before I purchased it and it did not bother me until I realized that the base is too tall to fit under my bathroom sink faucet. I had to find a small pitcher to fill first with water then pour into the WP-360. Small matter, really. The WP-360 is not as powerful. There are two different flossing tools; high pressure and low pressure. I found that the high pressure tool is quite a bit more gentle than the corded waterpik. Don’t expect to get the same power from the WP-360 as more expensive corded models. Still, it was able to take care of the sliver of popcorn kernel that was stuck in my teeth for days. After a couple of jet streams of water, the matter was dislodged from my teeth along with some blood which is to be expected the first time you clean a problem spot between your gums. I continued using the waterpik for a couple of days. The problem area remained sensitive for a few days until it was completely healed. I really like how user friendly the WP-360 is to use and clean. At $29 bucks a pop, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for each member of the household. It’s exactly what your teeth need at times. IN fact, Waterpiks have been recommended by dentists for reversing gum disease!

Waterpic WP-360 Specifics

The WP-360 is the most affordable way to keep your teeth clean by Water Flossing. No messy, long cords to deal with – just a small tank of portable water that sprays jets of water between your teeth. Easy to keep clean and affordable enough that everyone in your family can have one by their sink.


The WP-450 provides a little more water capacity and flexibility than the WP-360. People have said that it is easier to use and holds a charge better than the WP-360. If you can pay a little more and want a rechargeable water flosser, the WP-450 is for you.


The WP-100 is probably the most popular water flosser on the planet. The WP-100 gives you more power and water capacity than either of the other two rechargable units. Because it is electric, you will never have to worry about it losing its charge. Over 1500 Amazon Users rated the WP-100 4.5 stars, the highest rating for a Waterpik water flosser, you’ll find anywhere.

If the WP-100 is the most popular on the planet, the WP 360 is the most popular Waterpik cordless water flosser in the universe.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

Is it worth the upgrade from a iPhone 3GS to a 4?

Are you an iPhone 3GS user wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the iPhone 4? I was asking myself that same question about 3 months ago. I made the switch for only one good reason: I wanted my wife to have an iPhone. When I purchased an iPhone for the first time, it opened up an entire new world for me. It seems the iPhone 3GS was in my hands at all times. I use it for checking email, analyzing website stats, facebooking, twittering and other website social marketing. The applications – even the free ones, are truly remarkable. My iPhone 3GS was only 8 months old when I began reading the new iPhone 4 reviews. Knowing how much my wife would enjoy staying in touch with friends on Facebook and email with an iPhone, I thought it was a great opportunity to upgrade. So, I renewed my wife’s 2 year contract with AT&T; bought the iPhone 4 32GB Version and gave her my 3GS.It is not my intention to deploy a full iPhone 4 review, here: There are hundreds of those online that do it better than I can. What I really want to do is compare the two iPhones for those considering the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS.  Also, I’ll give my impression of the iPhone 4 vs Droid.


If you just bought an iPhone 3GS in the past 12 months, don’t feel too pressured to upgrade to the iPhone 4 right away. With the new iPhone 4.2 OS my wife can do most of the same things on her iPhone 3GS that I can do on my iPhone 4. The icons and interface on the 3GS work the very same way. I’ve noticed absolutely no difference in network (regardless of the Wireless N WiFI) or speed of operation and despite claims of a longer battery life, my 3GS seemed to do better than the new iPhone 4. While the new iPhone is a little sleeker and thinner than the iPhone 3GS, by the time you put a jacket on it, it looks and feels roughly the same. The iPhone 4 seems more square in my hands, where-as the iPhone 3GS feels more rounded. But enough of the similarities. By now you’re thinking, why should I waste my money on an iPhone 4? Well, to me, there are four really huge advantages to the 4 over the 3GS. These aren’t the only advancements of the iPhone 4, but these are the ones that make the most difference to me. These are the four new things about the iPhone 4that I think most of us will notice, get the most use of and learn to love.

