iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

Is it worth the upgrade from a iPhone 3GS to a 4?

Are you an iPhone 3GS user wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the iPhone 4? I was asking myself that same question about 3 months ago. I made the switch for only one good reason: I wanted my wife to have an iPhone. When I purchased an iPhone for the first time, it opened up an entire new world for me. It seems the iPhone 3GS was in my hands at all times. I use it for checking email, analyzing website stats, facebooking, twittering and other website social marketing. The applications – even the free ones, are truly remarkable. My iPhone 3GS was only 8 months old when I began reading the new iPhone 4 reviews. Knowing how much my wife would enjoy staying in touch with friends on Facebook and email with an iPhone, I thought it was a great opportunity to upgrade. So, I renewed my wife’s 2 year contract with AT&T; bought the iPhone 4 32GB Version and gave her my 3GS.It is not my intention to deploy a full iPhone 4 review, here: There are hundreds of those online that do it better than I can. What I really want to do is compare the two iPhones for those considering the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS.  Also, I’ll give my impression of the iPhone 4 vs Droid.


If you just bought an iPhone 3GS in the past 12 months, don’t feel too pressured to upgrade to the iPhone 4 right away. With the new iPhone 4.2 OS my wife can do most of the same things on her iPhone 3GS that I can do on my iPhone 4. The icons and interface on the 3GS work the very same way. I’ve noticed absolutely no difference in network (regardless of the Wireless N WiFI) or speed of operation and despite claims of a longer battery life, my 3GS seemed to do better than the new iPhone 4. While the new iPhone is a little sleeker and thinner than the iPhone 3GS, by the time you put a jacket on it, it looks and feels roughly the same. The iPhone 4 seems more square in my hands, where-as the iPhone 3GS feels more rounded. But enough of the similarities. By now you’re thinking, why should I waste my money on an iPhone 4? Well, to me, there are four really huge advantages to the 4 over the 3GS. These aren’t the only advancements of the iPhone 4, but these are the ones that make the most difference to me. These are the four new things about the iPhone 4that I think most of us will notice, get the most use of and learn to love.

Four Things about the iPhone 4 you’ll Really Love

Worthwhile Differences of an iPhone 4 Upgrade

  1. High Resolution Retina Display
    Before I saw the iPhone 4 for the first time, I thought the 3GS had gorgeous graphics. In reality, the iPhone 4 has double the resolution of the 3GS:
    960 x 640 vs 480 x 320. Comparing them side by side, the difference is extremely noticeable. If you read a lot of text on your iPhone like I do, you will really appreciate the ultra tight, crisp Retina Display of the iPhone 4. The resolution also makes a huge difference on games which use high detailed graphics and text. I was amazed at how quickly I got used to the superior resolution of the iPhone 4. As I helped my wife setup some things on the old 3GS, I realized how quickly I had gotten spoiled by the crisp text, graphics and overall contrast.
  2. Camera and Flash
    The iPhone 4 has 5 Megapixel resolution as opposed to the 3GS’s 3MP. I’ve noticed a big difference in the quality of my photos. Additionally, the iPhone 4 now has a very powerful LED flash, so you can take pictures inside or in other darkly lit surroundings and still get reasonable picture quality. There is also a front camera which can be activated for taking your own photo. I must say that with the 5MP resolution, the iPhone 4 is sometimes good enough to take the place of my Panasonic DMC-ZS1 Digital Camera. Where the iPhone falls short as a camera is in its lack of an optical zoom lens. Even a 2X or 3X Optical would help bring subjects into better view when you take photos. Still, the iPhone 4 Camera may be good enough reason alone, for some users to do the upgrade from the 3GS.
  3. Video Recorder
    Flip Cams and other mini video recording devices have revolutionized the way we record high definition video. I used to want one of these, but the iPhone 4 has eliminated that need for an ultra small HD Video Recorder. If you could get your phone to record HD Video, would you really need to pay $179.00 or whatever on a Flip Cam? With the iPhone 4 you can record high definition video right to your phone and import it to your iTunes Library where you can later view it on an Apple TV or convert it to DVD. In addition to recording in HD, the use of the iPhone 4 LED helps provide much brighter, higher quality recordings than the 3GS. The High Definition Video Recorder is another reason for many of us to upgrade to the iPhone 4 that stands on its own merit.
  4. FaceTime Video Calling
    This is one feature that I ended up appreciating and using much more than I had imagined. FaceTime Calling allows you to visually chat and talk with another iPhone 4 user. This is a remarkable capability if you have friends and family around the country and world that you’d like to keep in touch with. Also, you can flip the camera view for showing your party what you are looking at instead of them always looking at you – tremendously useful if you want to demonstrate something to someone. For instance, my brother got a new car and was able to give me a full demonstration of the exterior and interior simply by walking around the car and pointing his iPhone at it while talking to me at the same time. FaceTime Calling is one more iPhone 4 feature that makes the upgrade worthwhile for many , if not most 3GS users. The only problem is that too many people are waiting for their friends and family to buy first. One other minor concern for some of you: You’ll need a new iPhone Screen Protector and iPhone Case.

