Instant Screen Door by QuikScreen

QuikScreen Instant Screen DoorI used to think the only place for a mesh, instant screen door was odd-sized doorways or areas with no doors at all.  Since purchasing and installing the QuikScreen Instant Screen Door a couple of weeks ago, I am fully sold on the benefits they provide in place of traditional screen doors.  Besides having an odd-sized door where a conventional screen might not fit, the most obvious benefit of the mesh screen is that it lets pets in and out of your house during mild weather when you leave a door open. If you have cats like me, you’ve probably experienced ugly holes in your screen door from the cats climbing up and hanging on it all the time. That is one good reason to consider an instant mesh screen.

How to Install the QuikScreen Instant Screen Door

I happen to have double, french doors with two screens. Both screens were badly damaged by cat claws. Rather than replace the screens again and suffer the consequences all over again, I decided to get a QuikScreen from Home Depot for around $20 bucks. I removed one of the screen doors entirely and replaced it with the QuikScreen in about 20 minutes. There are no nuts, bolts or tools required. The tubular bar on top expands as you twist it and fastens itself inside the door frame. IN the middle is a magnetic latch and on the sides are double-sided adhesive squares for strategically sealing the mesh screen from gaps. You can improvise with this part to get it just right.  I had to meddle with the sides and adhesive a few times before I was satisfied with the fit. Once I was able to get in and out of the mesh screen easily myself, I decided to let the cat have a turn.

Using a Mesh Instant Screen Door as a Pet Door

Habits are hard to break with both cats and dogs. My cat’s first reaction to the QuikScreen was to stare at it and meow. At least she was not digging her claws into it. The slack, loose surface does not give cats anything to grip into, so there is very little concern for an instant screen door incurring damage anytime soon. After some training and coaxing, our cat, Noche, was soon able to get out the door. Two weeks later, she still goes to where the old screen was attached and attempts to dig her claws into it, but there is nothing but glass there now. It still takes her some nudging to use the QuikScreen, but she is getting better. Overall, it works very well as a pet door and the problem with screen damage is completely resolved. The one obvious problem is that instant screen doors do not work when you choose to keep your door closed during cold or hot weather. However, the QuickScreen is not unattractive and looks completely normal when our door is open on nice days. It keeps us from getting up and down to let the cat in and outside.

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