Four Things about the iPhone 4 you’ll Really Love

Worthwhile Differences of an iPhone 4 Upgrade

  1. High Resolution Retina Display
    Before I saw the iPhone 4 for the first time, I thought the 3GS had gorgeous graphics. In reality, the iPhone 4 has double the resolution of the 3GS:
    960 x 640 vs 480 x 320. Comparing them side by side, the difference is extremely noticeable. If you read a lot of text on your iPhone like I do, you will really appreciate the ultra tight, crisp Retina Display of the iPhone 4. The resolution also makes a huge difference on games which use high detailed graphics and text. I was amazed at how quickly I got used to the superior resolution of the iPhone 4. As I helped my wife setup some things on the old 3GS, I realized how quickly I had gotten spoiled by the crisp text, graphics and overall contrast.
  2. Camera and Flash
    The iPhone 4 has 5 Megapixel resolution as opposed to the 3GS’s 3MP. I’ve noticed a big difference in the quality of my photos. Additionally, the iPhone 4 now has a very powerful LED flash, so you can take pictures inside or in other darkly lit surroundings and still get reasonable picture quality. There is also a front camera which can be activated for taking your own photo. I must say that with the 5MP resolution, the iPhone 4 is sometimes good enough to take the place of my Panasonic DMC-ZS1 Digital Camera. Where the iPhone falls short as a camera is in its lack of an optical zoom lens. Even a 2X or 3X Optical would help bring subjects into better view when you take photos. Still, the iPhone 4 Camera may be good enough reason alone, for some users to do the upgrade from the 3GS.
  3. Video Recorder
    Flip Cams and other mini video recording devices have revolutionized the way we record high definition video. I used to want one of these, but the iPhone 4 has eliminated that need for an ultra small HD Video Recorder. If you could get your phone to record HD Video, would you really need to pay $179.00 or whatever on a Flip Cam? With the iPhone 4 you can record high definition video right to your phone and import it to your iTunes Library where you can later view it on an Apple TV or convert it to DVD. In addition to recording in HD, the use of the iPhone 4 LED helps provide much brighter, higher quality recordings than the 3GS. The High Definition Video Recorder is another reason for many of us to upgrade to the iPhone 4 that stands on its own merit.
  4. FaceTime Video Calling
    This is one feature that I ended up appreciating and using much more than I had imagined. FaceTime Calling allows you to visually chat and talk with another iPhone 4 user. This is a remarkable capability if you have friends and family around the country and world that you’d like to keep in touch with. Also, you can flip the camera view for showing your party what you are looking at instead of them always looking at you – tremendously useful if you want to demonstrate something to someone. For instance, my brother got a new car and was able to give me a full demonstration of the exterior and interior simply by walking around the car and pointing his iPhone at it while talking to me at the same time. FaceTime Calling is one more iPhone 4 feature that makes the upgrade worthwhile for many , if not most 3GS users. The only problem is that too many people are waiting for their friends and family to buy first. One other minor concern for some of you: You’ll need a new iPhone Screen Protector and iPhone Case.

Underwhelming Benefits of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

Some Not so Good reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 4?

In my opinion, any of the four features above make the iPhone 4 a worthwhile upgrade. There are, however, some other technological advancements which I don’t notice enough to appreciate the difference of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS.

  • Apple A4 Chip
    The Apple A4 Chip is an advanced, faster processor. I can’t say that I notice much of an improvement in performance of my apps. Maybe if I played more games, I could tell the difference.
  • Wireless N Wi-Fi
    The iPhone 4 supports N wireless in addition to B and G. Wireless N is a faster form of WIFI with greater range. I cannot say that I’ve noticed much of a performance increase in my download speeds and wifi network performance. Complicating and limiting WiFi performance even further is your router and number and types of wireless devices you have in your home. I had to adjust my router’s setting to a slower 65mbs as opposed to its full 150mbs N speed capability in order to get Apple TV, Laptops, iPhones, etc., to all behave properly. The Wireless N is little if any upgrade at all for me from the iPhone 3GS
  • 3-Axis Gyro
    What is this feature? Well, it has something to do with more realistic, detailed, precise movement for games and other apps which use motion. I do not play a lot of arcade or action type games, so I have not noticed the difference or improvement here. It could also have something to do with many games not yet supporting this feature.

iPhone 4 vs Droid

iPhone vs Droid

If you’re in the market for a Smart Phone, you probably know something about the Droid. My opinion is that anyone who’s had two weeks to get their hands on a Droid and Apple iPhone 4 will learn to love either one. I’m partial to Apple products for their intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The iPhone just feels right in practically every way imaginable. The Droid’s resolution is not as high as the new iPhone 4. Both phones will shoot high definition video and take pretty good photos, though the Droid has an 8MP camera as opposed to the iPhone 4’s 5MP. When my friend showed me his new Droid, I had a few minutes to mess around on the touch screen and navigate the menus and functions. It didn’t have the interface or wow factor that my iPhone 3GS did the first time I used it. Anti iPhone people love the Droid because it’s not an Apple product and they’ll tell you how much better and more powerful it is. For what it’s worth, PCWorld did a very full features review on both phones, and gave the edge to the iPhone 4. It is also worth noting that the iPhone has nearly 250,000 apps compared to just 75,000 for the Droid. On average, iPhone Applications cost less money because the phone has been around for developers to program so much longer. The iPhone 4 has been around much longer than the Droid and it looks the part as it is much more refined, in my humble opinion. For Apple users, the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS is the most important question.