Underwhelming Benefits of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

Some Not so Good reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 4?

In my opinion, any of the four features above make the iPhone 4 a worthwhile upgrade. There are, however, some other technological advancements which I don’t notice enough to appreciate the difference of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS.

  • Apple A4 Chip
    The Apple A4 Chip is an advanced, faster processor. I can’t say that I notice much of an improvement in performance of my apps. Maybe if I played more games, I could tell the difference.
  • Wireless N Wi-Fi
    The iPhone 4 supports N wireless in addition to B and G. Wireless N is a faster form of WIFI with greater range. I cannot say that I’ve noticed much of a performance increase in my download speeds and wifi network performance. Complicating and limiting WiFi performance even further is your router and number and types of wireless devices you have in your home. I had to adjust my router’s setting to a slower 65mbs as opposed to its full 150mbs N speed capability in order to get Apple TV, Laptops, iPhones, etc., to all behave properly. The Wireless N is little if any upgrade at all for me from the iPhone 3GS
  • 3-Axis Gyro
    What is this feature? Well, it has something to do with more realistic, detailed, precise movement for games and other apps which use motion. I do not play a lot of arcade or action type games, so I have not noticed the difference or improvement here. It could also have something to do with many games not yet supporting this feature.

iPhone 4 vs Droid

iPhone vs Droid

If you’re in the market for a Smart Phone, you probably know something about the Droid. My opinion is that anyone who’s had two weeks to get their hands on a Droid and Apple iPhone 4 will learn to love either one. I’m partial to Apple products for their intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The iPhone just feels right in practically every way imaginable. The Droid’s resolution is not as high as the new iPhone 4. Both phones will shoot high definition video and take pretty good photos, though the Droid has an 8MP camera as opposed to the iPhone 4’s 5MP. When my friend showed me his new Droid, I had a few minutes to mess around on the touch screen and navigate the menus and functions. It didn’t have the interface or wow factor that my iPhone 3GS did the first time I used it. Anti iPhone people love the Droid because it’s not an Apple product and they’ll tell you how much better and more powerful it is. For what it’s worth, PCWorld did a very full features review on both phones, and gave the edge to the iPhone 4. It is also worth noting that the iPhone has nearly 250,000 apps compared to just 75,000 for the Droid. On average, iPhone Applications cost less money because the phone has been around for developers to program so much longer. The iPhone 4 has been around much longer than the Droid and it looks the part as it is much more refined, in my humble opinion. For Apple users, the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS is the most important question.

Rokk Vodka

Rokk Vodka
A Review

Rokk Vodka
Rokk Citrus Vodka

What is it about Flavored Vodkas?

Try Rokk Vodka Flavored and Unflavored

What do you look for in Flavored Vodkas? Chances are, you’re either looking for a very subtle enhancement to a vodka martini or you are wanting a pleasant fruity cocktail with no vodka aftertaste. As a martini drinker, I was after the former – a clean tasting vodka with just a hint of citrus, to be shaken and served up in a martini glass. In fact, I was not looking for flavored vodkas at all when I decided to try Rokk Citrus vodka for the first time. The review on the regular Rokk Vodka is below.

Often when I make Vodka martinis, I’ll put a slice of lemon peel in the shaker glass, just to give the martini a hint of lemon zest. I guess you could call these flavored vodkas, but there are a few drawbacks to making martinis this way:

  1. You always need to have a fresh lemon on hand
  2. Slicing a lemon adds extra time and effort to making your martini
  3. Finding Fresh Lemons is not always easy

Having a good fresh lemon on hand is not always possible. I always look for the bright, yellow lemons with a very thick peel. A good, fresh lemon makes all the difference in the world. Inferior, thin-skinned lemons make your drink tart, but they won’t give it that fruity, lemony taste.  Good flavored vodkas should not be overly sour or tart.

