Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked Sea Salt

Smoke Makes Everything Taste Better

It is no secret to me why food tastes better when it is cooked out doors. Grilling food gives it that authentic smoky favor that is hard to duplicate inside a kitchen using an ordinary Stainless Steel or Teflon pan. Having a little smoke-flavor to meat is almost never a bad thing. Even sauces, potatoes, rice, pasta and soups can benefit greatly from a little bit of smokiness. However, getting that hint of smoke into the foods is not all that easy. Smoke sauces never taste authentic to me even when they claim to be made naturally, so I rarely ever use them. I have found one way to bring smoke into foods, however, that is not only 100% natural, but tastes good on everything I’ve tried:

The Smell alone is Worth its Salt

Salish, Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt by Saltworks is like discovering the magic of smoke and the Washington Pacific ocean in a bottle.  I spotted this stuff in my local King Sooper’s Grocery stores produce section. The Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt comes in bulk, sealed plastic containers, labeled, Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt. It sells for $23.99 per lb. A 34lb container of smoked sea salt cost me about $8.00, which seemed outrageously expensive at the time. One smell of the aroma after I took it home, however, completely changed my mind.

Breathing in the aroma of the smoked salt for the first time is like sitting at the northwest sea by a smoky campfire. In fact, this stuff smells so good, that I often open up the container just to get a whiff of it as I pass through the kitchen. Just smelling the smoked salt made my imagination go wild wondering how how and where it could be used. A more difficult test for the imagination is finding foods where sea salt should not be used. This stuff makes everything taste better.

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