Under-Rated Flavored Vodkas?

Rokk Citrus Vodka

So, while I was at Westminster Total Beverage shopping for a reasonably priced 1.75 Liter bottle of Vodka, I glanced at the numerous shelves of flavored vodkas and got an idea: Why not try a citrus vodka? Could a Citrus Vodka Martini give me that subtle, lemon zest in my martini with the fruitiness of other flavored vodkas? Why not give it a try. In fact, while I was picking up the bottle of Rokk Citrus Vodka, several other choices caught my eye: Black Cherry flavored Vodka, strawberry flavored vodka, orange flavored vodka … chocolate flavored vodka? Are you kidding me? I am still rather fascinated how a colorless vodka can come in so many diverse flavors, but I’m not exactly ready to give up a good old fashioned martini for such a fad, unless it really adds something to the drink with out making it sweet, fruity or syrupy. I was hoping the Citrus Vodka might give me a convenient way of adding taste of the fresh lemon flavor in my martini without turning it into some kind of foo-foo drink. I prepared the Citrus Vodka exactly as I would a regular martini; four ice cubes, shaken and poured up into a martini glass. At first taste, the lemony martini was not bad – in fact it was rather satisfying. However, by the time the drink was 2/3rds finished, I immediately recognized that it wasn’t providing me with the unbeatable, relaxing buzz of a good, old-fashioned martini. It tasted sweeter after every sip.

Flavored Vodkas

While I was comparing flavored vodkas at my Total Beverage Liquor store, I noticed there was one thing they all had in common: They were 75% alcohol instead of the usual 80% of pure Vodkas. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if not for the overly sweet flavor. I’m not completely against a lemon or orange-flavored vodka, if it adds a good citrus accent without too much sweetness. I am willing to give another brand a try. I would like to try an unflavored Rokk Vodka to compare to the Svedka Vodka which is also from Sweden. Most of all, I would like to try another Citrus Vodka in hopes to find one that matches my natural recipe of a lemon slice shaken with pure vodka.

Rokk Citrus Flavored Vodkas Rating

Overall Rating: 78 out of 100.

Rokk Vodka Rating

Rokk is considered a low-end brand of vodka, yet gets very good reviews. I’ve seen 1.75L bottles for as low as $15.95. Like Svedka Vodka, Rokk is from Sweden. The vodka is 40% ABV and gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from users on VodkaBuzz I think Rokk is a very balanced vodka. It doesn’t quite have the smooth vanilla characteristics of Svedka, but it does have a nice spice to it; almost like evergreen or walnut; or both. Give Rokk Vodka a try.

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Intermatic Timer

Timers for Lights by Intermatic

I became a light-timer fanatic a few years ago when looking for a convenient way to turn the the Christmas Lights on and off a few seasons ago. I got out one of those old mechanical timers that I used many years ago for turning a living room

intermatic timer
Digital Plug In Timer

lamp on and off from 5:00 to 10:00 PM During the winter hours. mechanical light timers have always been a pain for me to use. You have to line up those little stops in the time slot holes for the on and off positions. For me, this procedure has always been a confusing and tedious task. The numbers on the timer are difficult to see and you’re never sure exactly how close it is to the actual time. Surprisingly, three other programmable timers that came with my house are also mechanic timers: Timers for Lights, Sprinkler System Timer and Water Heater Timer. Actually, the water heater is for my pool but it is made to be used on Water Heater appliances as well. After getting my outdoor lights setup with the mechanical timer, I began considering how programmable timers for lights make a great security device. Why not buy a handful of them for turning on and off lights in the house? Or, even for turning a radio on and off when you’re not home during the day or evening, electric timers are great, little security devices, whether used for indoor lighting, lamps, aquarium, poop pump, outdoor lighting or music, TV and other natural sound in the home? Now, if only I could find a decent digital plug-in timer for lights switch that is quick, easy and less confusing to program.  Here’s what I found for an easier, better Timers For Lights Solution and keeping track of our amps and watts.

Digital Plug-In Timers for Lights

Timers for Lights make Home Security Devices. While Solar Security Lights outdoors are also great deterrent’s, Timers For Lights Indoors can make your home always look occupied. When shopping for programmable electric timers, it is important to understand that a Electric Timer can be either Digital Timer or a Mechanical Timer. When shopping for a Digital Timer my first time at the local Home Depot store, I asked for an electric timer and he gave me one of those mechanical timers which looked exactly like the old relic I already was using for the Christmas Lights. I asked him, “Is this the Best you can Do?”.. He quickly pointed to another display of fully programmable digital timers for lights ~ only about $13.95.

I actually found these digital timers on sale online for $12.00 and bought four of them: One for the den lamp in back of house; one for the living room lamp in front of house; one for the bedroom upstairs and one for the boombox stereo to keep the cats occupied with music during the day. The Westinghouse Digital Timer is actually quite versatile. You can set the time and day, then program it for any day of the week, in multiple increments of time. Say, I want the radio to turn on and off every two hours, Monday through Friday at 10:00AM, 1:00PM and 3:00PM, this Digital Timer will do that and it is very easy to program: Just set your appropriate day and time, press program, choose your days, on/off times for each of the days and your set! It’s that simple. There is a button to override the program mode, so you can leave the programmable timer permanently plugged in and either turned on or off. If you want to use it, simply set it for AUTO. The Westinghouse makes a great light radio timer and it is certainly easier to use than the mechanical timers. I have only one complaint. Well, two really: For one thing, it is rather cheaply made. One of the five that I now own, has already broken. Two, the digital display is difficult to read unless it’s plugged into the wall outlet. When the unit is not receiving power from the wall outlet, there are two, little camera-type batteries backing it up which do not yield a very bright contrast on the digital display. It’s difficult to crouch down on the floor by a low, wall outlet and program the thing with your head turned sideways. It would be nice if these digital timers had a more powerful battery for programming the device while it is in your hand where you can read it. The little batteries seem to burn out relatively quickly, too, which I guess is a third drawback. I like the concept enough that I’m willing to pay a little more for an upgraded programmable digital timer.

Intermatic Timer

Digital Operation

The other day I was online trouble-shooting Water Heater problems and came across an impressive array of Water Heater Timers. (See Below if you need a water or pool heater timer) I clicked the home page link and learned about the Intermatic Digital Timer. Actually, Intermatic makes a whole slew of timers: Outdoor Timers, Appliance and Lamp Timers, Water Heater Timers, Air Conditioning Timers, In-Wall Timers for your light switches. I thought, “surely they must also make something as simple as a Digital Plug-in Timer to replace the somewhat limited Westinghouse product, I’ve been using.” Lo and behold, they do! The Intermatic DT620CL 15 Amp Indoor Astronomic Digital Timer is an extremely Versatile Digital Plug-in Timer with capabilities and features that far exceed what I ever imagined possible. The DT620CL has built in astronomy technology to synch with the sunup and sundown times for your particular location. This means, you never have to program a timer switch or any other darn thing to allow it to function with your outdoor lights. Additionally, this Intermatic Light Timer is equipped with 28 Programmable events as a regular timer, or you can randomly time these settings in up to 30-minute intervals to mimic the way you might really operate the lighting in your house when you are not home. There is one mechanical feature on this digital timer which I absolutely love. It has a round turning knob sort of like on a home stereo receiver or radio for moving forward and backwards through the time and every adjustable setting. This makes it a breeze to program. The Intermatic Timer uses much stronger batteries than the Westinghouse, making the display much easier to read while you program it. The batteries should last you about three months and will also serve as a power backup if and when your electricity fails. Expect to pay as much as double for the DT620CL over the Westinghouse, but it is well worth it according to the many satisfied, Intermatic Timer users. The DT620CL Timer averaged 4 stars out of 5 among nearly 100 users and the price is right!

      • Digital Appliance Timer DT620CL
      • Air Conditioner & Appliance Timer HB112C
      • Air Conditioner & Appliance Timer HB113C
      • Air Conditioner & Appliance Timer HB114C
      • Programmable 24-Hour Security Timer EJ351C
      • Digital Wall Switch Timer – Self-Adjusting Feature EJ500C
      • Digital In-Wall Timer ST01C
      • Water Heater Timers